The War of the Infinity Stones was fought between Thanos and the heroes of Earth for control of the Infinity Stones and dominion over the universe. It took place after the universe existed. Together with Superheroes and many super strong allies against the powerful super darkforces of evil, it is the primary story arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Before the Universe began, a powerful group called the Cosmic Entities were born, until the universe exploded into existence, they used the energy on these remnants of this system singularities to forge the six immensely powerful objects known as Infinity Stones (Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Soul, and Time) and they can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength.

Millennia after the creation, these powerful race known as Celestials used one of the Infinity Stones by using the Power Stone known as the Orb as a means of placing judgement and to impose execution against upon enemy civilization of their worlds and their populaces those who wronged them. Until the stone was just as dangerous to its handler as it was to the societies against which it was used, as its insufficiently powerful handlers were destroyed by its power.

Over Time, the stone was used by a group of nine known as the Cosmic Beings were attempted to harness the energy of the Power Stone amongst themselves by sharing its power between them, achieved this by linked themselves together. But the effects were short-lived, as they were even quickly destroyed by the energy of the stone disintegrated all nine beings after a few moments. Eventually in attempt to dispose of it by encasing it in an Orb and it was hidden with the stone stored inside, on the planet Morag, storing it away in the secret vault that was hidden beneath the planet's vast ocean. The ocean would recede every 300 years, making the tomb accessible.

In 2987 B.C., the leader of the Dark Elves, Malekith, planned to make all of the Nine Realms pitch-black using the power of the Aether. Soon the Asgardians heard of Malekith's plan, so to protect the Nine Realms, an army of Asgardians led by their king, Bor, went to stop the Dark Elves in the First Battle of Svartalfheim. Soon the Asgardians managed to take the Aether from Malekith. When the Asgardians began to get the upper hand in the battle, Malekith sacrificed everyone on the battlefield, even his own men. The remaining Dark Elves went into hiding and hibernated until the next Convergence, Bor orders his soldiers for the Aether to be bury hidden in the deepest area possible, where no one can access it.

Over the aeons, the Tesseract came to be kept in the care of the Asgardians, locked away in Odin's Vault. The Tesseract was brought to Earth by Odin and, over the centuries after being left on the planet for unexplained reasons, it ended up being kept safe in a church in the village of Tønsberg in Norway Eventually, the Tesseract became the subject of many legends of Norse mythology.

World War II

"The energy we have just collected could power my designs. All my designs. This will change the war."
"Doctor Zola, this will change the world."
Arnim Zola and Johann Schmidt[src]
Schmidt Tesseract 2

Johann Schmidt prepares to put the Tesseract into Arnim Zola's machine.

After researching history, Johann Schmidt learned about the mythical Tesseract, an object of unlimited power which was left on Earth by the Asgardians centuries earlier. Believing it to be real he began searching for it, knowing it would give him power. In March 1942, Schmidt and his army invaded Tønsberg, Norway, looking for the Tesseract. After entering a church, Schmidt encountered the Church Keeper who refused to tell him where the object was. However, Schmidt found the Tesseract in the wall and shot the church keeper with his gun.[1]

After gaining the Tesseract, Schmidt returned to his base in the Alps and gave the object to his top scientist, Arnim Zola, for studying. The Tesseract was shown to be so powerful that its energy could help the Axis powers conquer the entire world.[1]

Project Rebirth

Steve Kruger

Steve Rogers captures Heinz Kruger.

"You don't win wars with niceness, Doctor. You win wars with guts."
Chester Phillips to Abraham Erskine[src]

In June 1943, as part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve's Project Rebirth, Abraham Erskine recruited the sickly Steve Rogers into the US Army. Rogers and other potential candidates for the Super Soldier experiment were moved to Camp Lehigh. Colonel Chester Phillips and Peggy Carter put the candidates through a series of physical tests. Meanwhile, Johann Schmidt, who discovered Erskine's whereabouts, sent his agents to kill him.

Following a week of evaluation, Erskine picked Rogers as the subject for the Super Soldier experiment based on his strength of character, knowing that the serum will react to that character. Phillips was not impressed with the choice. A day later, Rogers underwent Erskine’s Super Soldier treatment and experienced a transformation which increased his strength and stamina. Heinz Kruger, an assassin sent by Schmidt, infiltrated the secret Strategic Scientific Reserve laboratory in Brooklyn where the experiment was held and killed Erskine. Kruger escaped but was captured by Rogers who was unable to stop Kruger from killing himself rather than be interrogated.[1]


Hutter death

Schmidt's weapon vaporizes Sturmbanführer Hutter.

"My apologies, Doctor, but we both knew HYDRA could grow no further in Hitler's shadow. Hail HYDRA!"
Johann Schmidt to Arnim Zola[src]

Meanwhile, the German armies began to suffer serious defeats. The Battle of Kursk in July 1943, with which Adolf Hitler hoped to turn the tide of war on the Eastern Front in his favor again, ended in the devastating defeat of the German forces.

Hitler, who funded Johann Schmidt's research for years, now expected from HYDRA's scientists to make new weapons for the German armed forces. But the army never received promised weapons. Schmidt ignored all Hitler's calls.

Worried, Hitler sent three loyal SS officers, Oberstgruppenführer Roeder, Gruppenführer Schneider, and Sturmbanführer Hutter, to Schmidt's base. Schmidt's visitors were intrigued by the unusual uniforms and equipment used by the soldiers of HYDRA, but they told Schmidt that the Führer feels that "the Red Skull" was indulged long enough. Provoked, Schmidt showed them his Tesseract powered cannon. But when they discovered that he intends to nuke Berlin and overthrow Hitler, Schmidt vaporized them all to silence them. Though Schmidt didn't start an open war against the Axis, HYDRA no longer worked for the Nazi Germany.

Shortly after, a battle was fought near Azzano in Italy between the American troops and the German Army. A company of HYDRA soldiers joined the battle, wiping out the Germans with their pulse rifles and capturing almost the entire American unit.[2] The prisoners were soon transported to the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility where they were forced to work as slaves.[1]

Captain America

USO Preformer

Steve Rogers as Captain America.

"Sir, if you're going after Schmidt, I want in."
"You're an experiment. You're going to Alamogordo."
"The serum worked."
"I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough."
Steve Rogers and Chester Phillips[src]

Rather than risk their only super soldier in combat, the US military leaders decided to use Rogers as a public relations tool, having him appear around the country at War Bond rallies as Captain America. The new hero soon became the subject of war movies and comic books. Meanwhile, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the Strategic Scientific Reserve to concentrate its efforts on combating HYDRA.

Soon, Rogers' War Bond show turned into a USO Tour show and was sent into Italy. In November 1943, Captain America was met with derision from soldiers who have actually been through months of grueling combat. When Steve found out about the casualties sustained by the 107th, the unit of his friend Bucky Barnes, he planned an impulsive rescue mission. Aided by Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, he flew behind the German lines into Austria, where he parachuted near one of HYDRA's bases in the Austrian Alps, halfway between Kitzbühel and Klagenfurt.

Cap and Peggy 1

Captain America returns from his first successful mission.

Captain America sneaked into the base and freed 400 captured Allied troops including Barnes, Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Montgomery Falsworth, and Jacques Dernier. During the battle between the freed prisoners and HYDRA guards, Captain America confronted Schmidt and his top scientist Arnim Zola. After attacking Rogers and punching a hole in his shield, Schmidt ripped off his face mask to show him what Erskine's serum did to his face. While Rogers and Barnes were stunned, Schmidt escaped in a plane while Zola took his car. Rogers and Bucky were able to escape from the facility before it blew and walked with the released prisoners all the way back to Colonel Chester Phillips' base in Italy.[1]

The Howling Commandos

HYDRA Uber Tank

Captain America attacks the HYDRA Uber Tank.

"So, let's get this straight."
"We barely got out of there alive, and you want us to go back?"
"Pretty much."
"Sounds rather fun, actually."
Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Steve Rogers, and James Montgomery Falsworth[src]

While the US Army fought against the regular German troops, Steve Rogers was ordered to battle HYDRA's forces across the Nazi-occupied Europe. Dressed in a new uniform provided by Howard Stark and equipped with the new shield made from the only available piece of Vibranium, he assembled his own personal team of soldiers. The unit, named the Howling Commandos, was composed of men which Captain America freed from HYDRA in Austria. Soon, they embarked on several raids against HYDRA, destroying many of their factories.[1]

Zola's Imprisonment

Skull Zola

Johann Schmidt and Arnim Zola examine the destroyed HYDRA factory.

"You are failing! We are close to an offensive that will shake the planet, yet we are continually delayed because you cannot outwit a simpleton with a shield!"
"This is hardly my area of expertise! I...I merely develop the weapons. I...I cannot fire them."
"Finish your mission, doctor. Before the American finishes his."
Johann Schmidt to Arnim Zola[src]

By the beginning of 1945, Captain America and the Howling Commandos progressively managed to destroy most major HYDRA operations, depriving Arnim Zola of any real ability to work on his scientific projects. Eventually he had to be moved via armored train, which Captain America and the Howling Commandos attacked. In the ensuing battle, Bucky fell off the train, seemingly dying, but Zola was captured and handed over to Allied forces.[1]

Planning the Last Battle

Zola captured

Zola in the Strategic Scientific Reserve base.

"Schmidt believes he walks in the foot steps of the Gods. Only the world itself will satisfy him."
"You do realize that's nuts, don't you?"
"But the sanity of the plan is of no consequence."
"And why is that?"
"Because he can do it!"
Arnim Zola and Chester Phillips[src]

Meanwhile, Arnim Zola was brought to the Strategic Scientific Reserve base where he was questioned by Colonel Chester Phillips. Phillips noted that his lack of the Cyanide Pills normally used by HYDRA agents to prevent capture suggested that he did not want to die personally. Zola told him everything he knew about HYDRA and revealed Schmidt's plans of world domination.[1]

HYDRA's Defeat

US Army attack

The US Army attacks HYDRA's last base.

"Tomorrow, HYDRA will stand master of the world. Born to victory on the wings of the Valkyrie. Our enemies weapons will be powerless against us. If they shoot down one plane, hundreds more will rain fire upon them! If they cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Hail HYDRA!"
Johann Schmidt[src]

Though the Third Reich crumbled, HYDRA was finally ready to launch an offensive that would shake the planet. With the giant super bomber, the Valkyrie, and its flying nuclear bombs, Schmidt intended to bring America to its knees by destroying the entire East Coast of the United States.[1]


Schmidt's last moments

As a diversion, Captain America attacked Schmidt's base. He was captured, and just as Schmidt prepared to kill him, the Howling Commandos broke in, followed by the US Army detachment led by Colonel Chester Phillips and Peggy Carter. After the fierce battle, the base was captured, but Schmidt escaped on the Valkyrie and was preparing to carry out his plan of world domination. Rogers was able to get aboard the plane and battled Schmidt for the final time. In the wake of the battle, Schmidt touched the Tesseract and disappeared. Rogers, realizing that there was no safe place to put the plane down without risking the weapons going off, decided to crash the plane in the Atlantic. After the final assault, Rogers was presumed missing in action.

War for Earth

The Second Dark Elf Conflict

Quest for the Orb

War against Ultron







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