My idea would be about the curse of the Ghost Rider, with Daniel Ketch(Tom Mison),  being the focus. I see him as the adopted son of a black family in the south. Loretta DEvine would be the mother and Kiki Palmer would be Barbara Ketch. Daniel, who has an intense anger issue, works at garage for one Francis Drake(Liam Nesson). Daniel has strained relationship with his sister. Barbara, who works for District Attorney, implores justice, but Daniel prefers to beat sense into people he deems guilty.

One night, after one of their fights, they stumble on a roberry at the garage he works at. A gang, lead by Michael Badilino(Javier Esposito), are stealing the bikes. Daniel tries to fight them, while Barbara attempts to call the police. Daniel gets his ass kicked and then the gang kills Barbara. Daniel pulls himself up on an old bike, but touches an archaic symbol on it and is imbued with the Spirit of Vengeance. He kills one of the gang members as the others flee. At that same time, Alejandra (Selena Gomez), feels the power of Vengenace emerge in Ketch. She then sets out to kill the unworthy inheritor. LAter that night, Michael goes to his employer, Deathwatch(Ron Pearlman). He complains about the Ghost Rider, but Deathwatch just threatens to kill him if he continues. Deathwatch then says he will call upon more assit

The next morning, Daniel wakes up in the hospital and cries out in sorrow at the news of Barbara's death. Weeks after the funeral, Daniel has had increased spats of rage. One night, while visiting his adopted mother, he talks wanting to find the ones who killed her. She warns against, saying that pure vengeance is what killed his real father. At that time, Alejandra arrives and steals a street bike. Later, Daniel is in a bar when, Ruriko Tsumura(Rinko Kikuchi), walks in. They begin to flirt, but then Daniel sees a man he recognizes as a gang member leave the bar. Daniel is compelled to follow as the Ghost Rider emerges. He then calls the bike that cursed him, and chases him. It then becomes a battle on the highway as Rider proceeds to kill everyone exepct Badilino. Just before he finishes him, Steel Wind arrives and proceeds to battle Ghost Rider. Alejandra then rams into Steel Wind in her Ghost Rider form. She says the duty is hers as she takes her turn at Ketch. When it seems he'll lose, KEtch grabs a shotgun and shoots a fireball at Alejandra. Suddenly, Ketch feels a calling and leaves the battlefield.

KEtch finds himself back at the garage, and the Drake had been the one that called him.  He reveals that the bike belonged to a former Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, who worked with him in The Darksiders. He talks about how Deathwatch had been serving the creator of the curse, Mephisto, and has been working to tie up loose ends that have happened due to Blaze's rebellion. Back at DEathwatch's lair, a defeated Badilino and Steel Wind drags Alejadra back to him. At first, Alejandra tries to attack Deathwatch, but is quickly defeated. He then convinces her to work with them, as he he tells her that Ketch is indeed unworthy. He then says that they need more and looks at Badilino. Deathwatch says that he is brimming with vengeance for being humiliated and losing his entire crew. He then envokes the curse of Mehpisto and Badilino becomes another host of Vengeance, but he is much larger and beastly.

Daniel, keeping a low profile, visits his sister's grave. There, he meets Ruriko again. She  says that she always visits the dead to pay respect, because to her it is pentance for those whose live die because of her. Daniel talks about how nothing can make up for his sins, because of the monster inside. Ruriko replies that she knows that feeling, but Daniel denies it.

Later, Ketch has a insatitable need to emerge as the Ghost Rider. Drakes tries to stop him, but fails as Daniel goes to fight all three of his enemies. Near death, at the edge of Steel Wind's katana, he reverts back to Ketch. Steel Wind falls back and takes off her mask, revealing Ruriko. 

In the final act, Daniel is tied up in Deathwatch's lair and is about to be killed. Ruriko walks over to him and repeats that she knew the feeling of having a monster inside. Daniel replies, "You don't have a monster. You have a choice". Thats when Drake bursts in, releases Ketch, and challenges Deathwatch. Ruriko has a change of heart and fights Alejandra. That leaves Daniel to fight Vengenace, but is badly defeated. As he lies between life and death, Daniel sees a vision of Barbara talking about justice, but he realizes that it is not actually her. It is Zarathos, seeing in Daniel a chance to be what he was supposed to be, a Spirit of Justice.

Daniel comes back as Badilino stand over him and says, "You're not cut out for the Vengeance game". Vengeance strikes, but is countered by Daniel as Ghost Rider, who says, "You're right. I'm in a different game". The flames then change from red to blue. Daniel, now more in synch with Zarathos, becomes a greater match for Vengeance. As they fight, Ruriko defeats Alejandra by kicking her out a window. Daniel then finds a chain and finally defeats Vengeance in a great display. 

Seeing the scales tipping, Deathwatch throws Drake aside and retreats to his sanctum. There he begs a black distorted image to save him, but the entity in turn kills him as Drake walks into the sanctum.

With the battle done, Daniel says goodbye to his adopted mother as he is about to leave and walk the path of Justice. Him, Ruriko, and Drake meet at the garage as Drake sells it. Daniel and Ruriko share a kiss, before she says that she can not go with him. She has to clear things up from her old life. As Ruriko leaves, Drake talks about how things have been set in motion, and that the figure who spoke to Deathwatch wasn't Mephisto.

End Sequence.