Age Of Ultron, the most awaited film of MCU Phase 2, had finally hit the screens. Scarlet Witch joined the New Avengers but Quicksilver unfortunately died by the end of War with main Antagonist, Ultron, while saving Hawkeye. Iron-Man retired from Core Team and Hulk/Banner returned himself to isolation.

In the wake of its release and news MArvel's Spider-Man, I would like too see following changes In MCU storyline. Given below is just my personal opinion being my first blog.

Scarlet Witch & Hawkeye

During the film, Hawkeye lectured and inspired the frightened Scarlet Witch to fight as a Avenger as she was not able to cope with her first real field mission. Hawkeye being only Avenger who was not hypnotized by Scarlet Witch some connection showed with Twins.

I felt that, Hawkeye being a parent showed care and worried attitude towards the Orphan twins Wanda and Pietro who were left to live without parents even the fact that he himself lift to Pietro to lifeboard, when the later died. i would like to see Scarlet Witch and Bartons' parent-child relationship in future films making a good pair.

How Will Be Doctor Strange?

Doctor Strange is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock Holmes). This film will bring a supernatural element in Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will be a little interesting if the movie turns out to be a Supernatural Medical-Horror film which will be quite different than any other MCU film and should as dark tone as The Daredevil TV Series.  I would like to see Scarlet Witch struggle after losing her only blood relative. I would also like Ezekiel Sims to make his film debut in this universe giving hints on Spiderman ability and personality. Spiderman will be debuting in Civil War movie but his movies have a sort of Science Fiction approach, on the other hand Ezeikel believes in Mystic and Shamanic theories behind Spiderman powers and thus seeks help from Ancient One. Who would not like conflicting mentors. Doctor Strange struggle to face the truth of his collapsing medical career and adjusting in new world without logic must be the focus of story with Benedict having talent to play a tragic actor.

 Marvel's Spiderman

Spiderman is making his debut in Civil War. This version have more burden than any of the Spiderman films due to the fact this film have to compete with an Award Winning Web Slinging Saga and Amazing Saga who were in topics of comparison very often. Spiderman will be rebooted and another high school variation will be shown. It will be cool to see a teen school life drama of cool nerd becoming a part of World's Mightiest Heroes and have to avoid collision of his private and heroic world.

  • By the end of prvious two Spider-Man series, every main on-screen characters (except Aunt May) that Peter Parker is Spiderman which actually ruined the comedy of Peter Parker making silly and unbelievable excuses. It will be a good idea to keep Spider-Man unmasked until Infinty War Part 1, to keep a little classic look of superhero fiction.
  • Constant talking and teasing by Spider-Man while fighting villain.
  • First Live Action appearence of Agent Venom and Black Cat will make this film a little more anticipated.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver re-appearence in the film and formers affection for titular characters. Who would not like to see Over-Protective super-powered brother.
  • Shocker, Chameleon, Beatle, Vulture and Kraven are well known and yet unused super villains of Spider-Man comics. It will give this  film fresh touch. Mysterio will make good villain due to the fact that Holograms are like MCU's favorite. 
  • Keep the impact of Civil War on Spider-Man a little stronger to give a reason of heroics.
  • More super-powered teens in the film might also bring a young adult fiction feeling in the movie as they act as Vigilante being inspired by titular hero which will lead to Daily Bugle actions against him.

Civil War

I would seriously like to see a serious, no joke Tony Stark as he fights againt Captain Steve Rodgers AKA Captain America. It will be a character development of Iron Man into a true leading figure and tactician of Avengers team. Captain's death will surely bring many absolute changes in other Main Characters. 

Ant Man

I would like Ant Man to become Giant Man. Who would like to see the see a good fight between small villains and heroes, just to laugh when screen is zoomed out and little to no sound is made when they fight. I would like to see some Kaiju film element (Pacific Rim and Godzilla) to be added to Infintiy War, where Giant Man is fighting to Giant Machines or Monsters. Leave 'small' enemies to Wasp.


This is my first blog and thus contains my personal views on MCU.  Please comment and suggest some changes and if possible your ideas about MCU future.