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    Welcome to the "Real-World" Index

    An aspect that is often overlooked in the original comics is the concept of minor enemies. Visual media such as movies and television series, but especially, video games, need a series of minor enemies to challenge the protagonists, other than the established antagonists, who would be major and final challenges.

    Video games have played a part of the Marvel Universe in the latest years, and despite the video games set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have never achieved the popularity of the movies they are based on, there are many Marvel videogames that have inspired and are inspired in return by the MCU.

    Based on these videogames, such as ', ' and especially, ', this is a list of the main groups of minor enem…

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  • Shabook

    Welcome to the "Real-World" Index

    The Runaways is one of Marvel Television's upcoming projects, and though, at first, not even its writers are allowed to confirm or deny if the series will share a continuity with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, logic says it should.

    This is a list of their members and most important related characters.


    • Alex Wilder
    • Gertrude Yorkes
    • Karolina Dean
    • Chase Stein
    • Molly Hayes
    • Nico Minoru


    • Geoffrey Wilder
    • Catherine Wilder
    • Dale Yorkes
    • Stacey Yorkes
    • Frank Dean
    • Leslie Dean
    • Victor Stein
    • Janet Stein
    • Gene Hayes
    • Alice Hayes
    • Robert Minoru
    • Tina Minoru

    Other Characters

    • Klara Prast
    • Old Lace
    • Xavin
    • Topher
    • Provost
    • Reginald Mantz
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  • Shabook

    Welcome to the "Real-World" Index

    The Marvel Multiverse is very rich in teams formed by various heroes and villains who join forces to accomplish a common goal. However, comparatively, the Marvel Cinematic Universe features a small amount of teams that joined together.

    This is a list of the main teams featured in the Marvel multiverse that have appeared or may appear in the future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    • 'Vores
    • 18th Kree Diplomatic Gestalt
    • 50-State Initiative
    • 8-Ball's Gang

    • A-Force
    • A.R.E.S.
    • Accuser Corps
    • Ace Gang
    • Action Pack
    • Adaptoids
    • Agents of Anarchy
    • Agents of Atlas
    • Agents of Fortune
    • Air Force
    • Alaska Initiative
    • All-Mother of Asgardia
    • All-New Howling Commandos
    • All-Winners Squad
    • Alphaclan
    • Amazons
    • Anchorite Sect
    • Anchorites
    • Ancient Order of the Shield
    • An…

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  • Shabook

    Welcome to the "Real-World" Index

    Beyond organizations based on their real-world counterparts, such as the United States Armed Forces, the New York City Police Department, the FBI, the CIA and many others, the Marvel multiverse features a large series of organizations and companies, dedicated to law enforcement, scientific research or terrorist acts.

    This is a list of the main organizations featured in the Marvel multiverse that have appeared or may appear in the future within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    • A.R.M.O.R. (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response Agency)
    • AccuTech (Introduced in Iron Man 2 as AccuTech)
    • Ace Picture Company
    • Advanced Genocide Mechanics
    • Advanced Idea in Destruction
    • Advanced Idea Mechanics (Introduced in Iron Man 3
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  • Shabook

    Welcome to the "Real-World" Index

    The Elders of the Universe are a group comprised by the last surviving members of their respective races, who have been granted immortality as long as they keep their will to live. As such, each one of them has devoted their life to a particular task.

    They are fairly powerful cosmic beings, and some of them have already been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a list of its members.

    • Architect
    • Astronomer (Seginn Gallio)
    • Caregiver (Rubanna Quormo)
    • Champion (Tryco Slatterus)
    • Collector (Taneleer Tivan) (Introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy as Taneleer Tivan)
    • Contemplator (Tath Ki)
    • Explorer (Zamanathan Rambunazeth)
    • Father Time
    • Gardener (Ord Zyonz)
    • Grandmaster (En Dwi Gast) (Introduced in Thor: Ragnarok as En D…
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