Hi there folks, this is something I've been thinking about for a while, since watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How much longer do you think the Marvel Cinematic Universe will last? 

Seeing as it's been going for six years now, with movies and shows planned as far ahead as 2028 (or at least that's what Kevin Feige has said), I'd love for the MCU to continue for years or even decades to come. But the inner cynic in me can easily see it fizzling out as audiences start to lose interest in superhero films. On plenty of other websites I've read blogs and articles saying how there are too many superhero film franchises right now (Zack Snyder's DC Universe movies, Fox's X-Men and Fantastic Four, etc.) and the whole genre will crash and burn sooner than we think, but I've also heard some optimistic fans say the MCU in particular has no reason to ever properly end, as it can just keep chugging along with new characters and properties for new generations of audiences.

I really disagree with both statements to an extent. As long as there's enough people interested in superheroes to give the studios profit I can see the MCU carrying on for at least fifteen or twenty more years, but at the same time I can't see myself watching Marvel Studios' "Werewolf by Night 4: Revenge of Mr. Hyde" in the year 2077 when I'm 85 (if I'm even still alive by then). But what do you think? How much longer do you think the MCU should continue? 

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