Keep in mind, that I beleive Infinity War will create a rift in space/time that has both the MCU and X-men film series as both standing in the same continuum. Then, Marvel will do their schedule, fox will do theirs, and they'll just coordinate. That's why there are now X-men movies here.

Iron Man 4

Tagline: I am -Iron Man-(crossed out) The Mandarin.

Heroes: Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue(Maria Hill), Vision, Scarlet Witch, Century, Spider-man, possibly Cap.

Villians: Mandarin, Fin Fang Foom, The Ghost.

Plot: Furious that his name was tarnished by Iron Man, the true Madnarin proceeds with his plans to deactivate the worlds technology and become the world leader. Before this, he wants to show the world how pathetic Stark is. Tony must now scrap together a group after the deveistating Infinity War to stop this new menace. Prepare to join Force Works, for the ultimate start of Marvel's Phase 4!

Mid-Credit: Ross locks up the Ghost and talks to him about a new team.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

Tagline: Witness the evolution.

Heroes: Star-lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Angela.

Villians: High Evolutionary

Plot: The Guardians, still nursing some wounds from Infinity War, follow a ditress call to an unmarked planet. They quickly discover that the planet is filled with hostile feral creatures that used to be the planets citizens. The High Evolutionary has chosen this planet as the staging ground for his universal remodeling. To the sound of Awesome Mix vol. 3, prepare to see the Guardians fight for life as we know it.

Mid-credit: Debris from the battle starts hurdling towards earth with a symbiote on it.

Moon Knight

Tagline: When the moon rises, he descends.

Heroes: Mark Spector(Moon Knight)

Villians: Raul Bushamn

Plot: MArk Spector returns home from a viscious tour as a mercenary. He finds that Chicago needs a hero with his brand of skills and brutality. Through visions of his past, Mark reveals his determenation to take up the mantle of Moon Knight. But as his past fuels him, it may also be his destruction as his former commander follows him home to finish the battle they started.

Mid-Credit: Taskmaster reviews footage of Moon Knight. Then turns to files of Vance Astrovik and Robbie Baldwin.

Spider-man: Venomous

Tagline: There's venom in him.

Heroes: Spider-man, Black Cat

Villians: Kraven, Electro, Venom

Plot: After a near defeat against Electro, Peter questions how far his power can take him. As a mad hunter chases him, PEter suddenly finds himself in a new suit. As he is drawn to a less than heroic side by Black Cat and brining up darker means of fighting against Kraven, Peter soons discover that his greatest enemy lies within.

Mid-Credit: Peter sits in the back of the class hiding his bruises as a new student is introduced. Kamala Khan.

Captain Marvel and Nova

Tagline: Two Heroes, Two Worlds, One War.

Heroes: Captain Marvel, Nova, Star-Lord

Villians: Kree Empire, Nova Empire, Korvac

Plot: The Kree and Nova are on the brink of war, and Captain MArvel is called to restore order. But, as the Nova think she is being sent as a weapon, they find an Earth human to take the power of Super Nova. They instead find the young and brash Richard Riker. As these two forces collide, a hidden enemy pulling the strings will soon emerge.

Mid-Credit: Richard returns home, but is under surveillance from Taskmaster.

Doctor Strange: Dreamscape

Tagline: There is fear in your mind.

Heroes: Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, Hummingbird

Villians: Baron Mordo, Nightmare

Plot: Doctor Strange believes that the worst is behind him, but an ancient force has freed itself. As it threatens all of humanity from within their minds, Strange must face his own fears. See what true evil looks like in this mind-bending thriller.

Mid-Credit: Dr Strange has a vision of demons entering from Hell, and then sees a shadowy female figure.

Captain America: The Fallen Son

Tagline: Remeber our heroes

Heroes: Captain America, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Agent 13, Free Spirit

Villians: The Captain

Plot: A cover up from the government emerges in dramtic form, and the powers that be call upon Captain America to face it. But, as Rogers finds this new enemy his powerful equal, he sees the dark history of the seventy years spent trying to remake the Super Soldier program. Captain America's spirit is shaken, but the fight must go on as the battle of the Super Soldiers commences.

Mid-Credit: Rogers walks into a dark room with Stark, Strange, and Professor X.


Tagline: They will emerge.

Heroes: Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Triton, Gorgon, Karnak

Villians: Maximus

Plot: The royal family has always kept Attalan hidden from the world. Even now as outside inhumans emerge, they hold to to tradition. But, when Maximus begins a plan that would destroy every human, and give Earth wholely to inhumans, the royal family must not only be guardians of their people, but of all of Earth.

Mid-Credit: Stark gets a private counsel with Black Bolt and reveals his plans for the illuminati.

The Ghost Rider: Stone of Souls

Tagline: Vengenace rides again

Heroes: Johnny Blaze(Me if I'm lucky), Steel Wind(Haruno Kawaguchi), Francis Drake Sr.(Morgan Freeman), Jennifer KAle

Villians: Centorious(Antonia Banderes), Satana, Hag(Gillian Jacobs), Troll(Joel McHale), Death Ninja

Plot: Johnny Blaze risked everything to save a friend, and everything is what he lost. Now, as the Ghost Rider, his tormentor Mephisto gives him a chance to free himself. But, he will learn there is more at work behind this battle than a simple task.

Mid-Credit: Satana reviews the destruction of the battle. Then takes a book and says 'A fake'. As she does, DEath Ninja puts himself backtogether, after being defeated by Steel Wind, and follows her.

Post-credit: Johnny Blaze and Steel Wind ride off together into the sunset.

Black Panther: King and Country

Tagline: Hail the King!

Heroes: Black Panther

Villians: White Gorilla, Cottonmouth

Plot: Struggling between Avenger duties and king duties, T'challa has let civil war start. The history of the Black PAnther is revelaed as former allies to the Wakandan guardian arrive as villians. T'challa, with the weight of his country on his shoudlers, will learn that it is more than blood that makes a king.

Mid-credit: T'challa leaves historical documents on his desk. One of which has an illustration of an underwater city.

New Warriors

Tagline: The Next Generation

Heroes: Nova, Free Spirit, Spider-man, Hummingbird, Justice, Mrs. Marvel(Kamala Khan), Speedball

Side-heroes: Iron Man, Captain America(Bucky), Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel

Villians: Taskmaster

Plot: Taskmaster has made his move by attacking with his 'Warriors'. He then sets his sights on more recruits. Nova, who narrowly avoided capture, moves to rescue the remaining targets. AS these brash heroes drop the ball and get Kamala captured, their mentors tell them to stand down. But, Richard well shed his juvenile ways and take up the mantle of leader and take the New Warriors into battle.

Mid-Credit: Humberto Lopez is watching news footage of the New Warriors. He says 'That would had been fun', then uses a lizard tail to eat a sandwich.

Post-credit: All of the Warriors who have guardians, are being berated by them for dissapearing, while they give clumsy excuses.

Irredeemable Ant-man

Tagline: Thieff vs Thief

Heroes: Ant-man(Scott Lang), Wasp

Villlians: Ant-man(Eric O'grady)

Plot: Scott always thought of himself as the master infiltrator, but when a suit is stolen under his own nose, he mets his match. Prepare for a world wide thieving adventure as Ant-man goes against Ant-man.

Mid-Credit: Eric O'grady is taken to Ross, who presents him with the 'Thunderbolts Intiative'.

The Thor Corps

Tagline: Those who are wothy, will have the powers.

Heroes: Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Thor-girl

Villains: Karnilla, The Wrecking Crew

Plot: The nine realms are in danger of collapse as the Norn Queen plots a war against Asgard. Thor, or his allies, have the power to stop her alone. Thor must find more who are worthy of his power and unite them in retaliation.

Mid-credit: The Beyonder watches the new devlopment in Asgard and grins.

Fantasitc Four

Tagline: The first family comes home.

Heroes: Fantastic Four

Villians: Victor von Doom, Hydro-man, Titania, Wizard, Dragon Man

Plot: Two years ago, the fantastic four were born and praised as the earths greatest heroes. Now, the Frightful Four emerge to challenge them. For the first time, the four are at odds and are pushed back, but the frightful four is simply the pawns of an enemy they thought dead.

Mid-credit: Richard Reed is indoctrinated into the illuminati

Post-credit: Doom is made ruler of Latveria and receives dimplomatic immunity.

Namor: The Sub-Mariner

Tagline: A new king has come.

Heroes: Namor, Namora

Villains: Attuma

Plot: Namor has always been out of place on land. His displacement is answered when a girl claiming to be his cousin arrives and takes him to sea. Since his birth, the regime of Atlantis has been taken over by the warlord Attuma, who plans to attack the surface. Namor must now gather his strength to save both his homes on land and sea.

Mid-Credit: Namor, as the final illuminati member, helps the groupd decide what to do with the sedated Banner.

Blade: The Daywalker

Tagline: Nothing escapes him.

Heroes: Blade, Whisteler(Liam Neeson), Francis Drake Jr.

Villains: Baron Blood

Plot: Eric Brooks has been outcast of humans since birth. Now, a man named Whistler reveals that he is a half breed vampire. Given the skills and weapons to do so, Blade sets out to rid New York of the standing brood. But, these creatures of the night will not take it sitting down.

Mid-Credit: Satana goes into Blood's study as Death Ninja kills the last vampires. She picks up a book and burns it 'Another fake'

Mid-Credit: Francis Drake Sr approaches his son about Blade's recruitablity

The Thunderbolts

Tagline: Being bad was never this good.

Heroes(loosely): Citizen V(Zemo), Ant-man(Eric O'grady), Screaming Mimi, Moonstone, Beetle, Abomination, The Ghost

Villains: The Leader

Plot: These people are the worst of the worst, but Ross sees alot of potential. He contracts them to go into a deadzone to take out a potential villains who escaped during the SHIELD collapse. While they think this is just a gun and run operation, Ross keeps them in the dark about how much power Stern has amassed.

Mid-credit: The Beyonder watches the villains be treated as heroes and says 'Intersting'.


Tagline: Unleash the Beast

Heroes: Jack Russel(The Rock), Topaz, Hannah 'Hannibal' King

Villains: Taboo

Storyline: Jack has lived away in fear of whats inside, but a beauty convinces him to use his cruse in a new way. But was is the true purpose of her intentions.

Mid-Credit: Death Ninja holds his katanna against a badly wounded Taboo's neck, while Satana destroys his library. 'More fakes! Kill him!'. Before Death Ninja can proceed, Taboo says he knows were the real Darkhold is. With dwarf.

Post-credt: King meets with FRancis Drake Sr about JAck Ruseels recruitability.

World War Hulk

Tagline: The war shall commence

Heroes: Illuminati, Ghost Rider

Villains: Hulk, the Warbound.

Plot: One year ago, the illuminati shot Hulk into space to keep from causing anymore destruction. Now, the Hulk has returned to deal out horrible Vengeance. Through glimpses of his last year, Hulk's rage increases as he sets his eyes on the people that cuased him more pain than he could imagine.

Mid-credit: Beyonder watches the events and says 'Almost there'.

Black Widow and Hawkeye

Tagline: Good spies never die

Heroes: Black Widow and Hawkeye

Villains: Viper(Madame Hydra)

Plot: Natasha and Clint thought everything from their SHIELD days was buried and forgotten. But a black spot on their files returns and they have to dust off the old school spy skills to take it out once and for all. Sit back and watch the greatest Marvel spy film of all time.

Mid-credit: Viper, badly injured, is taken to her last resort in vengeance. The Serpent Society.

The Midnight Sons: Avengers of the Supernatural

Tagline: On a day unlike any other, Earth's darkest heroes will rise. On that day, they will become the Midnight Sons

Heroes: Johnny Blaze, Blade, Strange(Not Dr Strange), Werewolf by Night, Jennifer Kale, Hannah 'Hannibal' King, Francis Drake Jr., Francis Drake Sr., Whistler

Villains: Lilith, Satana, Hellstorm, Death Ninja

Side-Villains: Victoria Montesi, Natasha Salvato

Plot: The Hell-lord Lilith is on the move to set her Lilin upon the world. To stop them, Francis Drake must call together the sruviving members of the Nightstalkers and the new heroes he's recruited. But, these new heroes quickly learn that the history of the Nightstalkers is what created this situation. AS her cohorts on the Earth plan to prepare Lilith's arrival, the new team must stand on their own and become the Midnight Sons.

Mid-credit: The Beyonder looks upon all the heroes of Phase 4 and says 'It is time'.

Post-credit: Victoria and NAtasha find themselves before their true master, Dracula. They claim they lost the Darktome, but are still willing to serve. Dracula says he deos not tolerate failure and leaves them at the mercy of his brood.

(I'm gonna answer questions you already have. The reason I have Victoria and NAtasha as minor atangonist is that

1: They were never big characters.

2: I'm using them as a framing decive as to how Jennifer and Hannah are there. They made the Darksiders as a way to push their goals forward. Not to help people. When the rest found out, they disbanded. Still needing people to do their dirty work, they get apprentices. Victoria kidnaps Jennifer from her non-magical parents and Natasha kills Hannah's mother, who is Francis Drake's estranged wife.

I hope this is a good enough explination)

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty