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    1: Recreate a damaged hero with the disabiliy attribute

    2: Keep the Stark brand

    3: Introduce Rumiko Fujikawa as the love interest

    4: Continue the Iron Man lore in a plausible way.

    5: Have a younger actor you can use for years.

    Comments or concernces?

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  • SinSaber2016

    I've been watching the week go by in dismay. I've seen people spewing hate back and forth for no good reason. I've seen people being called racist for being slightly irked because they love the hell out of the comics they grew up reading. And, I have seen people say they will never go see these movies unless its verbatum. So, I offer two simaler, but unique, challenges to both sides of the spectrum.

    To the traditionalists: You'll never get verbatum in everything. Take a deep breath and accept this. And, when a character is kept white, help the people who think there is not enough diversity. Help them accept that, just because there isn't 'enough' in this particular movie, in the MCU abroad there is a great deal of diversity.

    To the race defe…

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  • SinSaber2016

    My Phase 4

    July 13, 2016 by SinSaber2016

    Keep in mind, that I beleive Infinity War will create a rift in space/time that has both the MCU and X-men film series as both standing in the same continuum. Then, Marvel will do their schedule, fox will do theirs, and they'll just coordinate. That's why there are now X-men movies here.

    Tagline: I am -Iron Man-(crossed out) The Mandarin.

    Heroes: Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue(Maria Hill), Vision, Scarlet Witch, Century, Spider-man, possibly Cap.

    Villians: Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom, The Ghost.

    Plot: Furious that his name was tarnished by Iron Man, the true Madnarin proceeds with his plans to deactivate the worlds technology and become the world leader. Before this, he wants to show the world how pathetic Stark is. Tony must now scrap together a g…

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  • SinSaber2016

    My idea would be about the curse of the Ghost Rider, with Daniel Ketch(Tom Mison),  being the focus. I see him as the adopted son of a black family in the south. Loretta DEvine would be the mother and Kiki Palmer would be Barbara Ketch. Daniel, who has an intense anger issue, works at garage for one Francis Drake(Liam Nesson). Daniel has strained relationship with his sister. Barbara, who works for District Attorney, implores justice, but Daniel prefers to beat sense into people he deems guilty.

    One night, after one of their fights, they stumble on a roberry at the garage he works at. A gang, lead by Michael Badilino(Javier Esposito), are stealing the bikes. Daniel tries to fight them, while Barbara attempts to call the police. Daniel gets …

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