This is going to be a little bit different from my previous blog. My blog about Jessica Jones season2 was my idea for what they should do, this blog about the Defenders series is my theory about what they will do.

Who are the Undying Ones?

In the comics the Defenders first teamed up to defeat a horde of demons from the Himalayas called the Undying Ones led by a villain called the nameless one.

It's unrealistic to assume that Netflix is going to adapt the comic book origins of the Defenders, especially given that the original Defenders and the Netflix team are composed of completely different characters.

The MCU has been known to conflate comic book storylines, characters and elements before.

For example the villain in Iron Man 2 was a fusion of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo; the cosmic cube in "Captain America the First Avenger" was the storage unit of a Infinity Stone, and in Agents of SHIELD Sky turned out to be Daisy Johnson who was a Inhuman instead of a Mutant (although I think her comic book counterpart was eventually retconned to be an Inhuman as well).

Season2 of Daredevil introduced us to the MCU version of the Hand (who were hinted at in season1) and their ability to ressurrect the dead. In the comics the Hand exists in service of a primordial demon known as the Beast who is consequently responsible for most of their mystical powers including resurrection. Given Marvel Studio's aforementioned tendency to conflate Comic book elements I don't think it's at all unrealistc to expect them to combine "the Beast" and the "Nameless One" into a single villain.

The Black Sky

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I believe the Black Sky is an individual who serves as a vessel for "the Beast" and that at the beggining of Defenders, Electra will awaken in her tank possessed by this primordial demon

I have four very good reasons why I think their going to do this.

  1. We heard Stick's voice in that brief Defenders trailer shown at Sandeigo Comicon, if the Defenders are fighting the Hand then it makes sense why Stick is a part of the story.

  2. Electra Natchios and the Hand have already been established, which cuts down on the amount of exposition required to make the story work.

  3. Electra possessed by an ancient mystical demon and commanding an army of immortal ninjas would be a threat large enough to require multiple heroes teaming up.
  4. It would create an extra layer of conflict since Daredevil wouldn't want to lose Electra again which could create tension between him and the other heroes, and is something she could use against him.

One reason I hope this is true is that female villains in the MCU are few and far between.

The Rising is Coming

In Season1 of Daredevil we heard Stick talking to another member of the Chaste "will he be ready when the door is open?" "I have no idea". In season2 of Daredevil, during the episode Seven minutes in heaven Daredevil and Electra discover this massive hole that was aparrently dug by the Hand. Later we hear the cryptic words "The Rising is Coming".

I believe at the bottom of that hole is a gateway into the realm of the Undying Ones and that the Hand's endgame is to open that door so the Undying Ones can invade the Mortal Realm, this is what the phrase "the rising is coming" refers to.

Further foreshadowing of the Undying Ones could probably occur in season1 of Iron Fist, they might even be namedropped.