Marvel Cinematic Universe


Agent Carter Season 2 Timeline Notes

  • "The Lady in the Lake": July 10-11
  • "A View in the Dark": July 12-13
  • "Better Angels": July 14-16
  • "Smoke & Mirrors": July 18
  • "The Atomic Job": July 19, the first minute of "Life of the Party" happens this year.
  • "Life of the party": July 20-22.
  • "Monsters": July 22
  • The last minutes of Monsters happens in July 23. "The Edge of the Mistery": July 23
  • "The Edge of the Mistery" (the last twelve minutes), "A Little Song and Dance" and the first 5 minutes of "Hollywood Ending": July 24
  • July 25: The team starts the plan to capture Whiteney Frost
  • July 26: Frost is defeated.
  • July 27: Sousa and Carter starts a relationship. Thompson is killed.

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