Okay this is a concept I've had in my head for a while now. The Squadron is a group of self-rightious extremists whose members are all analagues to the Justice League of America. Although the Squadron has gained a small fanatically loyal army of followers their reckless and oppressive tacitcs lead most of the population to fear and hate them. The death and destruction the Squadron leaves in their wake only helps fuel anti-superhero sentiment,

The Avengers fight and tear up buildings and often kill their enemies but still try to save as many people and minimize collatoral damage as much as possible. The Squadron on the other hand doesn't seem to care what damage they cause or how many innocent people die in the crossfires of their battles.


Hyperion is an alien from a distant world who grew up on Planet Earth under the name Mark Milton and was raised by human parents. From an early age Mark's parents conditioned him to think of himself as special, that he was superior and seperate from everyone else. His immense power combined with the isolation his parents convinced him was nessesary to keep his abilties a secret caused his psyche to deteriorate.

At one point he had a human girlfriend who he opened up to and who kept him grounded but when she died his connection to humanity and reality was snapped.

Hyperion has a god complex: literally believing himself to be the 2nd coming of Christ. He calls the other members of the Squadron his deciples. Hyperion often refers to himself as a hero but his heroics are really more about trying to impose his authority on the world. As he sees mankind reject his "salvation" it causes him to descend deeper into madness and escalate the terror of the Squadron.

Hyperion is based on Zack Snyder and David S Goyer's version of Superman in the movies "Man of Steel" and "Batman vs Superman" as well as the Superman from "Injustice: Gods Among us".


An analogue to Batman. His real name is Kyle RIchmond. Kyle was born into extreme wealth but his parents were killed by common criminals when he was young. Kyle RIchmond is just as egotistical and brilliant as Tony Stark but unlike Tony he is antisocial and bitter.

Nighthawk and Hyperion have a strange and toxic friendship, in which they enable each other's insanity.

Warrior Woman

Her real nae is Hippolyta.


An analague to the Flash

Dr Spectrum

An analogue to the Green Lantern.