There has been a lot of talk about whether or not The Amazing Spider-Man can be made part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if Andrew Garfield will appear in The Avengers 2. I'm going to examine the evidence for and against this.

Iron flag

The Iron Patriot armor

The biggest issue is that the characters and stories that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are those still owned by Marvel, while Spider-Man is currently owned by Sony. If the two studios can make a deal, they could make the films part of the same universe.

It was originally planned that the Oscorp Tower that appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man would be part of the New York skyline in The Avengers, but by the time the tower was completed it was too late to include it.

It has been confirmed that Iron Man 3 will feature the Iron Patriot armor, which belonged to Norman Osborn in the comics.

In The Amazing Spider-Man video game tie-in, a mental patient mistakes Spider-Man for Captain America.

Andrew Garfield has expressed interest in appearing in the Avengers sequel: "Joss Whedon is a genius, and it's an incredible cast. I was very, very jealous, and I wanted to jump on the screen and play with them. It killed me that I wasn't in it, but I understand why, and I'm not insulted. But hey, if Samuel L. Jackson wants to give me a shout, I'm there for the next one."

Marvel Studios founder Avi Arad has expressed interest in having Spider-Man appear in future Marvel Cinematic Universe installments: "Everything is possible. If something like that happens, it's great for Disney, it's great for Sony. If the right story comes in, we are now working on Venom first. It's our first out. So our thinking is in the right direction. Avengers to me was an expected success so I never looked at it because Avengers was successful."

Another piece of alleged evidence are these tabloid photos of Garfield. He is seen out and about with some recently purchased Avengers comics. This could be nothing, since Garfield is a known Avengers fan. But it has been pointed out that the name "Thanos" appears on the cover of one of the comics. Could Garfield be researching the character, who is very likely the villain of the closing film of Phase 2?

What do you think? Should Spider-Man be the newest addition to the team?

Should The Amazing Spider-Man be tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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