I love Dr. Zola. Toby Jones did a wonderful job playing him and I was relived that he didn't die in Captain America: The  First Avenger. At the time, I knew enought about the character to know that in the comics he transfered his mind into a robot body so I had a feeling he could return in other movies. When they said he would appear in Winter Solider, I was thrilled. I liked how they paid homage to the comics with Zola's mind being in a computer system but I was a little disappointed they didn't give him his robot body and then I was upset when they appreantly blew him up. But I wasn't discourged for long.

My nephew said that Zola was now pure data and, as many here have speculated, Zola isn't the type to have some kind of back-up. When you think about it, why would HYDRA keep Zola's system in that one complex? If they where able to hook a flash drive to that system they should be able to download it onto a newer one. And like several have commented on, Strucker would diffently see to it that Zola had been backed up somehow and it would make sense that not all the leaders of HYDRA would be awear of Strucker having his own copy of Zola's system just in case. So while the offical status of Zola is debateable untill something is said by someone or he pops up in Captain America 3, I hold out hope he'll return and in his robot body.

In the meantime, what Marvel should serisouly consider doing, if they haven't aleady and it has been rumored - just look at the page for it on this wiki, is to bring Zola back in Agent Carter. It would intresting to see how he helped rebulid HYDRA and more importanly, possibly explain the appreant change in his character from First Avenger to Winter Solider. I know I wasn't the only one puzzled by that change in his attitube towards HYDRA.

So what do you think? Would it be neat to see Dr. Zola again in Agent Carter or not?