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Monolith is a Transportation Device??

Nas 5r May 17, 2015 User blog:Nas 5r

"I think I’m somewhere. I think it transports me somewhere. We’ve had so many theories on set. ‘Maybe she can go back in time and kill Ward,’ or ‘Maybe she goes back in time and for whatever reason Fitz doesn’t know who she is and no one knows who she is,’ or ‘Maybe she goes invisible and no one can see her,’ or ‘What if she’s just trapped inside the rock?’ That would be terrible. There have been so many theories, but I think it’s a transportation device."

Elizabeth Henstridge on EW

Monolith it’s a transportation device???...sound interesting...

but if its true...the big question is where she's been taken to?? Still on Earth??? Or another planet or alternate dimension??

Damn,,,,can't wait for season 3....

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