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  • Rockman1216

    I got bored, and decided to come up with an idea on how Marvel and Fox can complete the MCU.


    Have Wolverine 3 end the X-MEN film universe(I mean I hear it's Old Man Logan) mentioning that there are other timeline's out there, and have the one mentioned be a timeline that features Wolverine alive( since I hear they are going to use Old Man Logan as a basis), so since the Earth is dying have Wolverine and Xavier somehow take a peak into a different timeline which is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Xavier saying we never had a group of people like this(referring to the Avengers), saying maybe they can help the X-MEN of their universe to prevent the dying of their world, something  the X-MEN alone could not do, have it be the end of …

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  • Rockman1216

    It  was announced a few days ago by FX President John Landgraf announced that Legion a show about Charles Xavier's son doesn't take place within the X-MEN film continuity, which is an odd decision because Fox has said before the critcally panned FANT4STIC, that they wanted to create a continuity that rivals the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with both the X-MEN and Fantastic Four properties, so you would think they would copy the whole merging the X-MEN TV stuff with the Movie stuff especially with a character like Legion who is Professor Xavier's son, and considering the fact Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Daredevil have all been successful while sharing the same universe space the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it wouldn't make sense for…

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  • Rockman1216

    The Fox Marvel dilemma

    December 28, 2015 by Rockman1216

    Now we all know what a disaster the Fantastic Four reboot was, from theater sales to DVD sales, but I want to make this blog about the possible outcome of the blunder that was FANT4STIC. 

    You see after this movie, investors will no longer be willing to invest in another Fantastic Four movie, however if Fox loses the Fantastic Four rights they lose any hope of making money on the franchise, and the only way of making money on the franchise for Fox now, is to team up with Marvel Studios and introduce the Fantastic Four in the MCU, however Fox can't just use the Fantastic Four in a deal with Marvel Studios simply because Marvel Studios doesn't need to make a deal for the Fantastic Four, because they know they are going to get the Fantastic Fou…

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  • Rockman1216

     If Hellfire and Legion do become part of the MCU or already are, I think Fox and Marvel should make a Generation X TV Show sort of a reboot of the original TV movie except better, I though the premise was cool though and had potential.  I would have the show take place after an Avengers v X-MEN movie  I think it would be very awesome if Marvel and Fox were to team up and make a Generation X show for the lesser known mutants in the Marvel Universe.  Raising a new group of X-MEN that were handpicked by Banshee himself seeing the potential to become a new team of X-MEN.  The show should have a similar tone to X-MEN 2000. 

    It main characters should be: 

    Teacher:Emma Frost or Jean Grey 

    Teacher: Sean Cassidy 

    Teacher: Jesse Kilmartin from the  Mutant …

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  • Rockman1216

    X-MEN Earth-1999999

    November 2, 2015 by Rockman1216

    If Marvel and Fox come to a deal or came to a deal over the X-MEN and in 2017 those plans bear fruit.

    After Hellfire, and Legion, I would love to see Agents of SHIELD use the High Evolutionary to bring back Quicksilver to life, I think he could work because it is an Inhuman who teaches him how to unlock the genetic code. 

    He could be the one that gives Quicksilver Isotope-E which makes him faster like in the comics, but his speed is going to be increased closer to 616 Quicksilver levels, along with 616 Quicksilver's exact abilities like Time duplicates, and what not.

    Have Agents of SHIELD discover him because he can't control his powers he is going in and out of speed can't slow down when he wants to, he's creating temporal clones by walking,…

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