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  • Jainmayank

    Age Of Ultron, the most awaited film of MCU Phase 2, had finally hit the screens. Scarlet Witch joined the New Avengers but Quicksilver unfortunately died by the end of War with main Antagonist, Ultron, while saving Hawkeye. Iron-Man retired from Core Team and Hulk/Banner returned himself to isolation.

    In the wake of its release and news MArvel's Spider-Man, I would like too see following changes In MCU storyline. Given below is just my personal opinion being my first blog.

    During the film, Hawkeye lectured and inspired the frightened Scarlet Witch to fight as a Avenger as she was not able to cope with her first real field mission. Hawkeye being only Avenger who was not hypnotized by Scarlet Witch some connection showed with Twins.

    I felt tha…

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