Hello everyone! You may not know me, but I am an avid MCU fan, like the rest of you. This blog will be my opinion on Marvel's Spider-Man film, Easter eggs leading up to the film, and my idea(s) for post Phase Three.

Spider-Man Movie

After a long time, Spider-Man finally found his way home to Marvel Studios, with Sony still having the final say on what Marvel can do with the character. So here are the following things I think Marvel should do with Spidey.

  1. Make Sure It's Not Miles Morales - No, I'm not racist toward Miles Morales, I actually want him to be in the films, and here's why I don't want him to be the first Spider-Man; Miles Morales and his origin are closley tied to Peter Parker. Miles was bit by a spider that gave him the powers that Peter had, yes, but when Peter died, Miles arrived at the scene. Before seeing Peter dead, Miles wanted nothing to do with these powers. But when he saw the web slinger dead, he decided to use the same philosophy that Peter did; with great power comes great responsibility. He was also grief-strucken because he did not help Peter, so he became Spider-Man to continue on the legacy of Peter. If you introduce Miles first, you can't have this element to his story. 
  2. Have A Passing-The-Torch Element - Here's kind of another reason why I want Peter first and not Miles. Let's say Peter Parker is Spider-Man for 6 or 7 movies (Civil War, Spider-Man, Infinity War Part One, Infinity War Part Two, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Avengers 4). In Spider-Man 2 or 3 you could introduce Miles Morales as just an everyday kid who was bitten by a spider and goes to Spider-Man for guidence on his powers. Have Miles and Peter be friends up until Peter's death. When Peter dies at the end of Spider-Man 3 (keep in mind, this is my idea), we will have fallen in love with the character during his run, and will have a case of the feels (similar to Peggy Carter's appearance in The Winter Soldier). You could do a passing-the-torch style Spider-Man movie, with the next 3 films being Ultimate Spider-Man. If they really needed to, they could revive Peter like they did in the Ultimates, but I don't think you'll 100% need to.
  3. Tie It Into Daredevil & The Defenders - If they need some more time with Peter for us to really get hurt with the feels when he dies, have him in The Defenders! You see, Daredevil and Spider-Man are both street-level heroes, and they share a villain (Kingpin). They can't put Spidey into the Daredevil series since they're already done filming, and the series comes out in April, but they could put him in Jessica Jones; depending on how old they make Spidey and on how old they make Jessica, they could throw in the fact that Jessica used to have a crush on Peter during high school. And Spider-Man is good friends with Luke Cage and Iron Fist as shown on the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. And you might as well put Oscorp, the Daily Bugle, Peter and Aunt May's house, etc. in the same area that Hell's Kitchen is located (better known as the part of Marvel New York we haven't seen yet).
  4. Make It A Soft Reboot - We don't need to see ANOTHER Spider-Man origin story. Just in the opening credits/first 5-10 minutes, explain what Peter's been up to; his parents leaving and dying, getting bit by the spider, Uncle Ben's death, and him fighting some villain(s). Marvel has already done this one with The Incredible Hulk, you know.

Easter Eggs

We might need some easter eggs leading up to the Spider-Man movies. And since there's only 3 movies beforehand, we'll have 3 easter eggs.

  1. Civil War Name Drop & Appearance: Have Peter in the story by becoming a new intern at Stark Industries. Maria Hill could say something like "One of these interns is promising. Top of his class. I think his name was Peter something...", and Tony can just shrug it off like it's nothing. That would be at the start of the movie. Toward the middle you could have Spidey joining Cap's side, fighting for freedom. It's perfect.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Venom Cameo: The Venom symbiote originated in space, didn't it? Have the symbiote in the Collector's new trophy room. Somehow and someway the symbiote could make it's way to Earth and get itself attached to Eddie Brock, or Flash Thompson. 
  3. Doctor Strange Post-Credits: In the post credits, have Peter walking into his home with a backpack. Aunt May can ask how is day was or whatever, and he'll tell her it was good. In his backpack is the Spider-Man suit, and he turns on the TV to see a news report of Spidey fighting some throwaway villain, like the Beetle or something. Then he'll look at the camera and wink.

Phase Four

Coming soon.