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    Order of Events

    November 12, 2016 by Marvelous 345678

    This is a list in order of the events seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    • 2988 B.C.: First Battle of Svartalfheim
    • January 14, 965: Battle of Tønsberg
    • August 3, 965: Battle of Jotunheim

    • June 22, 1943: Assassination of Abraham Erskine
    • October 1943: Battle of Azzano
    • November 3, 1943: Liberation of Allied Prisoners of War

    • June 1944: Battle of Finow
    • June 6, 1944:

    • January 1945: Capture of Arnim Zola
    • March 4, 1945: Attack on HYDRA Headquarters
    • March 4, 1945: Battle in the Valkyrie
    • May 7, 1945: Attack on HYDRA Research Facility Number 4

    • April 25, 1946; Ambush at Colleen O'Brien's Apartment
    • April 26, 1946: Destruction of the Roxxon Refinery
    • May 6, 1946: Infiltration into the Red Room Academy
    • May 7, 1946: Ambush at the L&L Automat
    • May 7, 1946: Chase of Peggy Cart…

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    After a long discussion with TomasDerksen and BEJT. We are agree that the events of DD1 and JJ1 has to be move it but the events still happening in 2015. I will use some events from AoS2. For my reasoning please look in here: .

    • Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson celebrate the upcoming opening of their law firm "Nelson and Murdock".

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    • "The Lady in the Lake": July 10-11
    • "A View in the Dark": July 12-13
    • "Better Angels": July 14-16
    • "Smoke & Mirrors": July 18
    • "The Atomic Job": July 19, the first minute of "Life of the Party" happens this year.
    • "Life of the party": July 20-22.
    • "Monsters": July 22
    • The last minutes of Monsters happens in July 23. "The Edge of the Mistery": July 23
    • "The Edge of the Mistery" (the last twelve minutes), "A Little Song and Dance" and the first 5 minutes of "Hollywood Ending": July 24
    • July 25: The team starts the plan to capture Whiteney Frost
    • July 26: Frost is defeated.
    • July 27: Sousa and Carter starts a relationship. Thompson is killed.
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    Seeing that the events of the first half of AoS2 it's disputed I make a timeline when the episode takes place.

    • Without revealing that he has been doing the same, Phil Coulson gives Skye the assignment to translating the Words of Creation that were written on the Bus by John Garrett. During her investigation, she contacts Rising Tide, but they cannot help her.
    • In the Playground, Melinda May announces the United Nations' attack. Director Phil Coulson gathers information on the attack and sends May, Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter to investigate a lead in Okinawa, Japan. Coulson calls European agent Noelle Walters to have her team on standby, while Simmons is told to access the hard drive she stole from HYDRA Laboratories.
    • Infiltration into Toshiro…

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    This is a timeline from the events of Jessica Jones (TV series), I use the events seeing in the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for make the timeline looks more "completed".

    • Jones is hired by a former lover of Turk Barrett to locate and force him to give money in order to care the child he had with her.
    • Simmons wakes suddenly as they fly her back to base and instinctively grabs her sharp stick to stop the attacker she assumes will appear, but when she realizes she is back home, she simply lays her head on Fitz's lap.

    • On Ward's orders, Werner von Strucker enrolls in Andrew Garner's psychology course, so as to get close to him.

    • Karen Page writes an articule for the New York Bulletin regarding heroes.

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