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My hopes for Phase 3

Milomilk September 19, 2012 User blog:Milomilk

These are my hopes for Phase 3 (if you're too lazy to read the title, that was the last time I put that in my blogs).

Black Panther

I think that they should finally make the Black Panther movie.


It should be about T'Challa trying to become a great leader and defending Wakanda. There should also be a scene showing T'Chaka giving Howard Stark some Vibranium to make Captain America's sheild. The main villain should be Man-Ape. In the after-credits scene it should have Nick Fury asking T'Challa to join the Avengers.


Luke Cage

They should also make a Luke Cage movie.


It sould be about Luke Cage trying to end all of the gang wars in New York but then meeting one criminal named Atlas who he ends up fighting throughout the movie. Near the end Nick Fury should appear. In the after credits scene Jewel should appear. If Spider-Man doesn't appear in The Avengers 2 I hope he appears in this movie.


The Incredible Hulk 2

They should make another Hulk movie.


It should be about Hulk still running from the United States Armed Forces. Thaddeus Ross should turn into Red Hulk and should be working with the Leader to destroy Hulk. Betty Ross should be just trying to be with Bruce. Leonard Samson should become gamma irradiated like in the comics.


Avengers: Infinity War

The Avengers 3 should also be made.


All of the villains from the previous films (exept for the dead ones) should return to fight the Avengers (hopefully with new members).


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