Now we all know what a disaster the Fantastic Four reboot was, from theater sales to DVD sales, but I want to make this blog about the possible outcome of the blunder that was FANT4STIC. 

You see after this movie, investors will no longer be willing to invest in another Fantastic Four movie, however if Fox loses the Fantastic Four rights they lose any hope of making money on the franchise, and the only way of making money on the franchise for Fox now, is to team up with Marvel Studios and introduce the Fantastic Four in the MCU, however Fox can't just use the Fantastic Four in a deal with Marvel Studios simply because Marvel Studios doesn't need to make a deal for the Fantastic Four, because they know they are going to get the Fantastic Four back anyway whether a deal is made or not, and Fox needs to make a 100 millon+ dollar Fantastic Four movie or they lose the rights to the franchise, and they can't cross them over with the X-MEN because the Fantastic Four license belongs to two different sets of contracts one with Constanin Films(FF) and the other with Fox(X-MEN), netiher contract states that Fox can crossover the two properties, so Marvel would have to sign off on such a crossover. 

So that gives Fox limited options, they can't reboot the franchise without Marvel investors won't back the idea, as it would be more profitable for Fox to just sell the rights back to Marvel in the short term.  

If they out right sell the Fantastic Four to Marvel Studios, they lose potiential money they could make on an MCU Fantastic Four movie( in the vein Sony makes money on the MCU Spider-Man not Disney, but Sony also finance it, same would apply to Fox as to which investors would be willing to back since Marvel creative team has a proven track record of movies, that dwarfs their own record of superhero movies and the MCU is more favorable general perception) which could pay off in the long term. 

Marvel won't make a deal with Fox over just the Fantastic Four simply because well, Marvel knows they can get that back by just waiting for Fox to sell it back to them. 

So what must Fox do in order to keep making money on the Fantastic Four rights, well it's simple, make a Sony-esque deal for both the Fantastic Four and the X-MEN that way they can not only make more money on the X-MEN property( Think about it an X-MEN solo reboot movie, taking place after an Avengers X-MEN Crossover movie would possibly breach Iron Man 3 level of Box office, it would make more than all the other X-MEN movies).

To Fox and their shareholders it would be wiser to ditch both X-MEN and Fantastic Four current franchises and reboot in the MCU, because they will make more money in the long term.