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    Phase Four

    September 18, 2016 by SonOfAres1

    This following is a wishlist/ prediction list of characters, events, and features that I hope will one day be a part of the ever-growing continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Took inspiration from User:SinSaber2016)
    The first 3-4 years will consist of sequels and trilogy movies that will serve to wrap up character arcs and trilogies. The years after that will add new concepts and character solo films to bring new, original content into the MCU.
    Still work in progress

    Heroes: Spider-Man
    Villains: Mysterio, Venom

    Plot: Returning home from his mission with the Avengers to defeat Thanos once and for all, Peter Parker attempts to find a balanced life between his heroic and civilian identities. He takes a job at the Daily Bugle as a photograph…

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