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    According to info from the directors of Phase Three films, this is how the events line up in the timeline after Civil War

    -Doctor Strange, One year after Civil War, 2017. The film takes plaace over the entire year

    -Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, 2 months after the first, Octover 2014

    -Spider-Man: Homecoming, Directly following Civil War

    -Thor: Ragnorack, Follows Doctor Strange, 2017

    -Black Panther, Follows Civil War, 2016 or 2017

    That is all I have gathered from the offical press statements about the films.

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  • Matt Seay

    Events in Dardevil Season Two:
    Punisher's one man war on Crime
    -Search for Grotto
    -Ambush on Grotto
    -Capturing of Daredevil
    -Takedown of the Dogs of Hell
    -Rescue of Frank Castle
    -Frank Castle's trial

    Dardevil and Elektra
    -Fight at the trainyard
    -Ambush in Elektra's apartment
    -War against The Hand

    The cliffnotes versions of course. I know I might have left something out, might have to rewatch the season again but these are the things that need to be added to the 2015 timeline article.

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