This is my idea for what a She-Hulk netflix series should be like.

Plot and main character

Jennifer Walter is an antisocial, sexually repressed, and by the book lawyer. She has a strong moral center but is also a pragmatist who operates by real world logic.

Her father Sheriff Morris Walters was a corrupt cop and as a child Jennifer witnessed her father abuse his authority. Jennifer was attracted to comic books as a form of fantasy because she needed to escape into a world where the good guys could win.

As Jennifer got older she decided that comics were something she needed to put behind her, she needed to grow up and learn to live in the real world. Unfortunately the world that Jennifer lives in happens to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe so her real world logic does't always work. Jennifer also seems to have a minor case of "Scully syndrome".

Jennifer Walters defended a gangster who wanted to turn states evidence against a mob boss named Nick Trask. Nick Trask sent to an assasin to kill Walter's client and Jennifer was accidentally shot as well. Jennifer Walters survives and is taken to the hospital where she mysteriously recieves some of her cousin Bruce Banner's blood in a transfusion. The Gamma irradiated blood mutates Jennifer giving her the power to transform into She-Hulk; a witty, reckless, and shamelessly sexual green skinned powerhouse with all of Jennifer's intelligence but none of her fears or inhibitions.

When Jennifer gets out of the hospital she finds that none of the charges made against Nick Trask stuck and that the man who killed her client and almost killed her is going to get away scott free unless she does something.

Jennifer also discovers her powers weren't an accident and that she isn't alone. Someone has been preforming experiments on unwitting, unwilling, or unaware subjects. Most of the test subjects have died horrible deaths but a few have gained powers like Jennifer. Jennifer Walters is the only one of the "gamma infected" who doesn't use her powers for evil or become on unthinking monster when she transforms.

Unlike her cousin Bruce who is strait up afraid of the Hulk, Jennifer Walters is addicted to the power and sense of freedom she gains whenever she transforms. In early season 1 Jennifer Walter is in denial about this and doesn't want to admit how good it feels to be the She-Hulk and she talks about her alter ego as though the She-Hulk was a misbehaving teenager. This allow Jennifer to avoid taking responsibility when the She-Hulk does something she finds embarrassing; such as trying to seduce a man Jennifer finds attractive but hasn't had the guts to ask out yet.


She-Hulk is a witty, reckless, and shamelessly sexual green skinned powerhouse with all of Jennifer's intelligence but none of her inhibitions.

She-Hulk is an idealist who operates by comic book logic. She-Hulk does whatever she wants or feels is right, making up the rules as she goes along. She-Hulk frequently leans on or breaks the 4th wall; and is the only character who can interact with the camera and the cameramen. During the obligatory hallway fight scene, she's barking orders at the cameraman, telling him what angle he should be shooting from. She-Hulk is also prone to lampshading cliches, formulas, and logical inconsistencies in the narrative. Early in season1 She-Hulk seems to believe she's part of a lighthearted episodic superhero adventure. Unfortunately for She-Hulk she's actually part of a gritty marvel netflix series so sometimes reality ensues.

It's never clear whose approach is more appropriate between Jennifer and the She-Hulk. In one episode for example She-Hulk is able to successfully resolve a hostage situation by offering the kidnappers hostess fruit pies.

Other Characters

Jill Stevens

Jill Stevens was one of Jennifer's only friends. Jill knew Jennifer back in high school and they managed to stay in touch. Unlike Jennifer; Jill Stevens is outgoing and spunky character, unfortunately nobody treats her with respect and that includes Jennifer.

Jennifer doesn't feel ready to confide in Jill about her secrets. Jill Stevens is shot and killed in the 2nd episode before Jennifer can tell her anything.

Dennis "Buck" Bukoski

Dennis Bukoski is an arrogant lawyer who seems  to have a bit of a rivalry with Jennifer Walters. He can be charming when it's convenient for him (such as in the courtroom) but otherwise he is an obnoxious prick.

Buck does care for Jennifer however and when he thinks she or somebody else he cares about is in danger he drops the douchbag act and shows remarkable bravery and compassion. Then he goes back to acting like a prick as soon as the crisis is over.

Even when he's trying to be heroic however he's still an arrogant male chauvenist.

Buck Bukoski immediately assumes the worst about the She-Hulk every time he encounters her and is prone to blaming her for things the villains do. He often makes situations worse by trying to warn people about the She-Hulk.

Dr Daniel Ridge

Daniel Ridge is one of the doctors who operated on Jennifer Walters after she was shot and gave her the transfusion of gamma irradiated blood. Daniel realizes right away that something is wrong. He is the first person to discover Jennifer's secret identity, he becomes her confidant and eventual lover.

Dr Daniel Ridge spends much of season1 researching the "Gamma infected" and trying to develop a way to cure their condition, so the She-Hulk can defeat her enemies without killing them. Unlike in the Flash where the good guys have tons of futuristic equipment at their disposal and can work out how to neutralize the villains powers in a single episode, Dr Daniel Ridge has limited resources and his search for a cure is drawn out process with several failures.

Dr Ridge sees the gamma villains as victim of an illness and doesn't believe their responsible for their own actions. Initially Dr Ridge is in love with Jennifer Walters but is intimidated by her alter ego. Dr Daniel Ridge eventually plans to cure Jennifer Walters of the She-Hulk,

Louise Mason "Weezi"

Misses Mason is an eccentric and mysterious old woman who is the second person to learn Jennifer's secret. She has a job as the secretary to the District Attorney who has given her the unaffectionate nickname Weezi.

Unlike Dr Ridge who Jennifer chose to confide in, Louise discovered her secret by accident and then basically blackmailed Jennifer Walters into hanging out with her and letting her tag along on the She-Hulk's adventures.

Weezi claims to have once lived a very full and adventurous life as a crime fighter know as the Blond Phantom but she gave it up to be a wife and mother, now that her husband is dead and her daughter is grown up her life feels empty. Weezi confides this story to Jennifer who doesn't buy it for one second, telling Louise Mason "The blond phantom doesn't exist, she is just a fictional comic book character ".

When Jennifer turns into the She-Hulk this skepticism is forgotten and the two get along famously. It's unclear how much of the history that Louise tells Jennifer is true, how much is a deception, and how much is the product of a delusional mind.

Sheriff Morris Walters

Morris Walters and his daughter have a complicated relationship where they are at odds with each other most of the time. Jennifer sees her father as a bully who uses his power to extort and intimidate innocent people, she also sees him as a coward for catering to the whims of the LA mobsters.

The way Morris Walters sees it Los Angeles was a corrupt hellhole before he was born and it will be a corrupt hellhole long after he's dead. Morris Walters sees her daughter as a naive do-gooder and believes that she is afraid she will get herself killed messing with the status quo. Morris Walters tries to sabatoge his daughters attempts to collect evidence against Nick Trask.