If Hellfire and Legion do become part of the MCU or already are, I think Fox and Marvel should make a Generation X TV Show sort of a reboot of the original TV movie except better, I though the premise was cool though and had potential.  I would have the show take place after an Avengers v X-MEN movie  I think it would be very awesome if Marvel and Fox were to team up and make a Generation X show for the lesser known mutants in the Marvel Universe.  Raising a new group of X-MEN that were handpicked by Banshee himself seeing the potential to become a new team of X-MEN.  The show should have a similar tone to X-MEN 2000. 

It main characters should be: 

Teacher:Emma Frost or Jean Grey 

Teacher: Sean Cassidy 

Teacher: Jesse Kilmartin from the  Mutant X show

Generation X Team( A group of teens to young adults):  Jubilation Lee 


Jono Starsmore 

Arlee Hicks 

Paige Guthrie 

Samuel Guthrie 

Angelo Espinosa   

Have Villians like A Modern day Hellfire club, Adrienne Frost, Stryker and HYDRA or at least the part of Hydra that experiments on Mutants for a new Project Rebirth. 

Guest: Have Agents of SHIELD characters appear like Skye, Lincoln, Coulson, May, AND have Legion appear as well.

Stories well that's easy take them from the orignal comics, and make them fit the MCU 

I think the outfit's should either be similar to the black suits in X-MEN 2000 except slimmer then, they move to the Yellow and Red suits of the comics in episode 7 of season 1 or they could give them the yellow and red suits right of the bat i'll be fine with either or