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Your favourite "Civil War" characters

Criddl July 11, 2016 User blog:Criddl

Who is your favourite character from Captain America: Civil War?

And who is your favourite person from the MCU?

I can't really tell (as always I can't decide)... So I say it like this:

Favourite characters which were in this movie:

  1. Spider-Man (we saw him only like 5 minutes but he's perfect. He's young, nerdy and a huge fan of the Avengers)
  2. Winter Soldier (a misunderstood character, everyone except Cap thinks he's evil but in fact it all wasn't his fault...)
  3. Ant-Man (giant-men was great but in this film we saw not so many cool thinks from him but the movie "Ant-Man" was really great; he was cool and funny...)

Favourite Avenger:

  • Iron-Man (I wasn't team ironman in this movie but I really like him and I think Robert Downey junior is perfect for this role)

    Other person:

  • Loki (again a misunderstood character, he just wanted his father to like him...)

    So... What do you think? Who is your favourite character from the MCU?
    (Just talking about the Films; not talking about the comics and ignoring Hydra-Cap...)


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