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  • Julien ker

    Unfortunately the rights of X-Men belong to 20th Century Fox so the MCU chooses to use the Inhumans similar to the X-Men so the characters are also very similar:

    Quake is the AoS Central inhuman, somewhat in the same way as Jean Grey in X-Men.

    His boyfriend is Lincoln, much in the same way as Cyclops.

    His director is Coulson has a somewhat similar relationship with her that Professor X with Jean Grey though he has no powers.

    She was trained by her mother Jiaying which has some similarities with Selene.

    The right arm of Jiaying is Gordon who teleports in the same way as Nightcrawler.

    Hive is one of the first inhuman, the most powerful and nastiest exactly like Apocalypse (personally I find that better Hive filled the role of Apocalypse that Apoca…

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  • Julien ker

    Who wants the 20th Century Fox sold the rights the fantastic 4 to Marvel Studios , because here are the strong points which can be born if it happens :

    - A Galactus to a human form that forces all the heroes to come

    -Doctor Doom who become king of Latveria

    -The rights of Silver Surfer , of Namor , of Skrulls and more ... introsuced

    -Thing vs Hulk

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