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    I don't believe that Madam Gao is literally the MCU interpretation of the character Judas Traveller but I do believe her overall contribution to Marvel Netflix could wind up being the same as Judas Traveler's contribution to the Spider-man Clone Saga.

    I've watched every season of Marvel Netfix at least twice and I'm still not clear on what Madam Gao's motivation or objective is supposed to be. Gao always speaks in riddles and with an air of mysticism and mystery and that was fine in Daredevil when she wasn't the big bad but in Iron Fist she was supposed to be one of the main threat.

    One of the things that excited me about seeing Iron Fist season 1 was that we might find out more about Madam Gao and what she was up to. Was she really the Cran…

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    This headcanon has been obsolete for a long time now but I'd still like to share it.

    Ophealia Sarkissian was a diciple of Grant Ward although their relationship also had romantic overtones.

    When she is introduced in season 3 her character is in a similar place to Sky at the start of season1. Ophelia is a hacker and a member ofthe Rising Tide.

    Ophelia joined the Risisng Tide believing that their hacktavist work was just step one towards a revolution, after a while it started to feel like no matter how much she exposed the truth it didn't matter, she felt it was time to get beyond exposure and start a violent insurrection.

    She is angry at the Rising Tide for being content to stay behind keyboards forever and is also angry at "the people" for not…

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    I think we can all agree that Iron Fist was not nearly as good as it should or could have been.  Here are some ideas on how the series could have been done better.

    My idea for season1 combines the comic book origin of Danny Rand with the story of Orson Randall.

    Like Luke Cage, Iron Fist season1 is split into 2 different stories.

    Danny Rand is stranded in the himilayas after he and his parents are betrayed by their friend Harold Meechum. Danny's parents die but he is rescued by monks from Kun-lun.

    The monks teach Danny Rand discipline and martial arts and Danny spends the next several years there mastering kung fu and honing his body to physical perfection. After fighting a dragon and obtaining the power and title of the Iron Fist. Danny Rand i…

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    The War of the Two Brothers is a concept for a fanfiction and work of metafictional commentary inspired by the comic series DC vs Marvel. The titular "War of the Two Brothers" refers to a conflict between two godly brothers who represent DC and Marvel, and a series of batltles are fought between the champions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe.

    This blog is obviously incomplete, I will add more details to this blog as I come up with them.

    The brothers are humanized in this story instead of merely being forces of nature.

    Red (Marvel) is the yougner brother who spent most of his existence trying to step out of his brothers shadow and eventually he managed to surpass his brother by creating the MCU.

    For the longest time b…

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    I'm sorry this blog took a lot longer than I thought it would and technically it's still not finished yet. Judging the Netflix villains is much harder than judging the movie villains because there is so much more content. I'm not done judging the Luke Cage villains but I decided to publish what I have so far and I'll add my judgements on the Luke Cage villains by the end of the week.

    The bullets closer to the top take priority over the bullets closer to the bottom. The sub bullets show I’m taking into consideration for each criteria.

    • Is the villain entertaining?

    • The villain needs to feel like a threat to the hero. I’m judging this criteria more harshly here than I did for the movie villains.

      • It helps if we see the villain defeat, hurt, or humi…

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