As someone who likes to skim IMDb a lot for potential news (Even though the validity in such things is questionable  when it comes to IMDb) I have actually some news the interests me.

According to IMDb, the Mid-Season Premiere will feature an actress named Christina Ford as someone named 'Agent Rambeau.' 

Here is the page:

Since the episode is not only months away and IMDb shouldn't be trusted without a valid source, I have no idea if this casting desicion is true or not.

Christina Ford is a legit actress (though  one of her credits is for a Danny Trejo zombie movie where she plays 'Ashley Double', whatever that means) so i'm not going to immeditly descredit this information.

If Ms. Ford is is actually playing 'Agent Rambeau' (who I'm assuming is Monica Rambeau from the comics) what do think of the desicion, how big her part would be and if you think it's just a hoax.

I, personally hope it's true because with Trip dead we need a lot more POC agents on the show.