"Uhmm, what is the last resort, when I don't keep any for you!" - BLADE aka SVK

This guy finds fun placing his signatures on sites he hacks. A young teenage boy with evil desires. A brilliant hacker famous for not leaving any clue behind and notorious for reverting all the infractions on who-ever accuses. No one can trace his location, he may be sitting next to you in a coffee shop, walking with you on the zebra-crossing.

SVK (Blade):

Silvester V. Katon became the most-wanted criminal when he hacked into military websites. He fights for an unknown cause, hates disturbance in his work and loves gaming a lot.

His Hover Board:

This guy took control over J.A.R.V.I.S. and used the arc reactor to power his hover-board; which somehow recognizes only him. It's architecture is so precise that you cannot possibly lift it as you find it difficult to get your grip over it. Besides, the board puts effort to not get into possession of the stranger. The board lands on surfaces which are generally immobile. Blade controls it by just standing over it, and it starts floating.


Took over the Stark tower, controls J.A.R.V.I.S. too, plans to attack other nations and terrorize people by using nuclear weapons.

Battle Skills:

Master at fencing, and throwing blades. However, his overall physical strength is weak. His aims aren't that precise, his running speed is slower, but great speed when on hover-board. Plus, his hover-board is loaded with deadly projectiles. He can control his hover-board with his watch, shades and boots