"Before anyone ask why I am doing this blog with an subject that is more-or-less the same Subject of my last Blog... Well, that is because this is more of a Rant that I was going to post in the comments of Bobbi Morse, but after a while, I realised that it wasn't a proper place to put my rant on, so I decided to post it here. Enjoy."

Guys, can I be honest about what I felt when I saw Bobbi fighting Vin-Tak twice? Most people would be amazed that she managed to put a fight with him... Unfortunately, I am NOT one of these people! In fact, I become pissed when she managed to pull this off, and you know why?

Because that really breaks my suspension of disbelief.

I mean, sure, Bobbi is a very well trained agent and an all-in-all Badass, but she is stilll a HUMAN BEING! And that same episode clearly shows that The Kree are strong enough to match the Asgardians blow-by-blow, and in fact, Vin-Tak even managed to toss Sif several feets away at one point... And yet, later on the same episode, He has difficult in keep up with Bobbi. And at one point, she even managed to push him away in the first fight.

Let me repeat that. Bobbi Morse, an skilled but still human fighter, managed to overpower an Kree. With. Her. Bare. HANDS!

NO! I am sorry but... no. I don't buy it! Just compare Bobbi fight against Vin-Tak with Captain America against Loki. In the Latter, though Cap put a hell of a fight, he simple can't fight Loki for long and is eventually overpowered, and yet in the Former, depiste being as strong as Lady Sif, Vin-tak only narrowly managed to defeat Bobbi. Or else, I am supposed to believe that an unpowered person is somehow better at Hand-to-Hand combat against a superhuman opponent than an augmented person against a equally strong being?!

This is even worse when you consider that season 1 showed a more realistic result of fight between a skilled human fighter against a superhuman strong opponent: When May was caught by suprise by Deathlok and tried to take on Lorelei, in both occasions, May was tossed around like a ragdoll, because no matter how badass you are, it is never a good Idea to take on a Superhuman being with only your bare hands.

Hell, this is not limited to Bobbi herself, This is also applies to Mack! Later on the same episode, Lady Sif, after recovering her memory, procceded to punch Vin-Tak in the face, and that obiously hurt, but later, when Vin-Tak chased skye and was confronted by Bobbi and Mack, Mack also punched him in the face... and Vin-Tak still reacted in pain... HUH?!! Look, I am sorry, but this I can't accept! Neither Mack or Bobbi are superhuman, they are normal human beings! Highly skilled fighters, that's for sure, but they are still human. And before you guys say that the reason why they managed to pull this off was preciselly because they are skilled human fighters, I have two problems with that:

  • 1) Vin-tak isn't just as strong as Lady Sif, he was skilled to take her head on and defeat her. Keep in mind that Sif is one of the most skilled Asgardian warriors, meaning that Vin-Tak is very good  at fighting, meaning that Bobbi and Mack shouldn't be able to take Vin-Tak on by skill alone!
  • 2) Bobbi managing to push Vin-Tak away and Mack hurting him with a punch aren't a matter of fighting skill, but a matter of Physical Strenght! And given that Vin-Tak is strong enough to take on Lady Sif, neither Bobbi or Mack should be able to outmuscle something that is as strong as an Asgardian. Hell, even Captain American didn't managed to Hurt Loki as much a Mack did to Vin-Tak when he punched him (Yes, Loki did felt Cap's punches, but he recovered right back, whereas Vin-Tak almost felt to his knee when Mack did it), and Cap is on the Peak of human physical condition, Mack is not.

Now, don't get me wrong, I grasp what Marvel is doing here. By having Mack and Bobbi to succesfully put a fight against Vin-Tak, They show that the humans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are more capable than they look, and the superhuman characters of the same universe shouldn't underastimate them. And you know what, not only I understand they reasoning on this, but I also Compliment their efforts! Why? Simple, because Marvel Cinematic Universe, at large, is a reconstruction of the Superhero genre, of the wonders and the underlying hope that this genre inspire us. This isn't Cthulhu Mythos, which is about how the universe sucks and we can't do nothing to change it, this franchise is about on how AWESOME the universe is, and while it may be filled with danger and malice, there is people that can face this danger and WON! Improving the world and inspiring us to fight against adversity, to the point we can actually pull it off! In short, a fairly optimistic piece of fiction. I guess that is why Bobbi and Mack did well against Vin-Tak, to show how badass we can be. Which is something I can admire... It just the way they pulled this off that pissed me off.

In season 1, when the Team Coulson faced a superhuman treat, they didn't nescessarely take them head on in a physical fight all that much. Instead, they used strategy to get a drop at their superhuman opponents and sci-fi weaponry to take them down, or even the help of superhuman allies to face other superhumans in case that they couldn't  use the first two to take down their enemies. These first two facts I can praise about the Team, because that show that while it may be a bad Idea to take on people with superhuman strenght and superpowers, we can always find a way to defeat them if needed. But now, with regular human beings succesfully defeating superhumans in hand-to-hand combat with their bare hands alone... I am sorry, but I don't think that look badass, or at the very least, that doesn't make the people who do that look badass. Instead, that make the superhumans looking weak and inconsistend with their actual abilites, with the Asgardians being able to toss normal human beings with a mere push or slap, then the Kree race show to be able to mach the Asgardians in terms of strenght and battle skill, and yet having the same Kree that demonstred the latter having problem to face a few human spies... leaves me confused as to how powerful these superhuman races really are, and if the human race can really take them on with their bare hands, them how can Races like the Asgardians be so badass among so many other races if normal human beings can hand them their asses!

But them... thats only my opinion. If you think that what Bobbi and Mack did is simple Badass and not a problem, feel free to disagree. But what you guys think about this Blog/Rant? There is even a grain of logic on it, or I am just a whiny douchebag that is just overthinking about nothing?