This is a timeline from the events of Jessica Jones (TV series), I use the events seeing in the third season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for make the timeline looks more "completed".




  • Jones is hired by a former lover of Turk Barrett to locate and force him to give money in order to care the child he had with her.[1]


Daredevil and Turk Comic

Daredevil confronting Barrett.

  • In the night, Barrett is attempting to get money from an old client, but he is immediately ambushed by Daredevil. The brawl results in Barrett being taken to the hospital.[1]
  • Jones follows the woman through New York City and finds her having sex with another man.[2]
Jones and Berrett

Jessica Jones interrogating Turk Barrett.


  • Having now been on the planet for 3,561 hours, and soon to set off to get to the next portal opening in time, Simmons explains to Daniels that the portal is activated by the alignment of the planet's moons, which is how she calculated when the portal would next open. Daniels reveals that he intends to use a grappling hook and rope to get across to the other side of the canyon, and Simmons says that even if they can't get through, they could send a message in a bottle through the portal to give Leo Fitz instructions on how to help get them back.[3]
  • Simmons and and Daniels leave for their long hike, discussing what they will do when they get back to Earth.[3]
  • Jones shows her client the photos at her office, he begins to get angry that his own wife is cheating on him with his brother. When he begins to get violently aggressive, Jones tosses him through the door, breaking the window, still demanding her payment.[2]
  • Jones finds Turk Barrett. Once she has known what has happened, Jones takes Barrett's wallet to give to her client and disconnects his IV before leaving.[1]


  • At Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office, Jones asks Jeri Hogarth for a new assignment. Hogarth sends her to give a subpoena to Gregory Spheeris, a strip-club owner who stays surrounded by bodyguards.[2]
  • Back at her office Jones makes a call to Spheeris his office. While faking to be an old friend of Spheeris' secretary Jones receives the information needed to find Spheeris.[2]
  • After a 40 hour hike, Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels arrive at the canyon, only to find it about 100 meters wide, instead of 30 meters like it had been previously, and Daniels suspects that "It" is trying to prevent them from leaving. The portal opens but they are too far away to get across the canyon to it, so instead they decide to shoot their message in a bottle across the canyon and into the portal. The bottle flies towards the portal and is on target but the portal closes too early, causing the bottle to simply shatter on the rocks, and draining Simmons' hope.[3]
  • In the night, Jones watches Luke Cage and Gina make love in his apartment.[2]


  • Annoyed by the noise made by her upstairs neighbors Jessica Jones wakes up. She then hears some noise coming from her kitchen. In her kitchen Jones finds Malcolm Ducasse, who while being drugged entered the wrong apartment and started eating her peanut butter, surprised there were no nuts in it.[2]
  • As Jones opens her door to send Ducasse away she finds Bob and Barbara Shlottman standing in front of it. The Shlottmans just flew in from Omaha to find their daughter Hope Shlottman, a track star at New York University who abruptly changed her routine and disappeared.[2]
  • While Barbara Shlottman explains what happens to Jones her husband is more interested in fixing the broken door. The Shlottmans first visited the police station, where someone send them to Jones.[2]
  • Jones accepts the job and starts looking for information about the Shlottmans and Hope in particularly. When she notices a picture of Hope Shlottman with a friend Jones decides to give the friend a visit. At Hope Shlottman's Apartment Jones has a talk with Mei, while her new roommate films it. According to Mei it has everything to do with a man.[2]
    Luke Cage screenshot
  • Jessica Jones uses her strength to intimidate Spheeris, who just left the SoHo House, and give him his subpoena. As proof she makes a photo of Spheeris, which she sends to Jeri Hogarth,[2]
  • Back at her office Jones awakens from a bad dream about Kilgrave. In a way to calm herself Jones starts to name some of the streets from her old neighborhood. She is then called by Hogarth, who besides the message from Jones also received a call from Spheeris his lawyer, who complained that Jones threatened Spheeris with her laser eyes. When Pam starts to kiss Hogarth her neck she quickly ends the phone call, giving a quick compliment.[2]
  • Jones, who just bought some liquor at a store, walks passed Luke's bar. Outside of the bar she meets Luke Cage, who invites her in, saying it is ladies night. After flirting, Jones and Cage spend the night together, but she leaves abruptly when she sees a woman's picture in his bathroom.[2]


  • Following the case of Hope Shlottman, using her credit card data, Jones follows the spending trail of Shlottman to discover that she has not paid rent on her apartment, but is buying expensive clothes.[2]
  • Jones goes to Niku, an expensive restaurant. Jones begins to understand the pattern: Kilgrave is alive and doing their dating rituals.[2]
  • Jones, scared, decides to flee away from New York City and advises the Shlottmans to do the same.[2]
  • After approaching different people for money, Jones goes to see her old friend Trish Walker, a radio celebrity, and gets the money necessary to escape.[2]
  • Kilgraves orders Hope Shlottman to shot her parents when they be together.[2]
  • Rescue of Hope Shlottman: Jones following the Kilgrave's pattern goes to a hotel where both stayed in the past. In a hotel room, Jones finds Hope Shlottman in bed, having been unable to move for over five hours. Jones carries her from the room.[2]
Jessica Jones 24

Hope Shlottman leaving with her parents.

  • The Shlottmans arrive to get their daughter and return to Nebraska. Jones decides that she is done being a detective. Following Kilgrave's orders, Hope reveals a gun and kills her parents in the elevator. When the elevator opens on the ground floor, Jones sees the bodies; Hope turns to her and tells her to smile. Hope regains her senses and screams as she sees the carnage she committed, a disturbed Jones leaves the building, but she decides that she will not flee from Kilgrave; it is time to fight.[2]
  • Jessica Jones is interviewed by Detective Oscar Clemons for the murders of Bob and Barbara Shlottman. In the interrogation, he reveals that he procured from the Alias Investigations Office the photos that Jones took of Luke Cage, but Jones demands the return of her property and tells that Cage has nothing to do with the double homicide.[4]


  • Jones tries to alert Luke Cage about what she did, but Jones sees that the police have already informed him. He tells Jones that he no longer wants her in his life or his bar; Jones says that she was hired by Gina's husband, Andre, but Cage still demands her exit.[4]
  • Jones asks Jeri Hogarth to take the Hope Shlottman's case. She refuses to become involved unless Jones provides any evidence that Shlottman was under duress when she committed her crime.[4]
  • Listening Trish Walker, Jones starts investigate what Kilgrave did the time he was believed death.[4]
  • Cage tells Gina that her husband hired Jessica Jones believing she was cheating him.[4]


  • Impersonating a nurse, Jones goes to Metro-General Hospital and learns that Jack Denton was the ambulance driver that took Kilgrave to the hospital after the accident.[4]
  • Back at their cave hideout, Simmons breaks down as she becomes desperate yet again, thinking she won't get home. However, Will Daniels assures her that she restored his faith when she turned up, and that she should keep that faith that they can survive and eventually get back. The two give in to their feelings for each other and start kissing.[3]


  • Visiting Denton's residence, Jones learns that he donated both kidneys to Kilgrave and is now on dialysis with a machine given by an anonymous patron.[4]
  • Skirmish at Luke's: Gina visits Jones and tells her that her husband, Andre, has decided to get his rugby teammates to teach Cage a lesson. At Luke's, Jones tries to help Cage fight against the Andre's friends but Cage handles things himself. Jones realizes about Cage's powers and Cage realizes about Jessica's too.[4]


  • Jones traces the Denton's machine to doctor David Kurata, he tells her about the operation he performed on Denton and Kilgrave. Jones discovers that local anesthesia is Kilgrave's weakness. Kurata decides that he will tell all he knows about Kilgrave to the police and Hogarth.[4]
  • Jeri Hogarth takes Hope Shlottman's case. Speaking with Shlottman, Hogarth learns that Jones was a victim of Kilgrave.[4]
Killgrave Enters Home

Kilgrave enters home.

  • Elsewhere, Kilgrave forces a family to welcome him into their apartment.[4]
  • Jones returns home and finds Luke Cage waiting her. He tells her that he saw her use her strength in the bar fight. Cage, using an electronic circular saw, shows Jones that he has a power too.[4]
  • Jones spends the nigh with Cage.[5]
  • Jones learns that the woman she kills under Kilgrave's control, Reva Connors, was the wife of Luke Cage.[5]


  • Jones goes to see Jeri Hogarth demanding the defence Shlottman's reputation. Hogarth tells her that she will not sacrifice her own reputation by saying that mind control is real; she advises Jones to find other victims of Kilgrave to back Shlottman defense, including herself.[5]
  • After researching anesthesia and hospitals, Jones goes to the clinic where Wendy Ross-Hogarth works and asks her for anesthesia, hoping to use the conflict between her and her wife as leverage.[5]
  • Jones discovers that Trish Walker has been training herself.[5]


  • In her radio program, Walker sets up a radio interview for Shlottman so all can hear her experiences with Kilgrave. During the interview, Jeri Hogarth speaks as if Shlottman is insane, but Walker defends the girl, citing that in a world that has the Avengers, the idea that a man with telepathy is not that far-fetched. Walker begins to insult Kilgrave, much to Jones' dismay and fear. When Walker takes callers' questions,Kilgrave, himself, calls questioning Walker's decision to taunt such a powerful man. Jones and Walker, quickly, exit the radio station to go to Walker's apartment.[5]
  • Jones uses Malcolm Ducasse as a distraction to infiltrate a hospital to steal some vials of the drug.[5]
  • Kilgrave finds Will Simpson, enthralls him and sends him to kill Trish Walker for insulting him.[5]

Will Simpson strangling Trish Walker

  • Attack on Trish Walker: Simpson arrives at Walker's apartment and fights her. She tries to beating up him, but she fails. Simpson starts strangling her. Fortunately, Jessica Jones arrives and proceeds to temporarily subdue Simpson by throwing him against the wall knocking him out temporarily. To stop him from attacking Trish and seeing an opportunity to find Kilgrave, Jones injects Walker with a sedative knocking her unconscious. When Simpson awakes and sees Trish's corpse, he is convinced that he has accomplished his mission and proceeds to report back to Kilgrave with Jessica following him.[5]
  • In his new resident, Kilgrave orders Simpson to commit suicide by jumping from a balcony; Jones stops him but is discovered by Kilgrave. After knocking Simpson unconscious to stop his repeated attempts at suicide, Jones pursues Kilgrave but as him runs away different residents in Kilgrave's conquered apartment start to defend their master. Kilgrave escapes. Jones discovers a room covered wall to wall with pictures of her, she sees a picture that says that he will see her later.[5]
  • Jones returns to Simpson and jumps from the balcony with him to simulate suicide and break his hypnotic trance.[5]
  • Protecting him from Kilgrave, Jones breaks her relationship with Luke Cage.[5]


  • Jones starts to investigate who is taking pictures of her and sending them to Kilgrave.[5][6]
  • Jones is hired by Audrey Eastman to investigate if her husband, Carlo, has an affair when he goes to work on friday night.[6]
  • Will Simpson goes to the apartment of Trish Walker trying to find her corpse. Scared, Walker calls Jones for help. Jones realizes that Simpson is not under Kilgrave's control and opens the door. For his surprise, Simpson finds Walker alive. Jones explains Simpson about the Kilgrave's situation, he insists on helping find Kilgrave.[6]
  • Following Jones' advice, Walker goes on air at WNEX Station and makes a publicly apologize to Kilgrave for insulting him, in hopes that he will stop from sending people to attack her again.[6]



  • Simpson visits Trish Walker and asks for forgiven. The both talk and a friendship develops.[6]
  • Following the Audrey Eastman's case, Jones follows Carlo Eastman to a rendezvous with his alleged girlfriend. The girlfriend turns out to be Audrey herself; she wants to kill Jones because she is a gifted person. Audrey explains that "gifted people" caused the death of her mother by allowing "the incident" to happen. Jones is shot in her arm, she has a tantrum because she lost her own parents in an accident, but she doesn't blame anyone else for what happened. She tells the Eastmans that she has 99 friends who are gifted and will hurt her if they do not leave New York City. The Eastmans flee away.[6]
Kilgrave Support Group

Kilgrave Victim Support Group.

  • Sitting at a support meeting, Jones hears the testimony of Donald and how Kilgrave made him become his chauffeur, driving him everywhere he wanted to go. Jones begins to ask him questions and learns that Kilgrave would always meet a man in a blue scarf at ten o'clock sharp.[6]


  • In the morning, comparing the footage and the Donald's testimony, Jones finds the photographer: Malcolm Ducasse.[6]




  • After one day without receiving messages, Jones goes to Trish Walker's Apartment and discovers that Trish Walker and Will Simpson have start a relationship.[7]
  • The three make a plan where Simpson will be the shooter of the anesthesia dart to leave Kilgrave unconscious, Jones will use her strength and speed to takes the body to the van, and Walker will be the get-away driver to takes Kilgrave to a hermetically sealed room.[7]




  • The three finds Kilgrave and starts the plan to capture him. Kilgrave sees Will Simpson but, before he can run away, is distracted by Jessica Jones. Simpson uses the dart with the anesthesia to leave him unconscious. However, no one knew that Kilgrave had paid bodyguards for protection. The bodyguars chase the trio and free their boss. Simpson catches one of Kilgrave's bodyguards and tortures him. He reveals that Kilgrave paid for bodyguards to protect him after a previous attack, but he doesn't knows where is living Kilgrave.[7]
  • Jones goes to Malcolm Ducasse's Apartment, Ducasse reveals that he betrayed Jones for the drugs that Kilgrave constantly provided him, not because he was under his control. She gives him the drugs that Kilgrave would have provided him and asks him to take a choice, starts to help her or not.[7]


  • Jones' phone rings; it is Kilgrave laughing that he is always one step ahead of her. He wants a deal: he will leave Ducasse alone to self-destruct as a junkie, if she provides him with one picture of herself at ten o'clock sharp each day. Jones accepts.[7]



  • Jones sends her fifth picture to Kilgrave.[8]
  • Luke Cage goes to Jones'Apartment, he wants to hire her to find Antoine Grier, a young man who disappeared when he was given money by his sister Serena to pay his debt to a druglord, Len Sirkes; Cage attempted to find Grier on his own but was unsuccessful. Jones takes the case.[8]
  • Jones goes to Grier Residence to keep investigating his disappearance, she also finds there Luke Cage.[8]
  • Jeri Hogarth calls Jones and tells her that Hope Shlottman has been hospitalized.[8]
  • Visiting Shlottman, Jones learns that she is pregnant by Kilgrave, and she hired another inmate to assault her in hopes that it would cause a miscarriage. Jones tells Shlottman to allow her to handle her unwanted pregnancy.[8]
  • Cage visits Jones at the Alias Investigations Office, after learning from Malcolm Ducasse her past and struggles with Kilgrave, and asks her if he can make amends for whatever caused their breakup; Jones admits that he did nothing wrong. The two consummate their renewed relationship.[8]


  • In the morning, Cage reveals that he is hunting for Antoine because Serena promised that she would reveal Reva Connors' killer upon his return. Jones decides she must get to the Griers first.[8]
  • Shlottman gets an abortion-inducing pill ultimately from Jeri Hogarth, who asked Pam to marry her, but was refused because she is still married, and Hogarth signs paperwork to keep the aborted fetus for herself.[8]
  • Ambush at the abandoned Russian hideout: A man with a Puerto Rican accent calls Jones, pretending to Antoine, because Jones left a message on Antoine's phone saying that he was the winner of a contest; Cage knows that he is not Antoine, but the two ask him to retrieve the package at a certain time and place. They follow Victor to an abandoned warehouse to see that it is being used as a marijuana greenhouse. Jones confronts Victor while Cage deals with his Dogs and finds Antoine; he planned to grow enough weed to become financially independent and able to repay his sister and Len Sirkes. Sirkes suddenly enters with thugs and a fight ensues. Jones escapes with Antoine while Cage deals with the men.[8]
  • At Grier Residence, Jones tries to convince Serena to give her the file with Connors' killer's name but Cage arrives and gets it first. He reads that Charles Wallace was the bus driver that January night and goes to kill him.[8]
  • Preventing Cage kills Wallace, Jones reveals him that his wife had information on Kilgrave and Jones was ordered to get it and kills her. Cage, preplexed, insults Jones and leaves her.[8]
  • Ducasse joins the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and tells them his testimony.[8]



Ruben death
  • Returning home to get some sleep, Jones is helped into her apartment by Malcolm Ducasse and they find the body. Jones is now truly tired of the deaths due to Kilgrave's obsession with her and decides to remove herself from the equation by having herself locked into Supermax prison; this way, when Kilgrave assuredly comes to retrieve her, there would be video footage of his use of his power.[9]
  • Ducasse, who strongly disagrees with Jones' plan, calls Trish Walker, and the two clean up the scene. Jones returns and the sisters have a sit-down conversation about her plan and if it can help Hope Shlottman. Walker reveals that she has Will Simpson on an assignment to locate Kilgrave by following his new security detail.[9]
  • Ross-Hogarth goes to the Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz Office and confronts her wife, saying that she wants three-quarters of her assets in the divorce or she will have Hogarth disbarred for jury tampering, one of the ways Hogarth has her unbeatable record.[9]
  • Jones arrives at the 15th Precinct Police Station with the wet, detached head of Ruben, after she dived into a body of water where Ducassse disposed of the body, and presents it to Oscar Clemons and demands that she should sent to Supermax prison. Clemons is skeptical and wants to investigate further when Brett Mahoney enters, saying that by the captain's orders, Jones is free. Going out, Jones and Clemons find everyone enthralled by Kilgrave and pointing weapons at others or themselves.[9]
Purple Grin

Kilgrave talking to Jessica Jones.

  • Kilgrave declares his love for Jones and wants her to find the present he left her in her apartment. He has the video of his power usage erased, removes the head, and has the police released from his trance, believing that everything was a big joke.[9]
  • Jones returns home to find the present: a lost journal of hers from her childhood from before her parents died. Jones also finds her old house's address and understands that Kilgrave wants her to go there.[9]


  • Will Simpson plants a bomb in the basement of the Jones Residence.[10]
  • Simpson, who was successful in finding Kilgrave and has been watching him for days without informing Walker, watches as Jones voluntarily goes to her birth parents' home and is greeted by Kilgrave.[9]
Jessica and Kilgrave
  • Kilgrave promises Jessica Jones that he will not enthrall her because he wants her to have free when she falls in love with him and also promises that he will not touch her. Kilgrave gives Jones a tour of her old house and how he has reproduced every possible detail. He also introduces her to the wait staff and bodyguard, whom he is paying to work him.[10]
  • After dinner, Jones finds Simpson who wants to free her before he detonates the bomb rigged in the basement. Jessica tells him to flee and trust her to handle Kilgrave whom she needs alive to free Hope Shlottman; Jones tells Kilgrave about the bomb and has his bodyguard dispose of it.[10]
  • Trish Walker finds Simpson, he is with some militaristic friends; he lies that Kilgrave has left town and they, as ordinary Humans, are not equipped to handle that situation. Angry, Walker leaves.[10]


  • Jones is awakened by a news report about a man holding his wife and children hostage. Going to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, Jones sees the neighbor Elizabeth De Luca, who assumes that Jones has returned with her husband.[10]
  • Kilgrave shows Jones the footage of the experiments that his parents performed on him and the first time his powers were used. Jones realizes that Kilgrave had no one to teach him ethics, so she tells him to accompany her for two hours.[10]
  • Wendy Ross-Hogarth threats Jeri Hogarth about exposes her secrets if she doesn't get at least 70% of Hogarth's assets.[10]
  • Jones and Kilgrave go to the hostage situation and Kilgrave uses his powers to stop the gunman from killing his family.[10]
  • Jones tells Kilgrave she needs some time alone to contemplate this new partnership; he allows her to leave and trusts that she will return. Jones goes to Trish Walker's Apartment and the two discuss what she has to do.[10]
  • Kidnapping of Kilgrave: Jones returns to the house and brings Chinese food. She has the waitstaff join her and Kilgrave for dinner. Suddenly, they pass out. Distracted, Kilgrave is injected with the Sufentanil. Jones tries to find enough space to fly while carrying Kilgrave, she is stopped by Hank, but he is shot by Simpson, who, with his friends, wants to kill the unconscious telepath. Jones flies out, but Simpson is approached by De Luca, who has been enthralled and carries the bomb he planted the day before. She activates it, killing herself and knocking out Simpson.[10]


  • Trish Walker finds Will Simpson and takes him to Metro-General Hospital where he demands to see Doctor Kozlov, a specialist who gives Simpson pills that increase his healing capabilities.[11]
  • Simpson and Kozlov discuss Simpson's past and how using an incorrect regimen of the pills had catastrophic results.[11]
  • Jessica Jones takes Kilgrave to the hermetically-sealed room in the warehouse and covers its floor with water so that a live wire can incapacitate the telepath, when needed. Jones plans to get a videotaped confession from Kilgrave but Jeri Hogarth, who is having difficulty with Wendy Ross-Hogarth who is now demanding 90%, tells her that a confession under duress is inadmissible.[11]
  • Jones tries to convince Oscar Clemons to believe in the power of telepathy, but he does not wish to soil his reputation or the reputation of anyone else in the 15th Precinct Police Station.[11]
  • To make that him makes a confession, Jones and Walker decide to take a different angle: get Kilgrave's parents to glean a confession.
  • Jones learns that Kilgrave's parents are Albert and Louise Thompson.[11]


  • Jones goes to a meeting with the Kilgrave Victim Support Group and realizes that Louise Thompson is a member of it. Louis runs away and Jones pursues her. The both arrive to a hotel room, Jones confronts the Kilgrave's parents for leaving their son. The both tells her about Kilgrave's brain malfunction and how it required a great deal of treatment. But the experiments gave Kilgrave the power to control people's will and so he put his parents under his control, they also explains that when Kilgrave forces Louise to burn her face with an iron, Albert and she escapes and left him alone. Jones talks them into confronting their son.[11]
  • Kozlov delivers Simpson a new pills. Knowing that an incorrect dosage of the pills could be disastrous, Simpson does it anyway.[11]


  • Gathering Clemons, Walker, and Hogarth at the warehouse, Jones, running the video camera and the live wire, lets the Thompsons talk in the room; however, Louise has decided to kill her son for his many crimes and has brought scissors with her. She stabs her son; Kilgrave enthralls his mother and has her stab herself for every year she left him without her. He then tells his father to cut out his own heart. Chaos has now erupted; the live wire no longer works. Jones tells everyone to flee. Walker refuses to watch the slaughter and fires her gun, shattering the protective glass and allowing Kilgrave prominence. After being shot in the arm, Kilgrave orders Walker to put a bullet in her skull, but her gun is empty. Jones fights Albert Thompson because he is intent on suicide. Running behind the fleet-footed Hogarth, Kilgrave tells Clemons to follow him; Clemons practically breaks his hand to release himself from his restraints. Jones grabs Kilgrave. He commands her to release him, but she does not; Kilgrave then commands Clemons to make Jones release him. Kilgrave exits the warehouse.[11] Kilgrave caught up to Hogarth in her car and enthralls her to take him to a doctor whom she trusts; ironically, it is Wendy Ross-Hogarth, so they go to the Hogarth Residence where Kilgrave has the physician stitch his wounds.[12]
  • Jones realizes that Kilgrave has no power over her.[11]
  • The doctor and the telepath talk about their respective relationships and how they feel betrayed. During the conversation, Hogarth reveals that Hope Shlottman was pregnant but had an abortion; she also says that she kept the fetus to see if the powers of Kilgrave could be duplicated but the experiment failed.[12]
  • Clemons attempts to secure the crime scene while temporarily repairing his broken hand. Jones is forced to bind the hands of Albert Thompson to keep him from following his son's command and has to put a bullet in the mouth of Trish Walker to help her fulfill her directive of putting a bullet in her skull so that she can break her trance. Jones tells the others that she is immuned to Kilgrave's power, that Thompson reveals is an airborne virus that he thinks can be permanently cured. Walker and Thompson go to his hotel room to create the antidote while Jones goes to find Kilgrave.[12]
1000 Cuts

Hogarth after being attacked by her wife.

  • When there is a knock on the door of the Hogarth Residence, Kilgrave panics and, as a distraction, tells Ross-Hogarth to get her revenge on Hogarth by cutting her 1,000 times; Ross-Hogarth chases her former lover, counting each strike. Pam enters and hits the physician in the head with a vase killing her. Jones arrives, tells Hogarth that she was a murderer for deactivating the live wire in the warehouse, and tells Pam to plead self-defense in killing Ross-Hogarth before leaving again.[12]
  • Jones finds Kilgrave in her apartment, saying that he had Shlottman frees from prison with the appropriate paperwork; all he wants in return is his father. Confirming that she is immune to his power, Kilgrave is knocked unconscious and gagged by Jones.[12]
  • Will Simpson goes to the warehouse, filled with Combat Enhancers, and, after getting the location of Walker from Clemons, shoots him in the head and sets the place aflame.[12]
  • Simpson goes to the hotel room of Thompson and assaults the older man, but Walker is able to push him from the room. She steals the pills from Simpson's pocket.[12]
  • Ducasse, tires of holding the secret that Ruben is dead, tells the Kilgrave Victim Support Group about Ruben's death to relieve his conscience; Robyn hears the confession. She convinces Donald and Jackson to accompany her in confronting Jones, the one who Robyn feels is ultimately to blame for Kilgrave's rampages.[12]
  • Jones calls Shlottman to tell her that she will pick her up from the Northeastern Correctional Facility.[12]
  • Robyn and the men enter Jones' Apartment and attack her, with Ducasse trying to defend Jones. Jones is knocked unconscious, and Robyn, not knowing who Kilgrave is, frees the telepath.[12]


  • Jones awakes and goes to the prison to learn that Shlottman is gone; Kilgrave has taken her to Niku in exchange for his father.[12]
  • Jones brings Thompson to the restaurant and the scientist sprays himself with his antidote; however, it does not work as Kilgrave commands the man to stand by his side. Jones sees the scene: if anyone does anything threatening toward Kilgrave, he has Robyn, Jackson, Donald, and Ducasse with nooses around their necks while Shlottman is seated by Kilgrave unable to move. Shlottman begs Jones to kill their rapist, but Kilgrave gloats that Jones will not because she wants to save Shlottman and still be "heroic" in her eyes. Shlottman breaks a glass and stabs herself in the throat with it, telling Kilgrave that Jones is now free with her dead. Kilgrave runs with his father, ordering the four to jump. Jones saves the four before attending to the fatally bleeding Shlottman. Shlottman begs Jones with her last breath that Jones will kill Kilgrave; Jones swears that she will.[12]
  • Luke Cage tries to kill Kilgrave as he is leaving the restaurant, but Kilgrave enthralls Cage and asking him about how he knows Jones. Kilgrave orders Cage destroys Luke's.[13]
  • Believing that Thompson is dead, Jones and Walker go to Riverbank Medical Center.[14]


  • Will Simpson apologise to Walker for his inappropriate behavior, blaming Doctor Kozlov and the pills he took for his rapid recovery. He also asks the location of Jones, saying that he would like to apologize to her personally; Walker does not give her location.[14]
  • Jones goes to another morgue and discovers the Oscar Clemons body. Jones also discovers that the Decommissioned CDC Facility was burnt down.[14]
  • Kozlov sends two men to catch Simpson, but he takes a red pills and kills both in front of Walker. Simpson drags the bodies into Walker's apartment and lock her in the safe room.[14]
  • Attack on Jessica Jones: Simpson calls Jones, telling her that he wants to kill Kilgrave and will meet her at the Alias Investigations Office to reveal where he is. When Simpson arrives at Jones' apartment, Jones invites Simpson inside, but when she asks about Walker, Simpson lies. Jones tells Simpson about the death of Clemons; when Simpson is not surprised, she surmises the truth that Simpson killed him. Before Simpson can kill her, Jones begins a battle with him. Simpson justifies his attempt to kill Jones by saying that she is protecting Kilgrave, not trying to eliminate him. Walker arrives and uses a fire extinguisher against her ex-boyfriend. Walker takes the Combat Enhancers she stole from Simpson and begins a fight. Simpson warns Walker that without the blue pills he has to counter the high of the red pills, she will die, but Walker continues her assault. Jones helps and destroys her refrigerator, knocking Simpson unconscious. The pills have an adverse effect on Walker and she cannot breathe. Jones gives her CPR until an ambulance arrives. Walker is saved by an EMT who counters the stimulant in her. Kozlov arrives to Jones' destroyed apartment and retrieves Simpson.[14]
  • Kilgrave texts Jones and tells her that he has met Luke Cage and, if she hurries, she can save him. When Jones arrives at Luke's, a massive explosion occurs; Jones, though, is reunited with the man she loves.[14]
  • Kilgrave decides to keep his father alive so that the scientist could increase his power. Kilgrave has the employees of ZALK work non-stop, literally, to find that solution.[13]


  • Searching for Kilgrave, Jones and Cage go to Thompson's hotel room which leads them to ZALK and the discovery of Kilgrave's plot.
  • Cage gives Jones a moving, heart-felt apology, forgiving her for the death of Connors and how he had insulted her.[13]
  • Kilgrave though sends a surrogate to Zalk, who Jones and Cage follow, but Kilgrave has him commit suicide in Central Park before Jones can interrogate him.[13]
  • Trish Walker starts investigating IGH, the group who gave Simpson the pills, is practically non-existent, having no address or website, but Kozlov sent operatives to remove the body of McManus and his partner from her apartment. [13]
  • Kilgrave begins working with his father to increase his powers.[13]
  • Trish gets a visit from Dorothy Walker, her mother; they argue about Dorothy's parenting skills and Trish asks her to leave. However, after Trish is released, Dorothy brings Jones' medical bills from the car accident years ago; IGH has paid them. Trish wonders if IGH knew about Jones' abilities, or possibly created them.[13]
  • When Jones and Cage return to Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, Walker is present, but decides against giving Jones the IGH folder, because there is too much occurring already.[13]
  • Duel of Delaney Hall: Jones and Cage go to Delany Hall trying to find and kill Kilgrave. When they arrived, Kilgrave reveals Jones that Cage stills under his control and orders him to kill Jones. The both have a fight and Jones uses a gun to leave unconscious Cage. Kilgrave escapes.[13]


  • Jessica Jones rushs Cage to Metro-General Hospital, where doctors continuously tries to inject an IV into him, which failed each time due to his unbreakable skin. Claire Temple steps in but still failed, allowing the doctors to confirm that he has super-powers. *Jones manages to convince Temple to help her take Cage back to Alias Investigations Office where she could treat him in secret.[15]
  • Kilgrave goes to the hospital and orders everyone in the hospital to hunt Jones down and kill her.[15]
  • Temple takes Cage to Jones' apartment.[15]
  • In a new apartment, Kilgrave forces his father to use the failed son of Hope Shlottman and him to increase his powers. Kilgrave considers killing Jones.[15]
  • Kilgrave is injected with al the drugs causing him incredible pain, making him scream out as his skin and veins briefly turns purple. Kilgrave orders the other two people in the apartment to cut off the his father's arms and destroy them in a blender before killing themselves.[15]
  • Temple meets Malcolm Ducasse.[15]
  • Jones goes to the new apartment where Kilgrave is living to find his father dying. He explains Jones that Kilgrave has increase his powers. Jones finds a note which has the direction of the Hudson Ferry Terminal.[15]
JJS01E13 Kilgrave Corpse

Kilgrave's neck is broken by Jones

  • Skirmish at the Hudson Ferry Terminal: Jones meets Trish Walker and the both go to the Hudson Ferry Terminal where Kilgrave tries to use his powers to controls her. Seeing that he can't, Kilgrave orders some police officers to shoot down Jones. As Kilgrave makes his way to the yacht, he uses a group of innocent people to block her path. Kilgrave orders the people to kill each other, forcing Jones and Walker to try to protect them. Kilgrave roars with all this might, ordering everyone to stop, which they did, including Jones. Kilgrave briefly believed that Jones was faking but she claims that she wants him to stop the people hurting each other. To mock Jones, Kilgrave orders the person she loves, Walker, to come over to him and claims that he has chosen the wrong sister to love, promising he would rape her continually for the rest of her life and make her his slave while she died inside. Kilgrave promises that if either of them ever saw Jones again, he would make Walker cut her own throat. He then forced Walker to kiss him passionately. Seeing that she has still not move from her spot, Kilgrave becomes convinced that his powers can control Jessica Jones again. Delighted, Kilgrave approaches her and promises Jones that after a while she would love him like he loves her and orders her to smile, she obeys instantly. Overcome with joy, Kilgrave orders her to tell him she loves him, Jones says the words. Jones then grabbs Kilgrave's face and snapps his neck, killing him instantly and dropping his body to the ground.[15]
  • Jones is taken to prison.[15]


  • Cage awakes from his short coma and leaves Temple and the building.[15]
  • Thanks to Jeri Hogarth, Jones is free from prison. She reunites with Walker.[15]
  • In her apartment, Jessica Jones reunites with Malcolm Ducasse and decides to use her powers to help people.[15]



  • Matthew Ellis reveals to the public Advanced Threat Containment Unit & the fact that many Inhumans are across the world.[16]
  • Johnson and Mackenzie discuss whether Gutierrez is fit for the Caterpillars team when Hunter and Morse run in panicking about Leo Fitz having broken the containment of the Monolith in desperation. The team arrive in time to pull him away and shut the containment of the Monolith before it liquefies. Fitz then finds sand on the floor, and shows the rest of the team that this proves that the Monolith is a portal to another planet, where the sand came from. Coulson decides to get the help of Elliot Randolph on working out how to open it properly and get Simmons back.[17]
  • Lance Hunter leaves on his mission to hunt down and kill Grant Ward, and Phil Coulson, Bobbi Morse and Leo Fitz fly to Norway to pick up Randolph.[17]
  • Refusing to give up his hope of getting Jemma Simmons back, Leo Fitz enter to the room where the Monolith is at. Acceding to its container and with a huge rage ordering the Monolith to "do something". Phil Coulson and the crew take him out before the portal gets open, saving him from being swallowed.[3][16]
  • Coulson threatens Randolph so as to get him to help on the problem of using the portal, and they break him out of his Norwegian prison.[17]
  • Andrew Garner flies in and meets with Johnson and Mackenzie, but does not tell her where Melinda May is.[17]
  • Meanwhile in Sun City, Arizona, May is attempting to play golf while her injured father, William May watches on. He comments that he has noticed something has gone wrong between her and Garner.[17]


  • Randolph has a good look at the Monolith and helps Coulson's team to realize that the Monolith had been previously opened in Gloucestershire, England, and that that is where they should fly to for further investigation.[17]
  • In Ibiza, Grant Ward kidnaps Werner von Strucker off his yacht to geet him to work for Ward's new HYDRA.[17]
  • Having arrived at the castle in Gloucestershire, Coulson, Fitz, Morse and Randolph investigate underneath the castle and find the place where the people in the 19th century used to open the Monolith portal at will. They call Alphonso Mackenzie and ask him to load the Monolith on a plane and fly it over to them with Johnson.[17]
  • May is preparing food when she notices movement outside. She goes to the door with a knife, expecting an attacker but instead finds Hunter, who has come for her help in taking down Ward. He tells her about what has been happening since she left, and asks her what has been going on, but she answers very little. He then tells her that he wants her help in killing Ward, informing her that Ward has been going after the people she cares about, however she still refuses him.[17]
  • Meanwhile on the planet where Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels are stuck, 4,720 hours after Simmons' arrival, the two are sitting down, ready to watch the rare sunrise about to happen.[3]
  • Johnson and Mackenzie arrive with the Monolith and Fitz gets the machine working to open the portal. He fires flare through.[17] Meanwhile on the planet, Simmons sees the flare and gets Daniels to follow her as they run towards it to try and get back. Daniels is cautious however, and sees a sandstorm in their way.[3] Back on Earth, Daisy Johnson is being hurt by a deafening pulsating sound given off by the open portal that only she can hear, and the machine blows, causing the portal to close again.[17]
  • Ward threatens Strucker and starts having him tortured for his bank details, telling him that he has to earn everything he gets now. Strucker loses his temper and shows his brutal side, attacking his torturer and impressing Ward. Ward then gets him to join his new HYDRA movement.[17]
  • Leo Fitz and Daisy Johnson work out how to make the portal machine work for longer by using Johnson's vibration abilities and Mackenzie's strength, however, they will not be able to hold it for long due to Johnson being hurt by the open portal.[17] On the planet, Simmons and Daniels end up inside the sandstorm and "It" appears once again, this time dressed as an astronaut to trick them into thinking it is one of Daniels' friends, presumably so "It" can kill them. However, Daniels does not fall for it and gets her to run to the portal through the storm, whilst he deals with "It".[3] On Earth, Johnson opens the portal again and Fitz attaches a harness to himself as he jumps through the portal to rescue Simmons. Simmons hears him calling out her name and she manages to grab onto his hand. Johnson can't hold the portal open any longer and the Monolith shatters, just allowing Fitz and Simmons to get back through together before the portal closes, and the two end up together in the rubble of the Monolith. Simmons has returned after spending 4,722 hours on the planet[17]
  • William May reminds Melinda about how she never used to give up, and encourages her to go and help help Hunter. Garner then calls her to let her know Simmons is safe, and her and Hunter celebrate together.[17][18]
  • Simmons wakes suddenly as they fly her back to base and instinctively grabs her sharp stick to stop the attacker she assumes will appear, but when she realizes she is back home, she simply lays her head on Fitz's lap.[17]





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