I'm hoping Jessica Jones season2 will feature the Purple Children

Who are the Purple Children in the comics?

The Puprle Children are the offspring of Killgrave and various women he impregnated over the years. The Purple Children have inherited their fathers ability to control peoples minds and they grow stronger the more of them are brought together, on the flip side their powers fade away if their kept apart. In the comics the children were gathered by their father in the hopes they would provide him with unconditional love (and also help him take over the world I think). Once enough of them were brought together however they turned on their father and forced him to walk into traffick. With no one to control them the children set out to do whatever they wanted.

The Netflix version of the Purple Children however would need to be different from the comics.

The Netflix version of the Purple Children

The Purple Children are like a cult. Their leader acts as a surrogate parent to his or her siblings; provides for them, teaches them to use their powers, and encourages them to have fun with their powers, letting them take whatever they want as long as it doesn't expose their existence to the world.

It's not hard to imagine how this story would begin, Jessica Jones is hired to bring back a child who is abducted and discovers that the Purple Children exist and are behind it. There's a race against time to rescue the boy before he is fully indoctrinated. During the season Jessica Jones finds out about the lives of these children beofre they were brought into the cult. These children were reminders to their mothers that they had been raped; some of the children were abused or neglected, while others grew up in the foster care system.

Will they actually do this?

I have no idea, what do you think?