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  • Hugues de Payens

    This is just a rough guess of how the Black Panther might involve the Soul Stone. 

    10,000 years ago, Wakanda was home to a collection of primitive human tribes. It was during this time a massive meteorite made of a sound and energy absorbing mineral, which would later be known as vibranium, crashed to Earth. One of the tribes, led by Bashenga, its mightiest warrior, decided to investigate, believing this to be a gift from the gods.

    When they reached the crater, they found that the material vibrated and decided it would be useful to forge into weapons. However, the radiation the meteorite gave off also had a side effect, turning some of the tribesmen into "Demon Spirits". Bashenga prayed to the Panther God to give him the strength to defeat t…

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  • Hugues de Payens

    I think Heimdall's gem is meant to represent Asgard. In Thor, Thor drew the Nine Realms. The Nine Realms were in the form of Yggdrasil, with Asgard at the top. In Thor: The Dark World, Heimdall's armor featured Yggdrasil, and the gem is in the location of where Asgard was shown on the map of the Nine Realms.

    Also, in Captain America: The First Avenger, the Yggdrasil design features Asgard at the top of the tree.

    So, I think the gem represents Asgard and it gives his armor a patriotic meaning.

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  • Hugues de Payens

    I just wanted to make a roster of who I think the 68 characters are in Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 ( I know it's no longer named Part 2). I know they have said they are primarily focusing on the movie side of the universe, so I started by focusing on movie characters. Even when I added in the Black Order, I could not make the list without the TV side of the universe( which makes me happy, I want a TV/movie Crossover). 

    1. Iron Man
    2. Captain America
    3. Black Widow
    4. Hawkeye
    5. The Hulk
    6. Thor
    7. War Machine
    8. Vision
    9. Scarlet Witch
    10. Falcon
    11. Black Panther
    12. Ant Man
    13. Winter Soldier
    14. Spider Man
    15. Doctor Strange
    16. Wasp
    17. Captain Marvel
    18. Star Lord
    19. Gamora
    20. Rocket
    21. Groot
    22. Drax
    23. Mantis
    24. Yandu
    25. Nebula
    26. Nick Fury
    27. Maria Hill
    28. Sharon Carter
    29. Erik Selvig
    30. "Thunderbolt" Ross
    31. The Collector
    32. Nova Prime
    33. Rhomann Dey
    34. Odin
    35. Loki
    36. Fan…
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