This page contains a table showing different characters throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe and their levels of fame. The purpose of this page is to keep track of what the average citizen of this universe knows about any given character or what they could potentially learn by using the internet.

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Real Name Alias Biography
Unknown Abomination The Abomination is a large monster that fought the Hulk in Harlem. The fight ended once the Abomination was defeated by the Hulk who then fled the scene. The monster was then taken into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s custody.[1]
Abraham Erskine None Abraham Erskine was a brilliant German scientist who died in 1943.

In 2015, Erskine was discussed on WHiH World News' Google+ account as being one of the world's most brilliant minds that helped shape the world.[2]

Adolf Hitler None Adolf Hitler was the Führer of Nazi Germany during World War II. He was commonly used as the main antagonist against Captain America's fictional persona.[3]
Aisha Axton None Alisha Axton was interviewed by Thembi Wallace after the duel between Luke Cage and Diamondback. Axton commemorated Cage for cleaning up the Crispus Attucks Complex all by himself and helping out residents of Harlem.[4]
Alejandro Castillo El Dogo Alejandro Castillo was a Colombian drug lord who also went by the name El Dogo. Castillo was killed by an unknown assailant who smashed through several walls in order to reach their target. A Reporter described the event also discussing the possibility of the assassin being a man, monster or machine.[5]
Alexander Pierce None Alexander Pierce was the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the United States Secretary of Defense. Pierce once declined a Nobel Piece Prize claiming that peace wasn't an achievement, it was a responsibility.

Pierce was revealed to be the leader of HYDRA during the Battle at the Triskelion where HYDRA had launched three Helicarriers which were supposed to give HYDRA complete control over the world. The helicarriers were stopped by Captain America and the Falcon Pierce had been killed while the helicarriers crashed and burned.[6]

Pierce became a subject of controversy as he was brought up during an episode of WHiH Newsfront asking about who he really was.[7]

Annika Pergament None Annika Pergament is a news anchor for NY1. She reported on the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen.[8]

She and Pat Kiernan reported together on the arrests of many individuals such as, Parish Landman, Senator Randolph Cherryh, and Wilson Fisk who were accused of corruption.[9]

Unknown Ant-Man Ant-Man is an individual who has the ability to alternate his size. He assisted Captain America and his team during the Avengers Civil War. While in his giant form, he was defeated by the efforts of Spider-Man, Iron Man, and War Machine. Footage of this event was recorded and posted on the internet.[10][11]
Ben Urich None Ben Urich was a reporter for the New York Bulletin. His most well-known stories came from the Hulk's duel against the Abomination in Harlem and the Battle of New York. He was also successful in exposing many gangsters and mob bosses including a man named Silvio.[12]
Bill Maher None Bill Maher is a talk show host who criticized President Matthew Ellis' decision to repaint the War Machine Armor red, white, and blue and refer to it as the "Iron Patriot".[13]
Bill O'Reilly None Bill O'Reilly is a talk show host who criticized Tony Stark's decision to make Pepper Potts the next CEO of Stark Industries.[14]
Boynton None Boynton is a United States Senator from New York. He questioned why the Avengers had disbanded after the Battle of New York.[15]
Brandt None Brandt was a United States Senator during the 1940s.[3]
Brock Rumlow None Brock Rumlow was one of the HYDRA operatives who infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ranks. Rumlow had arrested Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Natasha Romanoff after the Battle of Washington, D.C..[6]

After the Battle at the Triskelion, Rumlow was mentioned on WHiH World News' Twitter profile claiming that Rumlow was still at large.[16]

Calvin Chadwick None Calvin Chadwick was a wealthy Businessman who owned Isodyne Energy in the years during and after World War II.

Chadwick eventually married the famous Actress Whitney Frost becoming a well-known celebrity couple living in Los Angeles.

Chadwick eventually ran for Senate promoting anti-communism through many political press events.[17]

A few weeks later, Frost assembled a press conference where she announced that her husband along with some of his colleagues perished at sea when their boat sank near Santa Catalina Island.[18]

Carl Creel Carl "Crusher" Creel Carl Creel was a boxer who used the name Carl "Crusher" Creel in the ring. Creel had lost a fight against Battlin' Jack Murdock who was murdered right after.[19]
Charles Bradley None Charles Bradley is a singer who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[20]
Charles Ray Wiggins Raphael Saadiq Raphael Saadiq is a singer who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[21]
Christian Ward None Christian Ward was a United States Senator from Massachusetts.

After the Attack on the United Nations, Ward gave public statements about S.H.I.E.L.D. being a terrorist organization that should be treated as such. He later made an announcement that S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA were not the same, and he admitted that his brother was involved with HYDRA. He vowed that he would personally make sure that his brother would see justice.[22]

Ward was later declared dead in a murder-suicide involving his mother and father.[23]

Christiane Amanpour None Christiane Amanpour is a reporter who questioned Tony Stark's claims to keep America safe after his decision to participate in the Circuit de Monaco and battle against Ivan Vanko.[14]
Christine Everhart None Christine Everhart is a former Vanity Fair reporter, who interviewed people of interest. She is somewhat known for interviewing Tony Stark who, during a press conference, admitted to being the unknown individual people were calling "Iron Man".[24]

Everhart later became a reporter for WHiH World News, reporting on events such as Scott Lang's conviction and arrest, as well as the aftermath of the Battle of Sokovia and the on-going aid effort in that region of the world.

About a week later, she had the chance to interview Lang a few days before his release from prison. She discussed with him how he had broken into the home of his former boss and stole 4 million dollars, to which Lang corrected her saying that he had refunded the money that he claimed the company, Vistacorp, had stole from their customers. Lang got more and more angered with every question to the point where he was tased by a prison guard and taken off camera.

Almost a year later, Everhart discussed the idea of the Avengers being regulated by the government with political correspondent Will Adams. Adams argued that the Avengers have saved many people numerous times and that they had no need for being regulated. Everhart explained that the problem wasn't with how many people they saved, but with the collateral damage being caused.

Four days later, Everhart and Adams took to the streets to ask citizens their opinion of the idea of creating a new tax to pay for the damage that superheroes had caused.

Two days later, Everhart and Adams reported that damages received from Washington, D.C., New York City, and Sokovia had now crossed the trillion dollar mark. She claimed that many believed individuals such as Steve Rogers and Tony Stark bear some of the responsibilities for the destruction caused. She discussed President Matthew Ellis' standpoint on the situation reporting that Ellis has met with the retired General Thaddeus Ross to discuss a potential appointment. Everhart stated that she believed that President Ellis and agencies around the world should step up to figure out a plan to work with heroes so that future responses can be handled in a more disciplined manner.

Later that day, Everhart and Adams reported on an explosion in Lagos, Nigeria that was caused by a confrontation between the Avengers and ex-HYDRA mercenary Brock Rumlow and his followers. Everhart asked Jackson Norris which Avengers were involved. He replied that the only participants that he knew about were Captain America, The Falcon, and Black Widow. Everhart then cut to the President who was addressing the situation at the White House.[7]

Clifford Smith Method Man Clifford Smith also known as Method Man is a rapper and record producer.

Smith was interviewed on the radio by Sway Calloway and Heather B. where he explained how he was saved by Luke Cage during a convenience store robbery. He even acquired Cage's hoodie which had bullet holes to prove it. They acknowledged the fact that Cage stopped to save Smith even though he was on the run from the police and that there was no way Cage was actually responsible for the death of Jackie Albini. Smith finished the show by rapping a new song called Bulletproof Love giving his respects to Cage. He closed by giving a shout out to Pop who was killed due to recent gang violence.[25]

Clint Barton Hawkeye Clint Barton was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the founding members of the Avengers who helped save citizens of New York City during the Battle of New York.[15]

Barton fought alongside the Avengers against against Ultron and his Sentries during the Battle of Sokovia, saving many citizens of Novi Grad.[26]

Cornell Stokes Cottonmouth Cornell Stokes was a former gang member as a young adult along with Henry "Pop" Hunter. He was the owner of the successful nightclub, Harlem's Paradise and was cousins with councilwoman Mariah Dillard.[21]

Stokes attended Pop's funeral and gave a speech where he talked about the peaceful ways of his old friend and that he hoped that the person responsible for his death would be rotting in the depths of Hell.[27]

Stokes was later arrested at Harlem's Paradise on charges of police corruption, extortion, and murder. Meanwhile, his cousin Mariah was asked by Thembi Wallace if she wanted to comment on the arrest of Stokes, to which she quickly shooed the reporter and her camera crew out of her home. However, the next morning, Stokes was released from the police station.[28]

Stokes was found dead in Harlem's Paradise which was believed to be because Luke Cage had killed him. However, it was later revealed that Cage was innocent.[29]

Daisy Johnson Quake Daisy Johnson also known as the Inhuman Quake is a woman with the ability to create earthquakes. The media had accused Johnson of being responsible for the destruction of buildings and the Collapse of the Edison Bridge in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.[30]

Johnson was found outside the area of an ongoing S.H.I.E.L.D. operation by a news group. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace stood forward and explained that Johnson was actually an undercover agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.[31]

Days later, Mace organized a press conference in order to clear Johnson's name of the crimes the media thought she committed. He explained that the Collapse of the Edison Bridge was caused by the Watchdogs and it was Agent Johnson that held off the collapse until everyone was evacuated. Mace then invited Michelle Caldwell up to the podium to describe how Agent Johnson saved her life that night. Once she finished, she gave Johnson a hug which helped Johnson discover a sniper that disbanded the event.[32]

Damon Boone None To be added
Unknown Daredevil Daredevil is a vigilante who has become well-known throughout Hell's Kitchen for his efforts in ending crime and corruption. After a series of bombs exploded throughout Hell's Kitchen, The mysterious masked man was the public's first suspect since he was caught on camera fighting against the police during the chaos, thus sparking the nickname "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen".[8]

The man later stopped Wilson Fisk who had escaped the FBI's custody. The man was given the new title "Daredevil" from the New York Bulletin after his victory against Fisk's second apprehension.[9]

Danny Rand None Danny Rand is the son of former Rand Enterprises owner, Wendell Rand. Danny and his family were believed to have perished when their plane crashed in the Himalayas.[33]

Many years later, Rand returned to New York City to the astonishment of everyone who thought he had died along with his parents. Rand was welcomed back by Rand Enterprises CEO Ward Meachum and his sister Joy Meachum by inviting him to join them in running their parents company together. In a press conference at the Rand Enterprises Building, Rand explained that after his crash, he was raised in a monastery by monks. He explained that upon his return, he was ready to return to Rand to help steer it in the right direction. When asked why he had recently committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, Rand explained that once he returned, he had become overwhelmed with the changes that he had experienced and that the Meachums provided the help he needed to overcome it.

On Rand's first day, he made it clear that the company would sell their cure for Leishmaniasis at cost rather than making a large profit. The next morning, the New York Bulletin claimed he was a "Corporate Hero" for his decision.[34]

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Darren Cross None Darren Cross was the protégé of Hank Pym, who many believed was forced out from his own company by Cross. When asked about this in an interview, Cross assured the viewers that he and Pym were friends, and that the business world was a harsh place filled with difficult decisions. He also stated that his loyalties were with the company.[35]

Within a week, Cross made plans to rename Pym Technologies, Cross Technologies.[36]

Unknown Diamondback To be added
Dimitri Olshenko None Dimitri Olshenko is the Prime Minister of Russia.[37]
Dum Dum Dugan None Timothy Dugan is one of the 400 prisoners of war that were liberated by Captain America during World War II. Dugan was recruited by Rogers to join his elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos.[3]

After Captain Rogers' disappearance and the ending of the war, Dugan continued to lead a new group of Howling Commandos during the Cold War.[38]

Dugan is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commando exhibit.[6]

Eddie Axton None To be added
Elena Rodriguez None Elena Rodriguez is an Inhuman and Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who was caught hiding surveillance inside Senator Ellen Nadeer's office inside the United States Capitol. Nadeer used this incident to show even though Rodriguez had signed the Sokovia Accords, she was still sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to conduct an illegal investigation.[39]
Ellen Nadeer None Ellen Nadeer is a United States Senator, head of the Finance Committee, and an outspoken advocate for the "Humans First Movement". After the Blackout Attack across major cities around the world, Nadeer believed that Inhumans had to be responsible for the blackouts and that Humans needed to prepare for it being an act of war.[40]

Nadeer was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos along with the newly declared Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jeffrey Mace. Nadeer questioned Mace on the purpose of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how they would deal with Inhuman threats. Nadeer eventually claimed that Mace was simply not a man who was fit for being Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., to which Mace confessed that he himself was an Inhuman.[41]

Nadeer partook in the questioning of Daisy Johnson before she could sign the Sokovia Accords. As she questioned Agent Johnson it was discovered that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had attempted to plant surveillance within her office. She used this opportunity to declare that S.H.I.E.L.D. was still a terrorist organization after all.[39]

In the wake of an explosion within the United States Capitol, Nadeer was listed as one of the few that perished from the bombing.[42]

Elon Musk None Elon Musk is a famous Businessman and investor. He has met with Tony Stark on numerous occasions.[14]
Erik Selvig None Erik Selvig is a famous astrophysicist who appeared at Stonehenge in Amesbury, England, where he had taken off his clothes and ran around the area declaring that he was trying to save them. He was arrested and taken to a mental institution.[43]
Faith Evans None Faith Evans is a singer who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[44]
Frank Castle Punisher Frank Castle is a former Marine whose family died in the crossfire during a shooting in Central Park. Castle decided to hunt down the gangs that were involved such as the Kitchen Irish, the Mexican Cartel and the Dogs of Hell.

Castle entered Metro-General Hospital and began to shoot at one of the patients in the building. The police began their investigation of the crime scene there as the news started to spread about the reckless man that they were now calling The Punisher.[45]

Castle began to open fire at the motorcycles parked outside of the Dogs of Hell club from the roof of a nearby buildingin order to draw out the gang members to shoot them.[46]

A few nights later, Castle was arrested by the NYPD in the middle of the night. The story made the front paper the following day.[47]

While in the hospital under police custody, Castle found a law firm that was willing to defend his case. Castle claimed that he was not guilty, thus beginning one of the biggest trials of the century.[48]

After a few days in court, Castle spoke about his opinion about his actions and declared that he wasn't going crazy when he murdered his victims and that he would do it again. He began to shout at the crowd that he would never stop doing what he did. Security escorted him out of the courtroom while he claimed that he was guilty. He was then sent to Ryker's Island.[49]

Castle later escaped from prison and murdered a number of individuals including a district attorney.[50]

He was later killed on a ship docked at Pier 81.[51]

Gabe Jones None Gabe Jones is one of the 400 prisoners of war that were liberated by Captain America during World War II. Jones was recruited by Rogers to join his elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos.[3]

Jones is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commandos exhibit.[6]

Garfield Fleming None Garfield Fleming is a member of The Delfonics who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[52]
George Kotsiopoulos None George Kotsiopoulos is the co-host of Fashion Police along with Joan Rivers. The two of them mocked the new color scheme of the War Machine Armor and the fact that it was renamed "Iron Patriot".[13]
George Stephanopoulos None George Stephanopoulos is a journalist for Good Morning America. He interviewed Brigadier General Glenn Talbot on the topic of S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA no longer existing.[53]

Stephenonpoulos interviewed both Senator Ellen Nadeer who was an advocate for the "Humans first Movement" and the newly revealed S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace to discuss S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new purpose, Inhuman threats across the globe, and the effectiveness of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s enforcement of the Sokovia Accords. During the interview, Nadeer questioned Mace's capability of being the Director, to which Mace admitted that he himself was an Inhuman.[41]

Unknown Ghost Rider The Ghost Rider is a mysterious being who lives among the citizens of Los Angeles. A common rumor is that when the Ghost Rider burns his victims' souls, they then cannot be healed.

The stories of the Ghost Rider are frequently expressed through street art in the streets of Los Angeles.[54]

Glenn Talbot None Glenn Talbot is a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force. He was in an interview with George Stephanopoulos to discuss the status of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA. Talbot stated that the two no longer existed and that he had a Government Storage Warehouse filled with S.H.I.E.L.D. paraphernalia.[53]
Hank Pym None Hank Pym is a brilliant scientist who was the Founder and CEO of Pym Technologies until his protege, Darren Cross, forced him out of his own company. A rumor has been spread that Pym was involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. for a time during his youth.[36][35]
Harold Meachum None Harold Meachum took control of Rand Enterprises when his partner, Wendell Rand and his family died in a plane crash.

A year later, Meachum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died. His children, Ward and Joy Meachum later took over the company.[33]

To be added

Harry S. Truman None Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States. He was sworn into office after Franklin D. Roosevelt died of polio. Truman approved the plan to attack Japan by dropping two atomic Bombs. One on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. After the attack, Japan surrendered, therefore ending World War II.[55]

After the war, Truman met with Howard Stark who was involved in the Manhattan Project.[24]

Heather B. None Heather B. is a hip hop artist and radio host along with Sway Calloway.

Heather and Calloway interviewed Method Man after he was saved by Luke Cage during a convenience store robbery. Smith explained to them how Cage saved his life and how he obtained Cage's hoodie which had bullet holes in it to which Heather did not originally believe. The three discussed that it couldn't be Cage's motive to be a cop killer and was actually a hero among the community. Smith ended the show by preforming his new rap song: Bulletproof Love in honor of the man who saved his life.[25]

Henry Hunter Pop Henry Hunter is was the owner of Pop's Barber Shop and was a well-respected man within Harlem. Hunter earned his nickname Pop from his former life as a gang member.[44]

Hunter was murdered when a shoot-out occurred in his shop. A funeral was held for him a few days later. There were eulogies given from his son, Bert Hunter, his old friend Cornell Stokes, and Luke Cage.[20][27]

Method Man gave Pop a shout out during his song: Bulletproof Love live on the radio.[25]

Unknown "Hooded Hero" The "Hooded Hero" is a man who saved a woman from a building explosion in Los Angeles. The man climbed up a brick wall, grabbed the woman, and jumped out of a window a few stories high still holding the woman in his arms. The man was somehow unharmed from the fall. He laid the woman on the ground and fled the scene. The event was caught on camera and was then posted on the Rising Tide website for all to see.[56]
Hope Shlottman None Hope Shlottman was a Student in New York City who had murdered her parents in an Apartment Building elevator.[57]

Shlottman was interviewed by Trish Walker on her radio talk show Trish Talk. She claimed that she killed her parents because a man who called himself Kilgrave had forced her to through the power of mind control. The public refused to believe her claims saying that she was making up excuses to get away with murder.[58]

Shlottman was released from jail and later committed suicide in a restaurant during a special gathering of friends.[59]

Howard Stark None Howard Stark was the Founder and CEO of Stark Industries. He was directly involved in the Manhattan Project with the development of the Atomic Bomb.[24]

Stark and his company attended the World Exposition of Tomorrow where he demonstrated the properties of Vibranium and his latest invention: A flying car.[60]

Stark was also involved in Project Rebirth, turning Steve Rogers into Captain America.[3]

After World War II, Stark was accused of selling weapons to enemy countries of the United States.[55]

Stark set up a press conference outside of New York City Hall with the Strategic Scientific Reserve. The spokesperson explained to the crowd that Stark had been wrongly accused. The event was interrupted and disbanded by the sound of gunshots.[61]

About a year later, Stark decided to start his own film production company called Stark Pictures. One of the films Stark worked on was based on a comic book that told the story of the American cowboy, Kid Colt.[62][63]

Years later, Stark met and later married a woman named Maria and had a son named Tony.[24]

In 1974, Stark promoted new technology and a better future by presenting The City of the Future at the Stark Expo.[14]

Howard and his wife were both killed in a car accident on Long Island in 1991.[24]

in 2011, Tony Stark decided to bring back the Stark Expo. Tony showed a clip of his father from 1947 to the audience where Howard spoke about the technology of the future.[14]

WHiH World News shared a look back at the brilliant minds that helped shape the future such as Stark himself and Abraham Erskine.[2]

Hugh Jones None Hugh Jones was the head of the Roxxon Oil Corporation during the 1940s.[64]
Unknown Hulk The Hulk is a giant green monster who has a reputation for causing destruction throughout various regions of the world as he constantly migrates from place to place. Early on, he was spotted by a group of Canadians, who mistook him for a "green sasquatch".[1]

The Hulk then appeared at Culver University in Willowdale, Virginia where he was ambushed by the United States Army. The Hulk escaped from the situation as reporters arrived and foretold the events that had occurred there and gave him the nickname "The Hulk".

He then appeared again in New York City, where he fought against another monster and defeated it, thus stopping it from destroying any more of Harlem. After his success, the Hulk escaped from the Army once again.[1]

A few years later the Hulk returned to assist the Avengers during the Battle of New York where he fought against the invading Chitauri forces.[15]

Three years later, An enraged Hulk arrived in South Africa and caused destruction on the streets of Johannesburg. Becoming more and more violent, the South African Police Service were completely outmatched until Iron Man arrived in his Giant Armor that was capable of fighting the Hulk and fought him until the Hulk was knocked unconscious. The Avengers took him away and reappeared during the Battle of Sokovia where he and the other Avengers were successful in stopping Ultron from achieving global extinction.[26]

The Hulk was not seen since, which led to international governments questioning his whereabouts.[16]

Unknown Iron Monger The Iron Monger was the adversary of Iron Man during the Duel of Los Angeles.[24]
Jack Murdock Battlin' Jack Murdock Jack Murdock was a boxer who was well-known throughout Hell's Kitchen. In the ring, he was referred to as Battlin' Jack Murdock. Murdock was murdered shortly after his victory against Carl "Crusher" Creel.[19]
Jackson Norris None Jackson Norris is a correspondent for WHiH World News. He was sent to Lagos, Nigeria to report on the confrontation of the Avengers and a group of mercenaries. Norris was asked questions about the situation by WHiH Newsfront hosts Christine Everhart and Will Adams. They asked Norris what Avengers had been involved to which Norris responded that Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow had all been seen during the crisis. He reported that the threat the Avengers seemed to be fighting against was former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned mercenary, Brock Rumlow.[7]
Jacques Dernier None Jacques Dernier is one of the 400 prisoners of war that were liberated by Captain America during World War II. Dernier was recruited by Rogers to join his elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos.[3]

Dernier is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commandos exhibit.[6]

James Barnes Winter Soldier James "Bucky" Barnes was the best friend of Steve Rogers who enlisted in the Army and joined Rogers' elite combat group, the Howling Commandos. He was the only Howling Commando to lose his life during World War II.

Barnes is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commandos exhibit.

It was revealed after Natasha Romanoff had leaked S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files onto the internet that Barnes was the mysterious assassin the intelligence community had named the Winter Soldier who was working for HYDRA.[6]

Barnes was later the prime suspect for the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre that resulted in the deaths of many United Nations representatives as well as the King of Wakanda, T'Chaka.

Barnes was rescued from the German police and Black Panther by Captain America and the Falcon, but the four were arrested by the police and War Machine.

Barnes was taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin where he murdered a few personnel and escaped.[10]

James Montgomery Falsworth None James Montgomery Falsworth is one of the 400 prisoners of war that were liberated by Captain America during World War II. Falsworth was recruited by Rogers to join his elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos.[3]

Falsworth is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commando exhibit.[6]

James Rhodes War Machine
Iron Patriot (formerly)
James Rhodes is an United States Air Force Colonel who presented the "War Machine" armor that Justin Hammer showed off at the Stark Expo along with his Hammer Drones. During the presentation, Iron Man flew onstage which pleased the audience. A few moments later, the War Machine armor and Hammer Drones opened fire at Iron Man who flew away from the Expo while the drones following behind.

Rhodes and Tony Stark were able to defeat all of the drones and were awarded medals for their heroic bravery by Senator Stern.[14]

After many American government missions, the suit was given a red, white, and blue paint job and renamed "Iron Patriot" to please the public. This decision was mocked by TV hosts such as Joan Rivers and Bill Maher. Rhodes had been involved with the rescue of President Matthew Ellis and the arrest of Vice President Rodriguez.[13]

The "Iron Patriot" title and paint job was later removed as Rhodes made his appearance during the Battle of Sokovia, where he assisted the Avengers defeat Ultron and his sentries.

After the battle, Rhodes was made an honorary member of the new incarnation of the Avengers which made WHiH World News question if working for both the Avengers and the Air Force posed a conflict of interest.[16]

Rhodes assisted the German police in arresting Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and the Black Panther in Romania.[10]

Jane Foster None Jane Foster is an astrophysicist who made many discoveries after the events of the Convergence. Her work has made herself a candidate for winning a Nobel Piece Prize.[26][7]
Jeffrey Mace Patriot Jeffrey Mace is a man who is well-known for his work on International Affairs. He was present during the signing of the Sokovia Accords in Vienna, Austria. Mace helped save a woman's life durring the bombing that occurred during the event.[41]

After a series of blackout attacks occurred across major cities around the world, Mace publicly announced that the attacks were not orchestrated by the Inhumans, but rather a radical hate group determined to eliminate the Inhumans. Mace finished his announcement by revealing that the organization he was leading was the newly reformed S.H.I.E.L.D..[40]

Mace was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and Senator Ellen Nadeer to discuss recent events and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new purpose. Nadeer immediately asked Mace what S.H.I.E.L.D.'s purpose was if it wasn't to protect Humans from Inhumans. Mace clarified that Inhumans share 99.8% of Human genome. Nadeer responded by bringing up the recent Blackout Attacks and the fact that people were scared and lives were lost. Mace pointed out that more Inhumans died during the attacks than Humans. Nadeer then immediately questioned if S.H.I.E.L.D. was involved in the ongoing operation within a Los Angeles prison. Mace refused to disclose any information on the operation but assured everyone that everything was under control. Nadeer then asked how many people have died due to the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. did not see Inhumans as a threat to which Mace explained that fatalities have drastically decreased since the signing of the Sokovia Accords. Nadeer finished by accusing Mace of not being a man qualified for his position due to the fact that he didn't see Inhumans as a threat. Mace responded by revealing that he himself was an Inhuman.[41]

After Quake was discovered outside an ongoing S.H.I.E.L.D. operation by a news group, Mace stood forward and explained that Johnson was actually an undercover agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. the entire time.[65]

In order to officially clear her name, Mace held a press conference in Sunbury, Pennsylvania to discuss Agent Johnson's secret missions against the Watchdogs. He informed them that Johnson held off the collapse of the Edison Bridge in order to evacuate everyone. He then invited Michelle Caldwell up to the stage to talk about how Johnson saved her life. After her speech, a sniper fired at Mace who blocked the bullet with the podium. He then shouted for everyone to stand clear as he hurled the podium into the air as it exploded. Mace was then escorted away from the scene.[32]

Mace arrived along with Agent Johnson to investigate the bombing that killed Senator Nadeer. Mace decided to answer some questions that people were having towards the incident.[42]

Jessica Jones None Jessica Jones is a private investigator who works in New York City under her own detective agency called Alias Investigations. Jones saved a large group of people from being forced to kill each other. She killed a man who called himself Kilgrave who was rumored to have the ability to control minds.[66]
Jidenna None Jidenna is a singer who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[27]
Jim Cramer None Jim Cramer is a talk show host who told his viewers to sell stocks in Stark Industries after Tony Stark's decision to stop manufacturing weapons.[24]
Jim Morita None Jim Morita is one of the 400 prisoners of war that were liberated by Captain America during World War II. Morita was recruited by Rogers to join his elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos.[3]

Morita is included in the Smithsonian Institution's Howling Commandos exhibit.[6]

Joan Rivers None Joan Rivers is the co-host of Fashion Police along with George Kotsiopoulos. The two of them mocked the new color scheme of the War Machine Armor and the fact that it was renamed "Iron Patriot".[13]
John G. Johnson None John G. Johnson is a member of The Delfonics who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[52]
Josh Elliott None Josh Elliott is an anchorman for Good Morning America. Elliott reported on the fact that American airwaves were hijacked by "The Mandarin".[13]
Joy Meachum None To be added
Julien Beckers None Julien Beckers was the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs. He shared an interview with Senator Christian Ward. He was later arrested for his involvement with HYDRA.[67]
Justin Hammer None Justin Hammer was the CEO of Hammer Industries, a weapons manufacturing company and business rival to Stark Industries. Justin Hammer attended a senate committee hearing to prove that Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor were a danger to the United States.

Hammer later attended the Stark Expo to show off his Hammer Drones and the War Machine Armor: Mark I with Col. James Rhodes inside. Not long after being shown on stage, The Drones as well as the War machine armor started attacking Iron Man. Citizens fled the scene as the drones fired upon Iron Man all throughout the expo.

The threat had been resolved thanks to Iron Man and War Machine and it was later revealed that Hammer had been working with Ivan Vanko. Hammer was arrested and later sent to Seagate Prison.[14][68]

Kilgrave None Kilgrave is a mysterious man who Hope Shlottman had accused of forcing her to kill her parents via mind control. The public quickly dismissed the idea on various radio stations saying that she was just giving an excuse to avoid imprisonment.

Kilgrave was discussed over Trish Walker's radio talk show Trish Talk where Walker claimed that she was willing to believe that Kilgrave was real. She continued her claims by calling the man "sick and perverted" before her microphone cut out. Walker later apologized for her previous rude comments towards the man.[58]

Kilgrave was murdered on the docks of New York City by Jessica Jones. Many witnesses were there who claimed that they were under his control and that Jones had saved them from killing each other.[66]

Larry Ellison None Larry Ellison is the co-founder of Oracle Corporation. He and his company were part of the 2011 Stark Expo.[14]
Lincoln Campbell None Lincoln Campbell is one of the first of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit's targets. His photo was shown on various news channels, such as WHiH World News and CNN, warning citizens that he was a terrorist and that if anyone had any information on his whereabouts, they should call their hotline.[69]
Luke Cage None Luke Cage is a man with extremely durable skin who lives in New York City.

Firemen and news crew gathered around the Genghis Connie's Chinese restaurant when the building exploded during the night in Harlem. People were surprised when Cage rose out of the rubble carrying the owner, Connie Lin. As Cage tried to leave the scene, reporters asked if he would at least tell them his name. He told them that his name was Luke Cage.[70]

The next morning, Cage dug through the rubble of the restaurant. Many spectators took photos and bore witness to his incredible strength which was able to lift large chunks of the debris.

Cage attended the funeral for Henry "Pop" Hunter and gave a speech to honor his friend.[27]

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Mariah Dillard None Mariah Dillard is a councilwoman in Harlem.

Dillard held a benefit lunch for the "New Harlem Renaissance" campaign where she greeted and complimented the children who attended. She was also interviewed by Megan McLaren about her plans to use the Crispus Attucks Complex to revitalize communities in Harlem.[21]

Two weeks later, Dillard shot some promotional footage to talk about her vision for the future of Harlem starting with the various complexes around the city that would help the community flourish. Later that night, Dillard was interviewed by Thembi Wallace who immediately questioned what side of Harlem Dillard stood on. The side that believed in the things she had been promoting, or the side that was historically corrupted by gang violence due in part by Dillard's family that consisted of her grandmother, the notorious Mabel Stokes, her brother-in-law Pistol Pete Stokes, and her cousin Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes. Dillard told her that she had no right to use photos of her family. To which Wallace also questioned why a brutal assault on the Crispus Attucks Complex did not make the news or why there was millions of dollars in cash that was found in her office. Dillard claimed that she had always made it clear as to what she wanted while Wallace and the rest of the media crew just wanted a story and not the truth.

Before leaving, Wallace asked Dillard if she had anything to say about the arrest of her cousin, Cornell Stokes. Who had been arrested on charges of police corruption, extortion, and murder which included police detective Rafael Scarfe. Dillard quickly called to her personal assistant to shoo them out of her home.[28]

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Matthew Ellis None Matthew Ellis is the President of the United States. Ellis welcomed Captain America back after he was defrosted from the ice.[6]

When a man calling himself "The Mandarin" threatened America with his "lessons", which involved explosions of American landmarks, such as the TCL Chinese Theatre, Ellis responded by rebranding Col. James Rhodes' War Machine Armor into the "Iron Patriot", giving it a red, white, and blue paint job and sending him to locations that the military had reason to believe the Mandarin had been hiding. Ellis was missing in action, as Air Force One had exploded over Florida. Ellis was saved from A.I.M., due to the heroic acts of Iron Man and the real Iron Patriot, James Rhodes.[13]

After an outbreak of Inhumans emerged, Ellis held a press conference explaining that, to prevent events such as the Battle of New York, the Battle of Greenwich, and the Battle of Sokovia, the Advanced Threat Containment Unit would be there to take any means necessary to stop any Inhuman from causing destruction.[71]

Ellis was interviewed on WHiH Newsfront by both Christine Everhart and Will Adams. Everhart asked the president how he felt about world leaders calling for oversight of the Avengers after the increasing number of events and sensitive data being leaked to the public. Ellis explained that he was completely aware of the fear and concern that these events created, though he also acknowledged the accomplishments that the Avengers had achieved. Adams asked if it was essential for the heroes to maintain their independence, where Ellis corrected that he did in fact believe that the Avengers still needed to collaborate with various governments around the world. Everhart asked about how the newly appointed Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross would help facilitate some negotiations. Ellis talked about how the former General was no stranger to some of these incidences and that he was instrumental in the Emergency at Culver University as well as the Duel of Harlem.

Later that day, Ellis issued a special announcement from the White House where he addressed the attack that had taken place in Lagos, Nigeria. He explained that they would do anything they could to support their friends and allies. He stated that his administration would work directly with the United Nations to find those responsible for the attack and hold them accountable for their actions.[7]

Megan Henderson None Megan Henderson is a Newswoman for KTLA. She reported on one the Mandarin's "lessons" to America.[13]
Megan McLaren None To be added
Michelle Caldwell None Michelle Caldwell was a woman who was saved by Quake from a terrorist attack caused by the Watchdogs in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Caldwell was asked to speak about the night that S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Daisy Johnson saved her life from the Watchdogs. After she finished telling her story, she gave Johnson a hug which was interrupted by a sniper who disbanded the press conference.[32]

Natasha Romanoff Black Widow Natasha Romanoff was a former KGB turned S.H.I.E.L.D. spy under the code name "Black Widow", who fought against the Chitauri during the Battle of New York alongside the Avengers.[15]

Not much was known about who she was, but her heroic acts were seen by many as she had action figures modeled after her and her teammates among other merchandise.[56]

During the Battle at the Triskelion, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files along with details of Romanoff's past, were uploaded onto the internet for anyone to see.[6]

Romanoff has since fought off the remaining divisions of HYDRA along with the Avengers and also saves countless lives during the Ultron Offensive. Romanoff remains a full-time member of the Avengers.[26]

Romanoff was brought up during a WHiH Newsfront discussion between Christine Everhart and Will Adams on the arguement of whether the Avengers should work independently or with government regulation. Adams explained that through Romanoff's decision to leak S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files onto the internet, the public was able to understand that HYDRA had infiltrated the agency proving that someone from the Avengers was able to avoid a catastrophic outcome.[7]

Romanoff was one of the Avengers that were involved in fighting the ex-HYDRA mercenary Brock Rumlow during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.[10]

Obadiah Stane None Obadiah Stane was the second-in-command at Stark Industries, next to Howard Stark. When Stark and his wife were killed in a car accident, he became CEO of the company, until Tony Stark was old enough to become CEO.

Stane and Tony continued Howard's work by building weapons for the United States Armed Forces. In 2010, Stane accepted an award for Stark, as he was not present during the ceremony. Stark was later kidnapped in Afghanistan and held captive for three months.

Upon his arrival home, Stane accompanied Stark to a press conference, where Stark announced that their company would no longer manufacture weapons. Stane told the press that the good news was that Tony was back, and that they would discuss the true future of the company.

Reports came in that Stane had disappeared on his vacation in a private plane.[24]

Palmer None Palmer was a United States Senator during the 1940s.[64]
Pat Kiernan None Pat Kiernan is a news anchor on NY1. He reported on the events of the Battle of New York[15]

He later appeared to discuss the hijacking of American airwaves where "The Mandarin" had given one of his "lessons".[13]

In 2015, he reported on the man that was nicknamed "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen" who had allegedly bombed Hell's Kitchen and had taken a Police Officer hostage in an Abandoned Building.[8]

Kiernan then appeared later to report that Wilson Fisk's FBI transport vehicle had been compromised.[9]

Peggy Carter Betty Carver Peggy Carter was a good friend of Steve Rogers during his time in the Army during World War II.[3]

After the war, The Captain America Adventure Program became popular among audiences. Betty Carver was a fictional Nurse who was created to act as the love interest to the fictional version of Captain America. She was oftentimes depicted as the damsel in distress for the hero to save from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.[64]

Carter was interviewed to discuss the life of Captain Steve Rogers. She talked about how Rogers had changed the world and the people around her including herself and the man who would become her husband. Her recording plays at the Howling Commandos exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C..[6]

In 2016, Carter passed away in her sleep. Her funeral was held in London.[10]

Pepper Potts None Virginia "Pepper" Potts was Tony Stark's secretary, until he decided to promote her to the CEO of Stark Industries. This decision was mocked by certain television hosts such as Bill O'Reilly.[14]

Potts continued to run the company for years to come. She attended the New York City Tech convention to represent Stark Industries.[2]

Potts presented Stark Industries' newest advances in intellicrops in honor of Earth Day.[16]

Randolph Cherryh None Randolph Cherryh was a United States Senator from New York. Cherryh had been arrested by the FBI when he was suspected for corruption.[9]
Rodriguez None Rodriguez was the Vice President of the United States. He was arrested for his involvement with the terrorist organization, A.I.M..[13]
Ramonda None Ramonda is the Queen Mother of Wakanda, widow of T'Chaka and mother of King T'Challa.[72]
Sam Wilson Falcon Sam Wilson was Captain America's partner during the events that unfolded in 2014. Wilson, Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff fought against the Winter Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were secretly HYDRA during the Battle of Washington, D.C.. The three individuals were arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken away in SUVs.

The next day, Wilson and Rogers fought to stop the agents controlling the three Helicarriers deployed by the Triskelion while Romanoff leaked S.H.I.E.L.D.'s files about HYDRA to the world. The group was successful in stopping the helicarriers before they opened fire at millions of targets.[6]

After the Avengers defeated Ultron in Sokovia, Wilson became an honorary member of the new incarnation of the Avengers becoming publicly known as the Falcon.[26]

Wilson and Roger's heroic acts during the Battle at the Triskelion were brought up by political correspondent Will Adams on WHiH Newsfront in order to make his point about how he thought superheroes should not have to be held completely accountable for their actions as long as it was completely necessary in saving lives.[7]

Falcon was one of the Avengers on the scene during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria in the fight against Brock Rumlow.

Wilson assisted Rogers in helping the Winter Soldier escape from German police and the Black Panther, however they were all arrested by the police and War Machine.

The group was taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin. Barnes had managed to escape captivity while Wilson and Rogers went missing.[10]

Scott Lang None Scott Lang is a burglar who was arrested for a 4 million dollar theft from the Vistacorp company and for breaking into the CEO's mansion and robbing jewelry and driving a car into the pool. Lang claimed that he was trying to return the customers' stolen money back from Vistacorp, to which an SEC investigation found no proof of. Lang was sentenced to five years in San Quentin State Prison, but was only there for three.

In 2015, WHiH World News had been revisiting Lang's crimes and had acquired security footage of the night Lang broke into his boss' home and uploaded it onto their YouTube account.

A few weeks before being released, WHiH Newsfront revisited Lang's story on WHiH Newsfront. Lang was interviewed by Christine Everhart about the situation. When asked about his thoughts on the people who thought his allegations had been a cover up for a well planned heist, He questioned where the news studio were getting their information also pointing out that WHiH World News was owned by Vistacorp. Everhart then pointed out that Lang did in fact go out of his way to create property damage at his former boss's home. Lang then ranted about how the media had dragged his name through mud and that he has paid the price for his actions. Lang became more and more upset to the point where he was tased by a security guard and was quickly taken off the air. The next day, Lang was released from prison.[7]

Lang was later vindicated for his crimes against VistaCorp.[16]

Silvio None Silvio was a mobster in New York City whose organization was exposed through various media sources. Silvio was sentenced to ten years in prison for his crimes.[12]
Unknown Spider-Man Spider-Man is an unknown crime-fighter based in New York City. He uses Web-Shooters to fight and travel around the city.

Spider-Man assisted Iron Man's team during the Avengers Civil War and was recorded by a camera while taking down the giant-sized Ant-Man. The video was later posted on the internet.[10]

Stern None Stern was a United States Senator, who oversaw a Senate Armed Forces Committee in Washington, D.C. involving Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor. Stern demanded that Stark hand his new technology over to the United States Armed Forces, to which Stark refused.

After the Battle at Stark Expo, Stern awarded Stark and James Rhodes badges for their heroic actions during the Battle at Stark Expo.[14]

Three years later, Stern was arrested by the FBI for his involvement with HYDRA.[6]

Stephen Strange None Stephen Strange is one of New York City's top Surgeons. He was interviewed by WHiH World News and CNN to talk about new life-saving techniques.[16][73]
Steve Scott None Steve Scott is a journalist on ITN. Scott reported on Dr. Erik Selvig being chased by police for running around naked at Stonehenge.[43]
Steve Rogers Captain America Steve Rogers is a World War II veteran, super-soldier, and the world's first superhero. In 1943, a skinny, short, and frail Steve Rogers participated in a secret project which transformed him into a super-soldier.

Rogers then began working with the USO by traveled the world and promoting war bonds as the costumed hero "Captain America" equipted with his iconic shield. Many forms of Merchandise was made for the new character including comic books and trading cards. He also starred in many films during this time.

Rogers then had a sudden change of heart and left to fight in the war. He had many missions against the Nazi science devision, HYDRA. Rogers was successful in rescuing over 400 P.O.W. including his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Rogers and Barnes later gathered a group of men to become an elite combat unit known as the Howling Commandos. Rogers had gotten himself a new uniform and led his team across Europe defeating HYDRA bases. During one mission, his best friend Bucky Barnes died in action.

Rogers went missing in action and was believed to have died protecting the United States from explosives planned to take out major cities around the country.[3]

The USO continued to advertise the hero through merchandising and The Captain America Adventure Program which played over the radio in the years after the war.[64]

The Smithsonian Institution created an exhibit dedicated to the life of Captain America and the Howling Commandos.[6]

66 years after his presumed death, Rogers was discovered to be preserved in ice in the Arctic.

When the Chitauri attacked New York City in 2012, Rogers assembled along with the Avengers to save the city from total destruction. A woman being interviewed on the news thanked Captain America and the rest of the Avengers for saving her life.[15]

Two years after the Avengers disassembled, Rogers fought against armed men on a bridge and then on a street in Washington, D.C.. Rogers was taken prisoner and transported away in an armored S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicle. Rogers returned during the Battle at the Triskelion, preventing HYDRA from using the Helicarriers to kill millions of people.[6]

Rogers reassembled with the Avengers once again to fight Ultron in Seoul, South Korea and once again in Sokovia where Ultron had planned on wiping out all of humanity.[26]

Rogers was the leader of the Avengers during the Attack on the IFID Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Rogers entered a fight with the ex-HYDRA mercenary Brock Rumlow who activated a bomb in his vest that had initially been contained by Wanda Maximoff, but ended up blowing up part of a building killing many civilians which later prompted the governments of the world to create the Sokovia Accords to which Rogers did not feel comfortable signing.

After the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre, the media had identified the terrorist as James Buchanan Barnes. Barnes was assisted by Rogers and the Falcon in an attempt to escape both the German police and the Black Panther. They were arrested by the police who were assisted by War Machine.

The group was taken to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building in Berlin. Barnes had escaped captivity while Rogers and Wilson went missing.[10]

Sway Calloway None Sway Calloway is a rapper and radio host along with Heather B..

Cakkoway and Heather interviewed Method Man after he was saved by Luke Cage during a convenience store robbery. Smith explained to them how Cage saved his life and how he obtained Cage's hoodie which had bullet holes in it. The three discussed how Cage couldn't be a cop killer and was actually a hero. Calloway asked if Smith would end the show with him preforming his new rap song: Bulletproof Love.[25]

T'Chaka Black Panther (formerly) T'Chaka was King of Wakanda. After the Avengers had been involved in an Building explosion that resulted in the deaths of a few Wakandan officials. T'Chaka announced that he would support the Sokovia Accords and became a forerunner in passing the act.

During a United Nations meeting in the Vienna International Centre, an explosion seemingly caused by the Winter Soldier destroyed the level of the building containing T'Chaka instantly killing him and passing the title of King of Wakanda down to his son, T'Challa.[10]

T'Challa Black Panther T'Challa was the prince of Wakanda, son of King T'Chaka. After an confrontation between the Avengers and mercenary Brock Rumlow resulted in an explosion outside of a building in Lagos, Nigeria containing several Wakandan officials, T'Chaka decided to support the Sokovia Accords bringing his son with him to Vienna, Austria.

During a meeting, his father was killed in an explosion seemingly caused by Bucky Barnes, which resulted in him taking the throne as King of Wakanda.

In Bucharest, T'Challa donned the Panther Habit in order to attempt to kill Barnes for murdering his father. While chasing Barnes, He was stopped by Captain America and the Falcon. The three were arrested by the German police and War Machine.[10]

Thaddeus Ross None Thaddeus Ross was a General in the United States Army. In April of 2016, he announced that he wold be retiring from the Army. President Matthew Ellis appointed him Secretary of State.

Within a week, WHiH World News was able to schedule an interview with Ellis on WHiH Newsfront to ask about his views on the Avengers registering with the government and if Ross would be able to facilitate a negotiation with the Avengers. Ellis stated that Ross had been instrumental in dealing with the Battle at Culver University as well as the Duel of Harlem.[7]

Thembi Wallace None Thembi Wallace is a reporter for WJBP-TV.

Wallace held a live interview with Councilwoman Mariah Dillard to discuss her visions for a bright future for Harlem. As the cameras started rolling, Wallace asked Dillard what side of Harlem she stood on, whether it be the side where she truly wanted a brighter future for Harlem or if she was secretly conspiring with her notorious crime family consisting of the infamous "Mama Mabel" Stokes and Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes. She questioned why the Crispus Attucks Complex crime scene appeared to contain a large sum of cash being stored away and criminals that were suspected of working for her. Dillard exited the interview by claiming that the news channel Wallace was working for did not want to tell the truth, but instead a story that would get any viewer's attention. She then told the news crew to leave.

Before leaving, Wallace asked Dillard what she had to say about the arrest of her cousin, Cornell Stokes on charges of police corruption, extortion, and murder which included police detective Rafael Scarfe. Refusing to comment, Dillard asked her personal assistant to shoo them out of her home.[28]

Wallace reported live on the scene outside of Harlem's Paradise where an anti-Luke Cage protest rally had taken place led by Mariah Dillard. She spoke about how protesters were rushed to the hospital and that Cage had taken hostages within the building. After a few hours, Wallace reported that the body of councilman Damon Boone was thrown from the building and the demands of Cage were still unknown. Lastly, she witnessed the release of the some of the remaining hostages and the ESU officers moving into the building.[74]

The next morning she spoke about how law enforcement was still on the hunt for Cage after he escaped custody the night before and that citizens were wearing hoodies with holes to confuse the police force and create many false sightings.[25]

After the Duel at Malcolm X Boulevard, it was understood that Luke Cage was not guilty of murdering Jackie Albini or holding hostages at Harlem's Paradise. Wallace interviewed Aisha Axton who commemorated the work Cage had done for Harlem.[4]

Within days on Danny Rand's return to New York City and Rand Enterprises, Wallace reported on Rand's apology to a possible victim in a corporate scandal involving 15 cases of cancer in a Staten Island neighborhood.[75]

Weeks later, Wallace discussed how the DEA had placed Danny Rand at the top of their most wanted list after it was believed that Rand had been responsible for drug trafficking by using his company as a cover-up.[76]

Thomas Richards None Thomas Richards was an accountant for the Roxxon Oil Corporation. During one of the Mandarin's live broadcasts, he threatened President Matthew Ellis into calling him on his phone by saying that he'd shoot Richards in the head. despite calling the Mandarin, Richards was shot anyway by the Mandarin before he warned the President that they'd see each other soon.[13]
Thomas Roberts None Thomas Roberts is a news anchor for MSNBC. He reported on the Battle of New York, as well as one of "The Mandarin's" "lessons".[15][13]
Thor None Thor is an Asgardian who first appeared in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico fighting a giant metal being which had destroyed most of the town.[77]

Thor disappeared for two years before returning to fight alongside the Avengers during the Battle of New York. After the battle was finished, Thor left Earth and did not return for another year and a half.[15]

Thor fought the Dark Elves in London, England, where the Convergence had been taking place.[43]

Thor stayed on Earth for two more years and fought with the Avengers after S.H.I.E.L.D. had fallen. He and the his teammates fought against Wolfgang von Strucker and the rest of HYDRA. The Avengers later stopped Ultron and his Sentries from achieving global extinction.[26]

Tony Stark Iron Man Tony Stark was born from the well-known weapons developer Howard Stark and his wife Maria. Howard was the founder and CEO of the multinational industrial company Stark Industries.

Even throughout his childhood, Tony proved to share strong skills gained from his father. At age four, he built his first circuit board. At age six, his first engine. And at seventeen, he graduated summa cum laude from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

on December 16, 1991, Howard and his wife were both killed in a car accident on Long Island, New York. Howard's company fell into the hands of his partner, Obadiah Stane, until Tony reached the age of 21 where he became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Stark continued his father's legacy by creating new and improved forms of weapons for the United States Armed Forces with Stane. One day, Stark traveled to Afghanistan for a weapon demonstration. The Humvee he was traveling in was attacked and he was captured by the terrorist organization known as the Ten Rings.

After three months in captivity, Stark was saved by the Air Force and sent back to the United States. Upon his arrival, Stark called for a press conference where he announced that his company would be shutting down weapons development. Stane assured everyone that all decisions made would be discussed at a later time and that the important thing is that Stark had returned safely.

A battle between two men in metal suits ensued on a highway causing destruction on the Howard Stark memorial bridge. One had been painted red and gold which would later be dubbed "Iron Man". While the other was silver and much larger that would later be named "Iron Monger".

Stark called for another press conference where he announced that he actually WAS the person people were referring to as Iron Man which sparked lots of questioning by both citizens and the United States Government.[24]

After his confession, Stark became very popular around the media being crowned Time magazine's Person of the Year. Stark also participated in an interview discussing his decision about publicly announcing that he was Iron Man.[2]

In 2011, Stark decided to bring back the Stark Expo. He dropped onto the stage in his newest Iron Man Armor surrounded by the Ironette Dancers. He then gave a speech about bringing back the legacy of the Stark Expo and showed the audience a clip of his father talking about his visions for the future.

Stark was then called to a senate committee hearing by Senator Stern to discuss handing over the Iron Man armors over to the United States Armed Forces. Stark refused saying that America was already safe and that like all of the weapons he had created before, it could be used against America as well. Stark continued to insulted the Senator as he left the building.

Stark flew to Monaco to see the Monaco Grand Prix. He then decided to use his company's sponsored car to use in the race himself. Stark and the other racers were attacked by a man wielding electric whips which easily sliced the racecars into pieces. Stark assembled his latest Iron Man armor and defeated the man who was taken into custody.

After his return home, Stark celebrated his birthday by throwing a large party at his mansion where he let his guests play with his armors while he got drunk. Later, James Rhodes, who had suited up in one of Stark's previous armors, stopped the party by telling the guests to get out. The two then began to fight. The Duel seemingly ended in Stark's favor. He turned toward the crowd and screamed at them until they all left.

Stark arrived during Justin Hammer's reveal of his new Hammer Drones and War Machine armor. The drones then began to fire at Stark and chased him around the expo. Stark was able to defeat the drones with the help of Rhodes. The two were then awarded for their heroic acts by Senator Stern.[14]

In New York City, Stark helped finish the construction of Stark Tower. During his time there, many would often wait to see if they could get a glimpse of Iron Man flying to and from the tower.

On May 4th, 2012, a giant beam of light shot up from the top of Stark Tower into the sky creating a portal above they city that released hordes of Chitauri soldiers. Stark began destroying many of the aliens on their way down to the city below. Soon after, the Avengers assembled and fought against the army. Stark finished the battle by flying a nuclear missile into the portal.[15]

A series of bombings occurred around the world caused by a man calling himself the Mandarin. An outraged Stark threatened the Mandarin declaring to the press that he was a coward and then gave out his home address saying he would keep his door unlocked. That evening, three helicopters showed up to his mansion and destroyed it. News had spread that Stark had died during the explosions.

Air Force One was hijacked and destroyed while in the air carrying President Matthew Ellis. Iron Man saved the passengers who fell from the destroyed plane and the president was kidnapped. Iron Man and Iron Patriot fought against A.I.M. soldiers and rescued the president.[13]

Stark reassembled with the Avengers to fight against HYDRA after the HYDRA Uprising. The Avengers apprehended Wolfgang von Strucker and later celebrated back at the newly remodeled and renamed, Avengers Tower.

An enraged Hulk stormed through the streets of Johannesburg where Stark called upon his giant Hulkbuster armor and battled Hulk while causing lots of damage in the city. Stark destroyed an unfinished building in order to incapacitate the Hulk and take him away.

The artificially intelligent robot, Ultron lifted the city of Novi Grad, Sokovia into the sky to create a "meteor" that would wipe the Human race from existence. Stark and the Avengers were successful in evacuating most of the citizens and destroying Ultron and his Sentries.[26]

Stark visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to discuss the students' futures and announce that through his September fund, all of their projects were to be approved by his company.

In light of the attack in Lagos, Nigeria, Stark decided to sign the Sokovia Accords in support of the act.[10]

Trevor Slattery Mandarin (formerly) Trevor Slattery is a small-time actor who held the starring role as a Russian police officer in the an unsold CBS pilot called "Caged Heat".[68]

In 2012, a terrorist calling himself "The Mandarin" hijacked American airwaves to broadcast a message to the American people and President Matthew Ellis. In his message, he taught Americans history lessons about the cruel things The United States have done in their past. He claimed responsibility for multiple bombings around the world such as an attack on an the Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. The television networks returned as soon as he finished threatening the President where reporters then discussed the frightening messages.

Later that night, another bombing occurred at the TCL Chinese Theatre killing and injuring many people.

Once again, the Mandarin hijacked American airwaves to teach another "lesson". This time, he claimed responsibility for the Destruction of the Chinese Theatre and then told the President that his lessons were almost over and that "The big one" was coming.

The next morning, Tony Stark challenged the Mandarin to come to his mansion for a fight between the two of them where the Pentagon would not get involved. That evening, three helicopters showed up firing missiles at Stark's mansion. Stark managed to destroy two of the three helicopters before his home came crashing down into the ocean. Stark was declared dead after the attack.

For the third time, airwaves were once again hijacked. This time, the Mandarin was holding a man at gunpoint. He stated that if the President did not answer his phone call in 30 seconds, he would shoot the man in the head. After a few short seconds the phone rang, but he shot the man anyway. He then warned the President that he was coming for him.

The next day, the president was kidnapped from Air Force One. The plane was destroyed, but the crew survived thanks to Iron Man.

News had broke out that "The Mandarin" was nothing more than the small-time actor, Trevor Slattery, being used as a puppet by A.I.M. to get the United States Armed Forces to look in the opposite direction. A.I.M. had given Slattery plastic surgery to avoid being recognized as their fake terrorist.[13]

Slattery continued to be discussed as a controversial figure to the point where a TV movie had begun development with the title: 10 Rings To Rule Them All: The Trevor Slattery Story.[7]

Trish Walker Patsy Walker (formerly) Trish Walker was a young TV star during the 1990s who was famous for her show called It's Patsy. She also had a Comic Series based on her fictional life as Patsy. She eventually became the highest-paid child star in television history.[58][78]

She eventually quit and started her own radio talk show known as Trish Talk on the WNEX New York network. Her show is very well-known by many citizens of New York City gaining many listeners through the years. She has interviewed a wide variety of well-known people and missionaries throughout her career.[79]

After a girl named Hope Shlottman murdered her parents in an elevator, she claimed that a man called "Kilgrave" forced her to kill them. Walker decided to have an interview with Shlottman on her talk show. She asked Shlottman to recall the events that led up to her violent actions. As Schlottman told her story, she became increasingly emotional. Walker explained to her lawyer that she did believe her story and that the man who was referred to as "Kilgrave" was very much real and was a sick and twisted man. Walker's microphone was then cut off.

Then next day, Walker apologized to the unknown man for her previous remarks towards him.[58]

A few weeks later, Walker introduced Diane Masagi to her show. Masagi demonstrated her impressive skills using the flute.[59]

After the public learned that the Harlem resident, Luke Cage, was a superhuman, Walker interviewed residents of Harlem to see what they thought about Cage. A woman named Sophia claimed that no good would come from Cage and that he was dangerous. The second caller, Amir, talked about how Cage was a respectful and heroic man. Walker finished by thanking Cage for all of his good work.[28]

Ultron None Ultron was an artificially intelligent robot created by Tony Stark who turned against the Avengers and the rest of the Human race.

Ultron fought Captain America on top of a truck in the streets of Seoul. The two eventually crashed into a moving train that became derailed.

He later led an attack on Sokovia by lifting the city of Novi Grad high into the sky, attempting to create a giant meteor that would end the Human race. He was eventually defeated by the Avengers and global extinction was averted.[26]

Due to these events, a ban was placed on the creation of any Artificial Intelligence.[54]

Those who were able to acquire any of the metal found from the Sentries made a profit through the black market.[7]

Vision None The Vision has been a mysterious member of the Avengers. He first appeared during the Battle of Sokovia leaving many news channels such as WHiH World News curious as to how he came to be.[16]
Walt Cooper None Walt Cooper was a United States Senator during the 1940s.[61]
Wanda Maximoff None An unknown woman was seen assisting the Avengers during the Battle of Sokovia who possess the ability of telekinesis. Footage of her was caught and shown on WHiH Newsfront.[26][7]

Maximoff along with the Avengers fought against the ex-HYDRA mercenary Brock Rumlow in Lagos, Nigeria. Rumlow activated a bomb in his armor that was contained through Maximoff's hex powers. Maximoff lifted Rumlow away from the civilians on the ground but failed to contain the explosion as it took out part of a building; killing many inside including a few Wakandan officials. This event later pushed the Sokovia Accords into action.

Later that day, the media discussed what kind of threat Maximoff posed to civilians.[10]

Ward Meachum None To be added
Webster None Webster was a United States Senator during the 1940s. Webster was in charge of the committee that evaluated the allegations made towards Howard Stark, who had supposedly sold weapons to countries that were enemies of the United States.[80]
Wendell Rand None Wendell Rand was the owner of Rand Enterprises until he and his wife died in a plane crash. The company was then handed to his partner, Harold Meachum.[33]
Whitney Frost None Whitney Frost was a popular Actress during the 1940s who starred in many Hollywood films such as The "F" Stands for Freedom, Tales of Suspense, and The Woman in the Golden Mask.[62]

Frost held a press conference where she told her fans that her husband, Calvin Chadwick, had died in a tragic boat accident near Santa Catalina Island. She thanked her fans for their support and left.[18]

Will Adams None Will Adams is a political correspondent for WHiH World News. He was invited by Christine Everhart to discuss the idea of the Avengers working alone or under government oversight on WHiH Newsfront. Adams brought up many instances where superheroes helped save lives despite not being controlled by the government. He brought up how how Natasha Romanoff had leaked S.H.I.E.L.D. files in order to warn the public that HYDRA had infiltrated the agency. He argued that the Avengers saving hundreds of thousands of lives should not call upon governmental control.

Four days later, Adams and Everhart discussed the idea of issuing taxes for damages created by superheroes, asking people on the streets to state their opinions. Adams stated that he did not see the point of having people decide whether to have more taxes or ensure their own safety.

Two days later, Adams and Everhart talked about where politicians as well as President Matthew Ellis stood on the matter. Adams reported that on the same day, Ellis commemorated the massive clean up effort in Washington, D.C. following the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters also singling out the heroic deeds of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Adams agreed with the President's choices on the matter whereas Everhart did not.

The two later interviewed President Matthew Ellis to discuss his views on the Avengers and government control. Adams agreed with the president when he brought up the fact that they should be thankful for these heroes' actions.

Later in the day, a building explosion occurred in Lagos, Nigeria during a conflict between the Avengers and a group of mercenaries led by wanted criminal Brock Rumlow. Adams and Everhart were given details by their correspondent, Jackson Norris. They then cut to the president who was giving a speech about the situation.[7]

Will Daniels None Will Daniels was an Air Force pilot who was recruited by NASA to be the head of a satellite rescue mission.[81]
William Hart None William Hart is a member of The Delfonics who preformed at Harlem's Paradise.[52]
Wilson Fisk None Wilson Fisk was a wealthy businessman in New York City. After the mysterious Man in the Mask was accused of Bombing Hell's Kitchen, Fisk organized a public statement outside of New York City Hall where he announced that he would help the city against its newest threat and the rest of its crime.[82]

Fisk continued to trend in the media. During a fundraiser, his girlfriend, Vanessa Marianna, was poisoned along with a few other guests.[83]

Fisk was arrested by the FBI, along with many New York Police Officers and Senator Randolph Cherryh. He was transported in an armored van. Fisk broke out due to having corrupt FBI agents at his disposal. Fisk was later apprehended by the masked vigilante that was then given the name "Daredevil". Fisk is currently imprisoned at Ryker's Island.[9]

Wolfgang von Strucker None Wolfgang von Strucker was a leader of HYDRA who worked in the country of Sokovia. Strucker had been apprehended by the Avengers and was handed over to NATO, where he was murdered in his cell shortly after.[26][7]
Unknown None An unknown man had caused certain metal objects to melt as he walked through the streets of Seattle, Washington. He was chased down by an unknown organization later to be revealed as the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.

After his escape, news channels such as WHiH World News picked up on the event by interviewing witnesses. One man said that he knew nothing other than the man was Latino with "a crazy look in his eyes".[71]

Unknown None An unknown woman fought a man on a pier in Faro, Portugal with a sword. The fight was recorded on someone's phone and the video was uploaded onto Twitter where it went viral.[84]
Unknown None An unknown man fought a woman on a pier in Faro, Portugal with a hammer. The fight was recorded on someone's phone and the video was uploaded onto Twitter where it went viral.[84]


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