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  • James Wesley reveals to Officer Clyde Farnum that his associates can kill his daughter at any time. He then orders Farnum to kill Karen Page.[1]
  • Late at night, Farnham tries to choke Karen to death, but she fights back and scratches his right eye. She then screams for help.[1]


  • Karen Page is released to the custody of Matt and Foggy after nearly being murdered in prison. She stays the night at Matt's apartment.[1]
  • Believing Matt had fallen asleep, Karen sneaks out of his apartment to return to to her's and retreive a flash drive that holds financial records of Union Allied Construction.[1]
  • Atop a building in construction, a meeting between Anatoly and Vladimir RanskahovMadame Gao, Nobu Yoshioka, and Leland Owlsley begins. They are met by James Wesley, but were expecting his employer.[1]
  • In her apartment, Karen in ambushed by a hitman named Rance, but saved by Murdock as "The Mask". The disguised Murdock then takes the flash drive, ties up the hitman, and anonymously drops them both off at the building of the New York Bulletin.[1]



  • Daredevil-Clare-Temple-sofa-treatment

    Matt Murdock meets Claire Temple

    A young man named Santino finds a heavily injured Murdock in the dumpster and quickly alerts his neighbor, the nurse Claire Temple. In Claire's apartment, she mended his wounds, saving his life. Soon, Semyon, a mobster sent by Vladmir, arrives at the apartment complex and tries to find Matt. With Claire's help, Murdock kidnaps Semyon and interrogates him to find where the boy is. He then throws him off of the roof, making him land in a dumpster and go into a coma. Matt tells Claire to move so that the other gangsters don't find her. She gives him her number in case he needs some help in the future. Matt heads out to find the young boy.[2]
  • Foggy and Karen go out drinking, helping Karen to forget about her case.[2]
  • After a lengthy fight between Matt and nine thugs, Murdock saved the boy and carried him to his father.[2]
  • John Healy gets a gun from Turk Barrett, who promises him it won't jam. He needs the gun to kill Prohaszka, a man he was hired to murder.[3]


  • Healy goes to a bowling alley to murder Prohaszka. John quickly overthrew the mobster's body guards. He then tries to shoot Prohaszka, but his gun jams, forcing him to find another way to kill him. John eventually kills Prohaszka by crushing his skull with a bowling ball. The police arrive shortly after and arrest Healy.[3]
  • Ben Urich talks with Silvio about a new criminal leader.[3]


  • James Wesley arrives at the law firm of Nelson and Murdock. He offers them a large sum of money to take the case of John Healy. Not trusting Wesley, Matt secretly follows him out of the office, but is forced to end the chase after his wounds begin to bleed.[3]
  • Upon meeting Healy, Foggy doesn't want to take the case, however Matt does.[3]
  • Ben Urich argues with Mitchell Ellison that they need to release a story about the gangs and crimes of the city, but Ellison refused.[3]
  • Karen goes to a lawyer who represents her previous job. He wants  her to sign a non-disclosure agreement and take six months pay, however, she refuses the offer.[3]


  • Page goes to Ben Urich so that he could help her against Union Allied Construction.[3]
  • John Healy's trial begins. When Healy entered the court, Matt realized that one of the juror's heartbeat raised. He followed her afterward and discovered that she was being blackmailed. Matt donned his suit and interrogated the man, but he just told him that his employer will just blackmail another juror.[3]
  • Back in the trial, Matt hears another juror's heartbeat raise when Wesley arrives. There is a hung jury, so Healy is set free.[3]
  • Matt put his suit on and confronted Healy. They fight, resulting in Murdock's victory. Pinned, Healy reveals that his employer is named Wilson Fisk. Knowing Fisk will kill everyone he cares about, Healy commits suicide.[3]




The Man in Black searches for Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov.


  • Vladimir and Anatoly visit Semyon in the hospital. He gives them the location of Claire's apartment, knowing it is connected to "The Man in Black".[4]
  • Wilson Fisk asks Vanessa Marianna to a dinner date. She accepts.[4]
  • Ben Urich decides to help Karen uncover the secrets behind Union Allied Construction as long as she can keep from being to obvious about the situation.[4]
  • Claire is kidnapped by mobsters hired by the Russians. Matt quickly ran to her house upon this discovery, but arrived too late to save her. A beaten Santino tells Matt that the car the thugs took Claire in had Veles Taxi painted on it.[4]
  • Claire is interrogated and beaten by her kidnappers. They ask her about the Man in Black. Soon Matt arrives, defeats the men, and frees Claire.[4]
  • Vladimir and Anatoly arrive at the scene, seeing the destruction Matt had caused their men.[4]
  • Fisk and Marianna go on their date at a winery. Anatoly interrupts, requesting Fisk's help to fight against the Man in Black.[4]
  • Claire stays at Matt's apartment for the night, since the mobsters know where she lives.[4]
  • Infuriated by his insolence, Wilson Fisk murders Anatoly by crushing his skull in a car door.[4]



  • Foggy and Matt accept Elena Cardenas as a new client.[5]
  • Trying to get more information on Elena's landlord, Matt goes to the police department. He hears officers Christian Blake and Hoffman interrogating Piotr in another room. He tells them he works for Wilson Fisk. Since Blake and Hoffman are secretly also subordinates of Fisk, they kill him since no one is supposed to reveal Fisk's name. Hearing the entire situation, Matt realizes how corrupt New York's Police Department is.[5]
  • In his black suit, Matt attacks Blake and questions him.[5]
  • Turk Barrett tells Vladimir Ranskahov that a friend of his had cleaned a car of Wilson Fisk's that was covered in "blood and brains". He also tricks Vladimir into thinking that the mask man and Fisk are working together. Vladimir then demands his men get all of their weapons to prepare for a war against Fisk.[5]
  • Vanessa Marianna goes on her second date with Wilson Fisk. After getting her to trust him more, they watch as four buildings explode. Wilson tells Vannessa that these explosions were made to stop criminals.[5]
  • Matt, in his suit, goes to a warehouse owned by Vladimir. A blind man working for Madame Gao detonates a bomb that destroys the factory, causing one of Fisk's orchestrated explosions. Vladimir and Sergei barely escape. Matt follows them. He attacks them, but the police soon arrive.[5] Matt is forced to fight them and he defeats them. He also escapes with Vladimir.[6]
  • After helping repair her home, Foggy and Karen are unexpectedly given a dinner date prepared by Elena. The date is interrupted by one of Fisk's explosions in a nextdoor building. Foggy and Elena are injured they go to the hospital.[5]
  • Ben Urich goes to investigate the explosions and interview officers near the wreckage.[6]
  • We're nothing alike

    The Man in the Mask speaks to Wilson Fisk

    So that the police cannot find them, Matt takes Vladimir to an abandoned warehouse. He uses a flare to cauterize Vladimir's open wound, making Vladimir pass out. Soon Officer Sullivan arrives to the warehouse and calls for backup after Matt attacks him. Police arrive outside, calling the circumstance a hostage situation. Soon Vladimir awakens and attacks Matt. To protect himself, Matt tackles Vladimir, making them fall two stories. Vladimir's heart stops, forcing Matt to revive him. Through Sullivan's two-way radio, Fisk contacts Matt and says that he will blame the entire night's occurrences on him. Outside, a sniper shoots multiple officers, including Christian Blake. Matt soon finds an opening into the sewers that connects to a series of access tunnels, which he uses for him and Vladimir to escape. Just after they escape, four officers enter the building. Working for Fisk, they kill Sullivan to blame it on the Man in the Mask. Just before Matt and Vladimir go into the access tunnels, they are attacked by two of the officers. After they are defeated by Matt, Vladimir chooses to use their weapons to keep five other men from getting to Matt as he leaves. Before he leaves, Vladimir tells Matt that Leland Owlsley controls the money of Fisk's cartel. When the men arrive, they kill Vladimir. Matt escapes.[6]



  • The Man in the Mask confronts Leland Owlsley, but is distracted when his former master, Stick, arrives. Seeing an opportunity, Leland tasers Matt and escapes.[7]
  • Stick and Matt talk in Matt's apartment. Soon they argue about the way Matt is trying to protect the city. Stick offers Matt a chance to fight beside him again. Matt agrees, under the condition that Stick doesn't kill anyone.[7]
  • Karen is attacked by two of Fisk's men. She is saved by Foggy.[7]
  • Matt and Stick attack Nobu Yoshioka's men as they are retrieving the Black Sky, which happens to be a young boy. Stick tries to kill the Black Sky, but is stopped by Matt. Nobu and his remaining men flea the area with the Black Sky. Stick follows and eventually succeeds in killing the Black Sky.[7]
  • When Matt arrives home, he discovers that Stick is already there. Still outraged by Stick's lie, Matt fights him and wins.[7]
  • Karen lets Foggy into her plan with Ben Urich to take down Union Allied Construction.[7]
  • Stick goes to Stone who asks him if Matt Murdock will be "ready when the doors open", to which Stick says he has no idea.[7]


  • Matt is told about Karen and Foggy's investigation of Union Allied Construction. He tells them that in order to do this, they must try and stay on the legal system.[8]
  • Wilson Fisk orders Officer Hoffman to kill his partner, Christian Blake, in his hospital room. He injects him with a poison meant to quickly kill him. Seconds before it can, the Man in the Mask arrives. Wanting revenge, Blake tells him all he can just before dying.[8]





  • As the Man in the Mask, Matt searches for Elena's murderer. He eventually finds Junkie Jake and asks him why he murdered Elena. Jake, afraid of Matt, tells him that he was paid for the job at a warehouse on Pier 81.[9]
  • At Peir 81, Nobu attacks the Man in the Mask. During the very lengthy duel, Matt is injured multiple times. Eventually, Nobu is accidentally killed when sparks from a light set his suit on fire. After Nobu died, Wilson Fisk revealed that he planned for Matt to kill Nobu. They fight, but the injured Matt stands no chance against Fisk. To escape, Matt jumps out of a window.[9]
  • Upon entering Matt's home, Foggy discovers that the Man in the Mask is there as well and is very injured. Foggy takes off his mask, revealing the man is, in fact, Matt.[9]
  • Claire Temple arrives at Matt's home and stitches him as Foggy watches.[10]


  • Matt Murdock awakens after passing out from his injuries. Foggy is still in his apartment and annoyed that he had not been informed that Matt was the Man in the Mask. For hours he begins to question their friendship and the validity of his blindness. Matt tells him as much about his past as he possibly can, even about his first night as a vigilante.[10]
  • Tricking him into thinking they are going to look at a retirement home for his wife, Karen takes Ben to the retirement home of Marlene VistainWilson Fisk's mother. Vistain tells them that Fisk killed his father when he was twelve years old.[10]
  • Leland Owlsley meets with Madame Gao. They decide that Vanessa Marianna is having a negative effect on Fisk and they agree to poison her.[11]
  • At a banquet held by Wilson Fisk, Vanessa Marianna is poisoned by Owlsley. She is rushed to a hospital.[10]



  • The Man in the Mask attacks Turk Barrett, asking where Fisk gets his body armor. Turk gives him the name Melvin Potter.[12]
  • The Man in the Mask goes to Melvin Potter's workshop. Potter attacked him, knowing he is an enemy of Fisk. Once Matt explained that he could help Melvin protect his friend, Betsy Beatty, from Fisk, Potter agreed to help him by making him a protective suit.[12]
  • Karen reiterates the information given to her by Fisk's mother to Matt.[12]
  • After being informed by Marlene Vistain that she was visited by Karen PageJames Wesley kidnaps Karen for knowing the location of Wilson Fisk's mother. Once Karen got a hold of Wesley's gun, she shot and killed him.[12] To hide the evidence, Karen throws the gun into the ocean.[11]
  • Vanessa Marianna finally awakens from being poisoned. Wilson Fisk offers to move her out of the country to protect her, but she refuses, wanting to stay with him.[11]
  • James Wesley's corpse is found. Fisk is saddened by the loss of his assistant and friend. He thinks whoever killed him may also be responsible for poisoning Vanessa.[11]


  • Matt Murdock follows a blind woman working for Madame Gao to a guarded warehouse.[11]
  • Marlene Vistain is asked by her son, Wilson Fisk, what she said to James Wesley on the phone during the night of his death, but forgets due to her dementia.[11]
  • Ben Urich's boss, Mitchell Ellison, refuses to post his story about Wilson Fisk murdering his father. Ellison eventually decides to fire Ben.[11]
  • Matt, as the Man in the Mask, goes to the warehouse where blind people are being used to distribute heroin known as Steel Serpent. He is soon seen by Madame Gao, who has all of her blind servants attack him. After Matt freed himself from them, he accidentally started a fire. He later encountered Gao, but she escaped. Matt had one of Gao's men save the blind people.[11]
  • Wilson Fisk discovers that Ben Urich visited his mother. Because of this, Fisk kills Urich.[11]



  • Police officers corrupt by Wilson Fisk go to kill Carl Hoffman so he does not leak any information about Fisk's operations. The Man in the Mask stops them and has Hoffman go to Officer Brett Mahoney so he can hire Nelson and Murdock to defend him.[13]
  • Hoffman is questioned about his involvement with Wilson Fisk. He revealed all of the information he knows of Fisk's crimes.[13]


  • Daredevil Red Suit 10

    Daredevil defeating Wilson Fisk

    Turk Barrett, Caldwell, Parish Landman, Senator Randolph Cherryh, and many police officers are arrested by the FBI for working with Wilson Fisk.[13]
  • To keep Vanessa safe, Wilson Fisk prepares a helicopter for her, in case he is unable to escape the FBI. Before the FBI takes him, he proposes to her and she accepts.[13]
  • Men hired by Wilson Fisk free him from the FBI and attempt to take him to the helicopter with Vanessa.[13]
  • Matt gets his new suit from Melvin Potter. He then puts it on and goes to stop Fisk.[13]
  • Matt, in his new suit, finds the truck transporting Fisk and has it flip over so that he can confront him. Fisk trys to escape, but fails and is caught by Matt. Officer Brett Mahoney arrests Fisk.[13]