2017 - 2026 Six Film Spider-Man series

Spider-Man is my all time favourite comic character, my imaginary movies would fully explore and respect his universe, something Sony hasn't yet done.

My movies: First off my Peter/Spidey is preferably played by Logan Lerman (but Dylan o'Brien, Taron Edgerton, Grant Gustin, Daniel Radcliffe or Freddie Highmore would all be okay as well.) This version of Spidey/Parker is more of amalgamation of my two favourite versions, the one from the 90's cartoon Spider-Man the animated series and the one from the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.

Spectacular Spiderman (2017):

The origin is portrayed in the credits similar to The Incredible Hulk, however it's drawn similar to comic panels: showing him being bullied, getting bit, building his web shooters, fighting Flash Thompson, working at the wrestling ring, uncle bens death, his superhero career and dating Gwen Stacy. The movie opens with a spidey who's a few months into his career, it's the end of summer break (he's in his last year of high school) similar to (the awesome) cartoon "Spectacular Spider-Man". We see Shocker holding up a bank, Spidey shows up and delivers a few quips, the two fight and cops find Shocker tangled in webs, hanging from a streetlamp. Spidey is watching from a rooftop, an alarm goes off on his cell phone, he rushes to school only to be chastised by the teacher for being late "again". Flash, Liz, Harry, Mary Jane and Gwen all appear very similar to their Spectacular spider-man cartoon versions in both looks and personality. (I'm kind of sick of Harry Osborn, so while he exists in the universe, he only serves a minor role as Peters friend and he harbours a hidden love for Gwen) Peter and Gwen are dating, she's the only one who knows about his powers. Aunt May is younger(closer to the age Peter's mothers would be, instead of being an old lady) and working at an antique store. Eddie Brock also appears he's investigating Spidey (he has an obsession with superheroes). Another Spider-Man is causing havoc in New York, including the murder of a public official, with the help of J. Jonah Jameson, and the events of Civil War, Spider-Man becomes public enemy number one, hunted not only by the police( Led by Jean DeWolf) but also Iron Man and the Defenders (with The Punisher). Peter has to clear his name and find out who framed him, before he is hunted down and spider-man is ruined forever. The villain is revealed to be Chameleon using his shape shifting powers, he is brought into custody (after a fight) and spidey is cleared. The true villain is revealed to be Norman Osborn, he hired chameleon. Peter and his friends graduate from high school. Shocker appears again at the end,only to be beaten by Spider-Man again.

The post cre​dit scene reveals that killer Cletus Kassidy is on the loose. Cast:

  • Aunt May: Julianne Moore
  • Shocker: Nathan Fillion
  • Chameleon: Doug Jones
  • Norman Osborn: Jason Isaacs or Hugh Laurie or Kevin Bacon
  • Jean DeWolfe: Mary Louise Parker
  • JJJ: J.K. Simmons
  • Eddie Brock: Luke Hemsworth
  • Mary Jane: Jane Levy or Elizabeth Gillies
  • Liz Allen: Victoria Justice
  • Gwen Stacey: Abigail Breslin
  • Flash Thompson: ??? Any young tall blonde actor, that can play jock douchebag very small role
  • Harry Osborn: Anton Yelchin

Spider-Man: Dark Reign (2019)

After Avengers Infinity War part 2 Peter went to space like all his fellow heroes, however when Peter returned something came with him... the symbiote. (Yes I know the symbiote was used in Spider-Man 3, but this time it will be given full treatment not just shoe horned in, no emo or jazz dancing). Despite the suit giving him amazing new powers, he studies it and after seeing what evil, aliens can do(Thanos), he puts it away (not before helping Jean DeWolf in stopping serial killer Cletus Kassidy). Peter's life isn't going well: Eddie Brock stole his job at the Daily Bugle, Gwen left for Oxford, Aunt May is very sick(from an unknown virus), and he is severely beaten by the Scorpion (an Oscorp experiment funded by Jameson who still doesn't trust him). Peter decides it's time he had some respect and power, so he puts on the black suit. He becomes violent, brutally attacking scorpion, becoming more aggressive, threatening Flash and trying to hook up with Mary Jane and even stealing money for Aunt May's treatment. He also publicly humiliates Eddie. Aunt May passes into a coma over the stress of Peter's new attitude, this causes Parker to snap back into his heroic nature removing the suit. Norman has been watching Peter the whole time and takes the symbiote after they separate. Cletus is being transferred to a maximum prison, but is abducted by Norman who has an offer for him, an experiment that could give him the power he's always wanted. Norman(under an alias) then contacts Peter for a cure for Aunt May, this leads him to a warehouse by the docks, covered with dead bodies viciously torn apart. He finds the cure in a laboratory, but is attacked by a blood red monster; Kassidy has bonded with the symbiote creating a murderous unstoppable beast. The two engage in an epic fight, but Spidey gets his ass kicked, and the whole building is knocked on top of him, destroying the dock. Kassidy goes on killing spree in NYC. Just like Spider-man #33 (1966) he is trapped under tons of rubble, and in danger of drowning but with the cure for Aunt May and the threat of Carnage, Peter frees himself. Spider-Man has to use every bit of power and intellect to stop Carnage. Using extreme sound, he manages to separate Cletus and the symbiote, covering it with concrete and sending it sinking into the river. A weak Peter brings the antidote to Aunt May, putting it in her IV. In the following days, Peter tries to apologize to his friends but they are all too angry still, except for Jameson (who was surprised by Parker showing that he actually had balls). It's revealed that Eddie was fired, he was faking his photos and articles. A few days later Aunt May is beginning to recover, her and Peter have a great heart to heart about heroes and uncle Ben (similar to spiderman 2). The last shots are Cletus being locked in a top security asylum, laughing insanely and Spider-Man swinging triumphantly through the city.

Mid credits scene: Set a few months later, Eddie is at a doctors office, where it's revealed he has cancer, he them walks home only to find an eviction notice on the door, he blames Spider-Man for both. He goes to the docks and out onto the pier. Looking at the water he contemplates jumping in, but a black ooze springs from the water, and pulls him down. After a few seconds of still water, a large black "venomous" hand bursts out. End credits scene: Madame Web is watching Peter and many other versions of Spider-Man

New Cast:

  • Cletus Kassidy: Michael Pitt
  • Scorpion: James Van Der Beek

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (2021)

Mysterio is an ex student of the Ancient One, he discovers an ancient tablet that will give him unspeakable power, but Madame Web appears and destroys it, sending fragments across all dimensions. Mysterio claims he will rule over all dimensions as a god and goes off to find the fragments. Madame Web is an ancient sorcerer that watches over time and space, she has a keen interest in the exploits of the Spider-Men/Women,. Madame Web contacts Peter and sends him on a journey across multiple dimensions to unite his fellow Spider-Men and stop Mysterio.

The multiple dimensions include:

  • The RaimiVerse: Peter is retired and has a family
  • The WebbVerse: This Peter's Gwen is dead and he wears the black suit
  • The Future 2099: Miguel o'Hara tried to replicate Spider-Man's powers in the future
  • The Past 1935: Depression Era, got his abilities from an ancient spider god tablet
  • A universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten: Spider Woman, Peter is a villain in her world
  • A universe where Peter died: Miles Morales became the new Spidey
  • A universe with a clone of Peter: Ben Reilly, a top secret experiment to create a better spider-man from Peter's blood, after his death
  • A universe with Peter and Mary Janes daughter: May Parker, took the mantle after her father retired, born with her abilities

SpiderGwen and Andrew Spidey, bond over the loss of his Gwen and her Peter.

Miguel idol worships (Logan) Peter.

Logan)Peter has a discussion with (Tobey)Peter about settling down and retiring being spiderman

(Logan)Peter and May Parker have funny dialogue about being father and daughter

Noir spiderman is already teamed up with miles and Ben, Madame Web gave them similar news.

Along the way Mysterio gets help from many different villains (Tombstone, Molten Man, Hydro Man, Electro, Shriek) from the different worlds. Shocker also appears in an alternate dimension, and is defeated by Peter again. Peter and his fellow heroes unite to stop Mysterio, the tablet is destroyed (with the help of Dr.Strange in a surprise cameo) and Madame Web traps Mysterio in his own dimension. After saying their goodbyes (all of them giving quips, one liners and sarcastic remarks) each version of Spider-Man returns to their own world. Madame Web gives Peter one last warning that his greatest foe is coming soon.

New Cast :

  • Mysterio: Michael Sheen
  • Helen Miren: Madame Web
  • The Spider-People: (Logan Lerman: Main Spidey)
  • Tobey Mcguire: older wiser spiderman
  • Andrew Garfield: Ultimate version
  • Emile Hirsch: Spidey 2099
  • Freddy Highmore: Spidey Noir
  • Anna Sophia Robb: Spider Gwen
  • Alfred Enoch: Miles Morales
  • Lucas Til: Ben Reilly
  • Hailee Steinfeld: May Parker

Spider-Man: Hunter/Prey (2023)

Spider-Man has become a huge icon loved by millions even surpassing his fellow Avengers as the top superhero. Famed hunter Sergei Kravinoff believes the Web Head to be the last great challenge for him. However Spidey, also becomes prey to a sexy new femme fatale "The Black Cat". Peter's life couldn't be better; he's working at the university with Dr. Connors, has the beautiful Mary Jane Watson at his girlfriend and finally has the money to give Aunt May a better life. With all this and his past superhero success, his ego couldn't be higher. Spider-Man is taken completely by surprise when Kraven puts him through a series of tests around the city to showcase his powers and abilities. The tests involves saving a hostage from an elaborate set of traps, but each one is different, for example one requires brute strength, one requires speed, one requires agility and one tests Peter's intellect. All the while he also has to decide whether to stop a dangerous new cat burglar that's robbing only the rich and returning the money to the poor. Cocky, Peter easily solves Kraven's puzzles, however things become real when it's revealed that Aunt May and Mary Jane are the two hostages, and Peter only has enough time to save one of them. Believing he can save both he races to Mary Janes location first. He moves past all of the traps and puzzles and sets her free, however time ran out and Aunt May is killed. Kraven boasts about being Spider-Mans greatest foe, and now that he has broken the hero, he will kill him. However instead of devastation, Peter laughs, secretly he had Black Cat save Aunt May, in exchange for not turning her in to the police. Kraven was so busy watching Peter he never expected, he'd have help. Not only that but Peter has been running a tracing program for Kraven's location and he now has it, Kraven taunts Peter to dare and face him like a man. Spidey traces the location to a large ship out in the harbour, here the traps are even more deadly, with ones that take away Peter's Spider Sense and wall crawling powers. He and Kraven fight and Spider-Man wins, with Kraven applauding both his skill and his cunning, however he escapes by blowing up the ship, stating that he will not come back. Gwen returns stating that Harry has been missing for some time now. The last scene involves a large monster attacking Peter and Mary Jane in their apartment.

Mid Credits scene: Norman approaches Connors about healing his lost arm in exchange for his help in the future.

New Cast:

  • Kraven: Gerad Butler
  • Black Cat: Kaya Scodelario or Britt Robertson
  • Dr. Connors: Ewan Macgregor

End credits scene: Norman Osborn is looking at his laboratory, his Goblin project is finally complete.

Spider-Man: Goblin War (2025)

Having perfected his serum, Norman Osborn finally steps out of the shadows to face Spider-Man, by himself. Norman and his business partners Adrian Tombs and Otto Octavius have been running illegal genetic tests. He's also been collecting all of Spider-Mans villains and trying to create his own, training them into an elite squad. The monster from the apartment has taken Peter to oscorp, where it's revealed to be a monstrous version of Harry. Norman has also slowly been transforming Harry, performing experiments on him, that's why he seemingly disappeared. Norman used samples from all Peter's villains to create a serum that would make him powerful, he's been refining the serum through Harry. Norman also reveals that Peter's father, destroyed Osborn's reputation and career, that he will do the same to Peter. Norman now the Green Goblin, tries to destroy every aspect of Peter's life, with the help of his mind controlled monster son. Peter is set free by Gwen and Mary Jane, Gwen once worked at Oscorp and could hack their systems. While The two Goblins are causing havoc, Peter, Gwen and Mary Jane discover Norman's plan to turn everyone in the city like Harry, so he can lead them as an army and be king of New York. Spider-Man goes off to confront the Goblins. Harry is attacking Aunt May, but is stopped by Peter, however this leads to a chase through the city. Against Peter's orders Gwen goes to try and stop Normans plan, (by shutting down the machine he's using to turn everyone into monsters.) Peter then confronts both Goblins in an epic duel. During the confrontation between Peter and the two goblins, Gwen is killed. Harry finally breaking from his fathers grasp, with the death of the woman he loved, viscously beats his father nearly to death, but he's stopped by Peter, who says that Norman deserves to rot in jail. Norman makes a final attempt to kill Peter but Harry sacrifices his life for his best friend. Furious at the loss of his two friends Peter attacks Norman, who is only able to escape by setting off his machine, causing Peter to rush and stop it, allowing Norman to flee. Norman's plans are revealed and Oscorp is shut down, with the police, SHIELD and the FBI all after him. The film ends with Harry and Gwen's funerals, and a broken Peter.

New Cast:

  • Otto Octavius: Simon Baker
  • Adrian Tombs: Colm Feore

End credits scene: Venom, a newly transformed Connors, Scorpion, and Otto Octavius(with the arms) and Adrian (With Wings) all meet with Norman.

Spider-Man: Sinister (2026)

A frail Norman Osborn puts his "Plan B" into effect with a team of villains together, for one last attempt to kill spider-man. The team includes:

  1. Doc Ock
  2. Venom
  3. Scorpion
  4. Shocker
  5. Vulture
  6. The Lizard: The serum that regrows his arm turns him into a lizard monster and allows Norman to control him.
  7. Rhino: Hafthor Bjornsson

The team lead an all out war against New York, Spider-Man with the help of some fellow heroes (Defenders, Punisher and Black Cat) try to stop them but the challenge proves too great. Spider-Man is seemingly killed and Norman's team take over the city, even defeating the Defenders. However Peter barely survived and went into exile trying to come up with a way to beat the Team. Shocker is against the groups violent killing of innocent people(he's more of a thief then a killer) and actually helps Spider-Man, he's killed by Norman. Undercover Peter figures out each villains weakness and also manages to get the team to fight each other, he singlehandedly stops the villains and saves the city. With the his team defeated Norman, once again dons his Goblin persona to try and stop Parker, the two have an epic fight but Norman ends up killing himself by being impaled with his own glider. Spider-Man is the hero once again, the city and it's people are safe. After defeating the Sinister Six and Norman once and for all, Parker decides to retire as a hero starting his own company: Parker Industries. (Taking the advice of Tobey McGuire Spidey) Peter and Mary Jane get married, where it's also revealed she's pregnant. By 2026 I'm not sure which heroes will still be around in the MCU but I imagine some will appear at the wedding.

With Peter retired, he can still feature in future movies either as a mentor to new heroes or by passing the torch to a new Spider-Man/Woman.