Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • DavidAtkins77

    Hi Everyone

    Here's just a short list of all the MCU tie-in comics which are not yet on the timeline full chronology. I know we are all hard at work and many of these depend on other things to be added first, like Daredevil, but just wanted to open a blog to discuss it and get it on faster.

    Just to start off, Iron Man: The Price of Doing Business, the Thor part of Captain America & Thor: Avengers! and Avengers: Age of Ultron Episode 0 are non-canon and therefore should not be added to the timeline.

    Let's get started:

    • Iron Man: Limited Edition
    • Iron Man Royal Purple Custom Comic
    • Ant-Man - Scott Lang: Small Time
    • Avengers: Operation HYDRA
    • Jessica Jones (comic)

    Please let me know if I missed any.

    I know a couple of these are almost impossible to get hold …

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