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  • LoboGuara5bruxaria

    "Before anyone ask why I am doing this blog with an subject that is more-or-less the same Subject of my last Blog... Well, that is because this is more of a Rant that I was going to post in the comments of Bobbi Morse, but after a while, I realised that it wasn't a proper place to put my rant on, so I decided to post it here. Enjoy."

    Guys, can I be honest about what I felt when I saw Bobbi fighting Vin-Tak twice? Most people would be amazed that she managed to put a fight with him... Unfortunately, I am NOT one of these people! In fact, I become pissed when she managed to pull this off, and you know why?

    Because that really breaks my suspension of disbelief.

    I mean, sure, Bobbi is a very well trained agent and an all-in-all Badass, but she is…

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  • LoboGuara5bruxaria

    I mean, Vin-tak manage to went toe-and-toe with Lady-Sif at one point, but later he has problem to handle Bobbi Morse in a fight. What, I am supposed to believe that a normal, if well trained, Human being can take on an superhuman strong creature like an asgardian with his bare hands solely because of figthing skills? I don't buy it.

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  • LoboGuara5bruxaria

    I mean, magic seems to exist in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's very ambiguously defined. Sometimes it's treated as a form of advenced alien science, other times as genuine magic. What you all think about magic in the context of Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole?

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