These are the events that occurred in the flashbacks of Daredevil. The numbers I have for the dates are just placeholders. Once the dates are figured out, this stuff can be added to the main timeline. Let me know in the comments below what the estimated dates for this info will be. Then I can copy and paste it into the main timeline.





  • After putting up signs to promote his campaign, Bill Fisk is told by his son that a young man named Bernie Walker was knocking down the signs and calling both of them losers. Fisk takes his son to confront the bully. Once they find him, Fisk asks Walker why he was hitting the signs and insulting him. Walker replies that he was only repeating his father's statements. Fisk then beats Walker with a bat and orders his son to kick him and not to stop.[1]


  • Bill Fisk loses his campaign for the Third District Council. One night, he makes his son Wilson sit in a corner and stare at a wall to make him think about his future. As Fisk was about to leave to talk with Rigoletto, he is stopped by his wife. Having been drinking, Fisk begins to beat his wife, with Wilson listening on. Having occurred numerous times before, Wilson gets tired of these beatings and finally decides to put an end to them. He grabs a near-by hammer and repeatedly hits his father over the head with it, killing him. Wilson and his mother cut up the body and will spend the next week dumping parts of it in a river.[1]





  • Jack Murdock returns home after a boxing match. He asks his son Matt to help stitch his injuries. Jack allows Matt to have a drink of scotch, to keep a steady hand.[2]



Matt Murdock is blinded at age 9.

  • Matt Murdock saves an elderly man from being hit by a truck, causing an accident. Hazardous chemicals from a flipped truck splash on his face and as his eyes absorb the chemicals, Murdock is blinded. The last sight he sees is of his father trying to comfort him as he screams that he can't see.[3]
  • Matt Murdock wakes up in a hospital after the accident he was involved in. He discovers that he can hear every sound in the near-by area, causing him pain. His father tries desperately to comfort him. He lets his son touch his face so he can recognize that it is him, which calms him down.[2]



  • Jack Murdock returns home after a boxing match and finds his son Matt asleep. He wakes him up and allows him to feel his face for his injuries. He then tells Matt to finish his homework.[3]



Poster for the "Fight of the Year".

  • One day while training at Fogwell's Gym, Jack Murdock is approached by his employer, Roscoe Sweeney. Sweeney tells him that he booked Murdock a match against Carl "Crusher" Creel. However, Sweeney tells Murdock that he has to lose the fight in the fifth round as they were placing bets against him. Slightly disappointed, Murdock agrees to throw the fight.[2]
  • After being reminded by his son that "Murdocks always get back up", Jack Murdock has a change of heart and decides to fight Creel and win, ensuring that his son would get to witness his father being a winner.[2]
  • A few hours before his fight against Carl Creel, Jack Murdock calls Ed and tells him to put all his bets on him and then transfer the money to an account at M&R Credit Union in Matt's name. He also calls his ex-wife and asks her to look after Matt.[2]
  • Jack Murdock wins the match against Carl Creel. After his victory, Murdock takes the time to listen to the crowd chanting his name. Murdock then makes his way back home but is found by his employers, who are unhappy at his betrayal. Murdock is shot and killed. His body is later found by Matt.[2]



  • Still at Saint Agnes Orphanage, Matt Murdock is visited by Stick, an old blind man. Stick is aware of Murdock's heightened other senses and takes him outside for ice-cream. While they sit together, Stick asks Murdock what he can understand about near-by people just by listening to them. Stick then promises to train Murdock to control and master his "gift".[4]



  • Having been trained under Stick for a while, Matt Murdock has become a powerful fighter with almost complete control of his abilities. During one of their training sessions, Murdock gives Stick the wrapper from his ice-cream that he got the day they first met, having made it into a bracelet. Stick crushs it in his hand and tells Murdock that he can no longer train him. Stick then leaves.[4]





  • Using the bones of one of their dead cellmates as weapons, Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov escape from Utkin Prison. Their original plan was to return to Moscow where they once lived as princes, but they instead travel to New York City to forge a new life.[5]



  • Matt Murdock is accepted into Columbia University Law School. He arrives in his room and introduces himself to his new roommate Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. Nelson had heard of what had happened to Murdock as a child. Over the months, Murdock and Nelson develop a strong friendship. Nelson often joked about Murdock's blindness while Murdock would tease Nelson about many of his poor life choices, such as his decision to join a course studying Punjabi simply to get close to a girl. They swear to work together for many years.[6]




Matt Murdock's first time as a vigilante.

  • Matt Murdock has trouble sleeping due to his next door neighbor's daughter crying as her father is abusing her. Murdock contacts the police to have him arrested; however, the man is able to get away with the crime as his wife claims he never committed the crime and his daughter does not reveal the truth. The next night, seeing that the man would not face justice, Murdock dons a black eyeless mask and goes after the man. He manages to find him at the train yard where he works. Murdock severely beats him up and threatens that if he ever touches his daughter again, he would find him and possibly kill him. The man would spend the next month in the hospital, while Murdock would consider more acts of vigilantism.[6]


  • Having been working as interns at the law firm Landman and Zack, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are offered permanent jobs at the firm. Nelson shows great enthusiasm about the offer, but Murdock believes that working for such a soulless company was not the right direction for them to go in. Murdock manages to convince the skeptical Nelson not to take the job offer and instead come up with the idea tostart up their own law firm where they can really help innocent people and make a difference to their city.[6]