Seeing that the events of the first half of AoS2 it's disputed I make a timeline when the episode takes place.





  • Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Skye record a video for Jemma Simmons' birthday, with Coulson encouraging her to make a wish, while they blow out the candle for her. Leo Fitz, still believing that Simmons left to see her parents, records a more personal message, asking her to say hi to her parents for him, and promising her that they will see each other soon.[2]





  • Creel attacks Glenn Talbot, but he is saved by Skye and May. As Creel is detained by the United States Armed Forces, May and Skye kidnap Talbot and take him to the Playground.[1]
  • The two newly promoted men talk, but Coulson is forced to trick Talbot into revealing information, before Coulson puts him to sleep with an I.C.E.R..[1]
  • Creel uses his powers to escape detainment.[1]
Absorbing Man - Asphalt
  • Infiltration into the Government Storage Warehouse: Coulson sends a team on a two-pronged mission: obtaining a Quinjet and getting the Obelisk. When Hartley finds the Obelisk, the Absorbing Man attacks. She touches the object in order to defend herself and it begins to kill her. Hartley, Hunter, and Idaho attempt to escape to get Hartley medical attention, but Creel flips their S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV, killing Idaho and Hartley. Hunter feigns that he is dead as Creel takes the alien artifact.[1]
  • Later, Sunil Bakshi approaches Daniel Whitehall to tell him that Creel was successful.[1]
  • Melinda May finds the flipped SUV of Idaho, Isabelle Hartley, and Lance Hunter. Only Hunter is alive as he tells May to pursue the Absorbing Man while he uses the Mouse Hole to free himself. Upon release, he is surrounded by the United States Armed Forces.
  • May is ordered not engage Creel, so she tracks him to a restaurant. In the restaurant, Creel is accidentally touched by a waitress and she turns to stone as May watches while Creel escapes.[4]
  • At the Playground, Skye and Antoine Triplett deliver the Quinjet and learn of the deaths of Hartley and Idaho. As Alphonso Mackenzie looks over the jet's cloaking technology so it can be duplicated for the Bus.[4]
  • Hunter is collected by Glenn Talbot and is asked to betray Phil Coulson because there is a senator who wants his arrest. Hunter wants Hartley to have an honorable funeral. Hunter tells Talbot that for a proper burial for Hartley and two million dollars, he will give him Coulson in two days.[4]
  • When Hunter returns to the Playground, Coulson already knows that Hunter has talked to Talbot. He sends Skye to pack the deceased's possessions.[4]
  • Fitz finds the DNA file on the Absorbing Man and decides that he will help in his capture. Mackenzie helps Fitz to decode his' s old work to find a solution.[4]
  • In the night, Creel steals from Raina a ring that helped against the adverse effects the Obelisk was having on him; unbeknownst to him, the ring had a tracking device.[4]


  • Raina contacts Coulson and tells him about the tracking device.[4]
  • Chase of Carl Creel: Coulson's men tracks Creel and go there to catch him. Hunter incapacitated May, Triplett and Skye with an I.C.E.R.. When Creel goes to meet Sunil Bakshi in a public park to deliver the Obelisk, he is fired upon by Hunter. During the commotion the gunfire caused, Raina takes the briefcase containing the artifact. As Hunter and Creel battle, Coulson uses the Overkill Device to destabilize and neutralize the Absorbing Man.[4]


  • At Hartley's funeral, Hunter decides to join S.H.I.E.L.D.[4]
  • Later, Skye and May discuss Coulson's attitude. May confronts Coulson and convinces him to release the Words of Creation. He does in a blackened room as May documents the incident.[4]
  • Raina delivers the Obelisk to Skye's father, who shows her that she can touch it without dying.[4]
  • Coulson delivers Creel to Talbot while a cloaked Bus and Quinjet keep Coulson from being captured.[4]




  • Agent Jemma Simmons, undercover within HYDRA per Phil Coulson's request, goes to her work in the HYDRA Laboratories.[5]
  • In the Playground, Coulson alerts Melinda May that HYDRA got Agent 33.[5]
  • Simmons discovers that HYDRA is looking for Donnie Gill and also they are studying his habilities.[5]
  • Donnie is founded by two HYDRA agents, but he freezes one of them an take his cell phone.[5]
  • Simmons meets with Coulson and tells him about Gill, that he must have some kind of powers and hypothesizes about the storm machine being struck by lightning. Coulson thinks they must be trying to recruit Gill. He debriefs his team. He wants to bring Gill in before HYDRA can.[6][5]
  • Skye is trying to get info from Grant Ward. Ward says he was never loyal to HYDRA, only to Garrett. He says his family tore him down and that Garrett built him up as he wanted. He says every family has its secrets, including Skye's, but she cuts him off. He tells them about HYDRA's protocol as it concerns the "gifted", which is recruit or kill. He says this amorality is why HYDRA will win.[5]


  • Donnie Gill goes to a freighter, he stands near it and freezes the water.[5]
  • Sunil Bakshi acusses Simmons of lying for not telling that she knows about the Project Blizzard, the project that gives the powers to Gill. She covers by saying she did not know who the subject was until yesterday, which is true. Bakshi asks if she is loyal to HYDRA. Simmons says she is loyal to science, so as long as those loyalties match up, she is loyal to HYDRA.[5]
  • Coulson and team hear about the frozen ship in the sea. They prepare to leave on the Bus.[5]
  • Simmons is included in team gathered by Bakshi, who are going out to find Gill.[5]
  • Fitz, without know it, enters Ward's cell. Fitz is in shock. Ward tries to explain himself to Fitz. Furious,, he explains what Ward did to him and starts draining the oxygen from Ward's cell. He spills that they are going to find Donnie Gill, and Ward says they do not know what they are walking into. Fitz alerts Mack about Gill and tell him that they have to find the Bus.[5]
  • Battle on the Maribel del Mar: At the freighter, Bakshi gives Simmons a communicator and says he willl be in her ear. She goes in. The Coulson's team moves in. Mack calls Coulson and tells him that Fitz is saying Gill was brainwashed by HYDRA. Coulson orders the field team to stop HYDRA from talking to Gill. May takes out Hunter when she sees Simmons. Alerted, Gill runs. Everyone gives chase. Coulson orders they maintain Simmons' cover. Gill runs into Bakshi, who speaks the brainwashing code and Gill falls under his sway. He covers their trail by freezing the door as they leave. Bakshi orders Gill to freeze the ship, and that no one left inside should leave alive. Hunter and May realize they are trapped. Skye shoots Gill, who falls into the ocean.[5]
Donnie Gill Ocean

Donnie Gill falls into the ocean.

  • Skye is monitoring channels, and nobody has found Gill's body. Skye tells May that she does not understand why Coulson did not tell anyone else about Simmons. She is worried. May says she can handle it.[5]
  • Coulson goes to talk to Fitz. Coulson reminds him that he is still an important part of the team, but saw what he did to Ward. Fitz says he is not a killer. Coulson explains that he hates Ward, but needs to know more about HYDRA. Coulson tells to Fitz that is a lot more he is hiding, but says Simmons is on assignment and that is why she has made no contact.[5]
  • Whitehall tells Bakshi that S.H.I.E.L.D. is becoming a problem and he wants to know who is in. Finally, Agent 33 is brainwashed by Whitehall. He says he trusts her but if he is wrong they will make her comply.[5]
  • Ward reveals to Skye that her father stills alive and he wants to meet with her.[5]









  • Ambush at the Hotel La Ona: Five days after the fire in the church, thanks to Skye , Coulson and Melinda May manage to infiltrate the event to recover the painting with the aliens drawings. The HYDRA agents, Sunil Bakshi and Agent 33 disguised as Melinda May, attack Coulson. HYDRA is also looking at the painting. May helps Coulson, Mei electrocutes the agent 33 face, generating that the mask that she use to change face breaks down, causing also that can not be removed. Coulson leaves unconscious Bakshi. Coulson and May steal the painting, which was in possession of HYDRA.[8]
  • Coulson tells May that if those urges to draw the extraterrestrial signs, words of Creation, make him crazy as John Garrett, she needs to kill him.[8]
  • Massacre at the Wedding Party: HYDRA attack the members of the United States Armed Forces by the use of a chemical weapon based upon the Obelisk in the champagne offered to the wedding guests. Everyone in the wedding get killed.[9]


  • Raina, who tries to take a plane to Florida, is located by Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall tells her that if she does not give him the Obelisk within the next 48 hours she will be tortured in the worst unspeakable way.[8]
  • Bakshi ordered Jemma Simmons and Kenneth Turgeon to attend a meeting Daniel Whitehall was having with his top scientists, including Dr. Lingenfelter. She explained that she had skin samples from a waitress who had been petrified, but she could not duplicate the powers completely. Whitehall asked for suggestions from Simmons, to Turgeon's jealousy. Simmons then sent a message via Flex Screen to S.H.I.E.L.D.[9]
  • Bobbi Morse, head of security, and Bakshi discover there is a mole in the facility. Morse interrogated Simmons as Turgeon is dragged off, since a Flex Screen was found in his desk.[9]
  • Phil Coulson scribbled the Words of Creation into his desk, the field agents entered, wondering what to do about the wedding incident. When Skye saw the scribbling, she questioned Coulson's orders until he pressed her and she ran out.[9]
  • Skye is researching the Words, but is interrupted by Lance Hunter, who tells her to consult Grant Ward. Ward desperately hoped that Skye was not carving the Words. He told her that John Garrett did it more and more after his infusion with GH.325. When Ward told her that Raina was his source on information pertaining to Skye's Father, she refused to listen.[9]
  • Raina begs Skye's father to let her borrow the Obelisk, but he refuses. He tells her to beg Whitehall for her life.[9]


  • Going to HYDRA Laboratories, Raina sees Simmons and photograps her sending her message to S.H.I.E.L.D. Raina then calls Coulson for a meeting.[9]
  • At a restaurant, Coulson meets with Raina to find out what she wants, with Hunter, Skye, and Melinda May listening. She tells Coulson that she wants to take Skye to her father or she will do a file transfer that will blow Simmons' cover. Coulson refuses her offer and the file is sent. Raina is stunned. Hunter tags her and allows her to leave after she reveals the Doctor's location.Skye goes solo to her father's hideout and finds his picture before Coulson and the others catch her. When she sees the bodies of two of his patients on the floor, Skye calls him a monster. This upsets him as he watched with cameras from his car nearby.[9]
Battle Staves 2
  • Escape from HYDRA Laboratories: With the file that Raina sent, all eyes are on Jemma Simmons. Sunil Bakshi sends a security team to retrieve her. When Bobbi Morse comes with her team, Simmons is trapped. Morse then pulls out her battle staves and fights the agents; she is an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The two are pursued to the roof where they jump onto the awaiting cloaked Quinjet, piloted by Antoine Triplett.[9]
  • Coulson greeted Morse, Simmons, and Triplett when they arrived at the Playground. Leo Fitz is hesitant in greeting Simmons; Alphonso Mackenzie is happy to see Morse. When Hunter sees Morse, he is upset that Coulson has him working with his ex-wife. Skye wants full disclosure from Coulson and he decides to give it. He tells her about his carvings. She reveals that the Words of Creation are a map.[9]


  • Skye's father takes the Diviner, as it is called in its native language, to Daniel Whitehall and offers to teach him not only how to use its power but how to survive it. When his motives were questioned, The Doctor said that they had a common enemy: Phil Coulson.[9]



Splinter Bomb

Marcus Scarlotti attacks the United Nations.



  • Sebastian Derik asks his tattoo artist to give him another tattoo. As the artist disapproves and Derik disrobes, his body is covered with the Words of Creation. The pain of getting a tattoo helps him to remember.[10]