• Funkey Kong

    Note that I did this list awhile ago. So it ends at Agents of Shield Season 3, Episode 10. So this list goes only up to January 2016.

    Iron Man - 126m

    Incredible Hulk - 112m

    Iron Man 2 - 124m

    Thor - 115m

    One Shot - 4m

    Captain America - 124m

    One Shot - 4m

    The Avengers 143m

    One Shot - 12m

    Iron Man 3 - 130m

    One Shot - 15m

    AoS 1-7 - 45x7 = 315m

    Thor: TDW - 112m

    One Shot - 14m

    AoS 8-16 -45x9 = 405

    Captain America: TWS - 136m

    AoS 17-22 - 45x6 = 270m

    Guardians of the Galaxy - 121m

    AoS S2 1-10 - 45x10 = 450m

    Agent Carter: S1 - 42x8 = 336m

    AoS S2 11-16 - 45x6 = 270m

    Daredevil S1 - 54x13 = 702m

    AoS S2 17-19 - 45x3 = 136m

    Avengers: AOU - 142m

    AoS S2 20-22 - 45x3 = 136m

    Ant-Man - 117m

    AoS S3 1-7 - 45x8 = 336m

    Jessica Jones S1 - 60x13 = 780m

    AoS S3 9-10 - 45x2 = 90m

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  • Funkey Kong

    MCU's Civil War

    March 31, 2016 by Funkey Kong

    Here is a list of event that I would concider a part of the Civil War. Note that I don't mean events that occur in the movie of the same name, Captain America: Civil War but the event Civil War inside the universe. So, let's begin.

    These are events that does not tie in to the Civil War directly but are huge events that helped to form the conflict.

    The world had just been experiencing it's first of many very public abnormal terrorist attacks. With Iron Monger fighting Iron Man leaving many civilans in danger. But it was when Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark steps forward and says the now so famous words, that the people of the world is shocked. Superheroes, has just gone public.

    For quite some time Senator Stern, with the help of Justin Hammer …

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