Just finished writing the biography of Roger Dooley; I said to myself "Huh?" after I read the article. 

When I write from only the viewpoint of the character, you realize how little they actually know of the big picture. Dooley didn't know that Ivchenko was trying to have him shot; Dooley did not see the fight at the automat; Dooley did not know that Yauch was hypnotized. Wow!

What I do like about writing from one person perspective is that it is focused; I don't need to give a lot of backstory. If you the reader want to know more, read the location article or another person biography. All of this reminds me of how each piece of the puzzle in this wiki fits together. The reader is not reading the same thing over and over; he is getting bits of the puzzle and can put it together himself to draw his own conclusions.

I like that we respect the intelligence of our readers...

Bratpack (talk) 21:53, February 13, 2015 (UTC)