I don't think Marvel should make a Punisher netflix seires because I don't see how they could make a Punisher netflix series good. Nothing about Frank Castle, as he's been presented in Daredevil season2, suggests that he could work as the protagonist of his own show.

I apologize for the way this blog-post is structured, It's not as concise as I wanted it to be but promise to polish it up later.

Where is the Drama?

Frank Castle represents the mentality that due process and rule of law lets criminals get off to easy and should be ignored in favor of murdering criminals without hesitation. He represents the idea that cruelty and violence are strength, that heroes are above the law and can do whatever they want and should be allowed to do whatever they want. Frank Castle was somebody who went to war, he went to a place where it was not just okay but expected for him to kill. He came back and his family was killed and because their killers weren't punished by the legal system he decided to take the law into his own hands and avenge their deaths himself.

The Daredevil and Jessica Jones netflix series are both masterpeices; and examples of "Dark and gritty" superheroes done right. The characters struggled with morality so the conflict wasn't just if they could defeat the antagonist but how they would and if they could do so without compromising their morals. That's where a lot of the drama comes from and it's why the stories are still interesting and entertaining even when they don't include a whole lot of goofy sci-fantasy elements.Frank Castle however feels no hesitation to kill or torture and feels no guilt about the things that he does. The Punisher operates on the same kind of moral absolutism as fairy tales and it's a disgusting joke to call him "grounded" or "realistic".

Actions and consequences

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The MCU is interesting and complex because the actions of it's heroes good and bad have consequences. This has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the very beggining.

Heroes and villains and their consequences in the movies

In the 1st Iron Man movie, Tony Stark announces that he's not comfortable being a part of a system of a zero accountability and because of that he's shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries. This desire to make amends for his mistakes is what led him to become Iron Man, after becoming Iron Man however he preformed several morally questionable actions. Not the least of which includes the creation of Ultron who almost destroyed mankind. Ultron likely opened Tony's eyes that the Avengers are also part of a system of zero accountability which is why he is going to support the pro-registration side during the Civil War. (I haven't seen the movie yet and have stayed away from spoilers).

Bruce Banner in the Incredible Hulk movie does everything he can to stop himself from losing control and becoming the Hulk because he doesn't want to kill anybody. He knows he can potentially win any battle by just giving into his anger but instead he always runs away and he tries to discover a way to cure his condition. It's only at the end of the movie when the soldier Emil Blonsky, a man who loves fighting, is turned into the Abomination by Samuel Stern that Bruce turns into the Hulk intentionally. Bruce does this because he knows how dangerous his powers are and that he is the only one that can defeat the Abomination.

Thor starts out as a child with misguided notions of heroism that amount to little more than a glorification of violence and dreams of genocide against the supposedly depraved Frost Giants. By the end of the 1st movie Thor goes back on this and fights Loki to stop him from destroying Jotunheim.

Captain America was fighting in a war during his 1st movie so it makes since he's not necessarily trying to take his enemies alive. In the 2nd Captain America movie we explicitly see the antagonists using the "order through strength" mentality.

heroes and their consequences on Daredevil

In the first season of Daredevil the villains “are trying to strong-arm people like Elena so they can sweep their homes away from them and build condos no one can afford". The damage caused to the city by the "Incident" has opened the door for for Kingpin's gentrification scheme. Wilson Fisk's killed a lot of people to make his dream come true but he honstly believed what he was doing would have saved the city.

The difference between the Kingpin and the Daredevil isn't the goals, it's their tactics. But the actions of Daredevil as a vigilante in taking down the Kingpin opened the door for men like Frank Castle to take the law into their own hands.

One of the questions I've been asking myself ever since Daredevil season2 ended was weather or not it was the stories intention to vindicate the Punisher; initially I thought that it was and that kind of pissed me off. Watching it a second time I realized that the show wasn't asking us to agree with the Punsisher but simply to understand and sympathize with him the same way it asked us to have sympathy for Wilson Fisk.

Actions and consequences of Frank Castle

It's established in Daredevil season2 that the actions of Frank Castle aren't making the city any safer and are only making Hells Kitchen more violent but he doesn't seem to care about this at all. Something else to keep in mind is that all the criminals he targets in season2 of DD are connected to the deaths of his family. He isn't just going after them because they are criminals and they hurt people; he is targeting them because they hurt him specifically.

Frank Castle's selfishness and myopia becomes more aparrent during his brief time in prison where he makes a deal with Wilson Fisk, helping him take over the prison in exchange for being alowed to escape to take his revenge. Frank Castle is resistant to the idea but ultimately gives in and doesn't show regret afterwards.

Umm so you've avenged you're family, now what?

I know there are probably other storylines that could be used but Frank Castle's revenge quest was the thing that has so far defined him as a character. It's a little weird that this should end before his theoretical netflix series got a chance to start.

I don't mind the Punisher are a character in Daredevil and maybe somebody who pops up in other Netflix series. I think Frank Castle works better as a foil than he does as a main character.