I've been watching the week go by in dismay. I've seen people spewing hate back and forth for no good reason. I've seen people being called racist for being slightly irked because they love the hell out of the comics they grew up reading. And, I have seen people say they will never go see these movies unless its verbatum. So, I offer two simaler, but unique, challenges to both sides of the spectrum.

To the traditionalists: You'll never get verbatum in everything. Take a deep breath and accept this. And, when a character is kept white, help the people who think there is not enough diversity. Help them accept that, just because there isn't 'enough' in this particular movie, in the MCU abroad there is a great deal of diversity.

To the race defenders: Please stop applying racist to all of them. Sure, there are real racists among them, but, as stated above, they just love the hell out of the comics they grew up with. Instead, help ease them into this, because its going to take time to swallow. And, wouldn't you rather say you helped someone instead of just 'shame' them?

And, if you can't do these things, then just sit back and let the people who can do it and come back when the conversation is balanced.

At the end of the day, cooperation and mutual respect of ones position is what makes a better tomorrow. Not dogmatic back and forth.