As you may know, Marvel's main competitor, DC Comics, has created a shared universe in television, starting with the TV series Arrow, following with the spin-off The Flash, the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and a web series, Vixen.

However, what is most interesting is that a TV series that was initially unrelated to that universe, Constantine, has been retroactively made part of it, by making an appearance of the same actor portraying the same character once the series has ended.

So this leads to my question: What kind of film or TV series do you feel that it could have taken place in the same universe as the Marvel Cinematic Universe films? I'm not asking what TV series would you like to see because it is your favorite. This requires analysis instead of personal opinion. I'd like to know what kind of films or TV series do you think make sense if they had taken place in the MCU.

Please, not just Marvel movies, I'm actually interested in what NON-MARVEL films and TV series could take place in the MCU.