A review which said it contains "light spoilers" but doesn't have a lot of major ones or even detail the ending, has said that the only scene where Thanos appears, Ronan and Nebula get into an argument with The Other, Ronan and Nebula have harsh words for him after he lectures them about showing respect to Thanos, and "things don't turn out well for one of them", which I think can only have one meaning. The question is, which of them is it?

Obviously not Ronan, which leaves Nebula and The Other. So either Thanos kills Nebula for disrespecting him, or Ronan kills The Other for irritating him.

What do you think the outcome of this scene is?

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I did a similar post on Marvel Movies Wiki and so far 4 out of 5 people think "Thanos kills Nebula"

I want Ronan to kill The Other because it'd be the perfect ironic end for my favorite Avengers villain seeing as how I endlessly speculated that Ronan and The Other were the same for a while. But I think it's more likely that Thanos kills Nebula. I can't wait to hear people rage about this, lately people are so attached to their villains I think since The Other has about two fans not many would miss him (and one of those two fans wants to see Ronan kill him) but they'd want to see more Nebula, and rage that she got killed off so early into the film.

What do you think?