After all The Defenders get their due, Netflix should create a "Marvel Knights" group of television shows. It should be darker and more supernatural then the rest of the MCU. The characters that should get the spotlight are:

THE PUNISHER : a violent and more action packed crime drama. Over the course of the 8-12 episodes, Frank Castle would fight the mob in New York and find the people that murdered his family. Daredevil, Kingpin and Spider-Man could cameo. Let's start with the Characters:

Frank Castle: Very Karl Urban like, grizzled and middle aged yet could still totally kick ass. Frank is an Iraq war veteran turned black ops agent, he became known as "The Punisher" because he could make anyone talk through torture, no matter how tough they seemed, he could break them. His last mission was to abduct a Ten Rings warlord for questioning, however the mission was a failure that ended with the death of the warlords brother and Franks best friend. Frank returns to New York to find his wife and children murdered in their home. Frank must hunt down the killer and who hired him(the warlord) this brings him in conflict with the Triads, Mafia, and the FBI. Frank is basically Jason Bourne meets Rambo meets John McClane meets John Wick. He has amazing fighting skills, an expert marksman, has parkour skills, expert with demolitions and is a master tactician.

Billy Russo: Frank Castles best friend and fellow soldier. He was seemingly killed during Franks last mission, however he was actually brutally tortured and brainwashed by Ten Rings and it's revealed at the end that he killed Franks family. He and Frank have a brutal and emotional fight, in which Russo is horribly disfigured and seemingly killed again by Frank. However he could return as Jigsaw in a future season.

Danielle Lieberman: This a very different version of the character in my story (Yes I know the real Microchip was mentioned already in the MCU). A young African American orphan who posses a genius level intellect. Frank saves her from a Triad sex traffic ring, during one of his missions. He finds her unconscious and brutally beaten in a shipping container with other girls, she's the only one alive. He takes her to the hospital but she tracks him down to his hidden base. In appreciation for saving her life she helps Frank as a hacker and tech expert. She provides a nice humorous banter with Frank.

Isabella Gnucci: Leader of the top New York crime family, she is working with the Ten Rings. She and her Ten Rings contact are really the main villains of the season. Working behind the scenes and both are killed by Frank. Her death allows Kingpin to become the main crime boss.

Detective Martin Soap: Soap a young and brilliant detective, however he is rarely given a chance due to the Gnucci family owning most of the police force. He decides to look into "The Punisher" case, distrusting the violent vigilante, however his search results in him getting kidnapped by the Gnuccis at the same time Frank is, they must form an uneasy partnership to escape.

Barracuda: Armenian assassin who is hired by the Gnucci family to kill Frank. During a very "The Raid/Bourne Trilogy" type fight Barracuda manages to get the upper hand and Frank is taken to the Gnucci base. During a rematch an injured Frank, breaks Barracudas neck.

MOON KNIGHT: A detective story similar to "True Detectives" and "Sherlock". Moon Knight would have multiple interconnected mysteries that need would be solved over the 10-13 episodes.

Marc Spector: His origin story would remain similar to the comics with Marc being a marine turned mercenary and stumbling onto an Egyptian temple. However he would become cursed and given supernatural powers only at night. He would be ashamed of the things he had done as a mercenary.

Black Spectre: secret cult that would be the "behind the scene" villains

Raoul Bushman:


ELEKTRA: I like to envision this story like "Assassins Creed" meets "Kill Bill". In my story Elektra starts off as a villain and at the end she becomes an anti-hero. The Main Villain would be "The Hand".



Matsu'o Tsurayaba:

"The Hand":

"The Chaste":

BLADE: Similar to "Supernatural" with a monster of the week type story. Blade must find the vampire that killed his mother and stop an ancient vampire cult.


Abraham Whistler:

Deacon Frost:

Michael Morbius: Features as the villain of the week during a crossover episode with Spidey.

Jack Russel: A family man that uncontrollably transforms into a werewolf by night, however he is still a good man. Blade must decide if he should kill him due to what he is or spare him in hopes to find a cure.

Lilith: The first Vampire she is also part demon. An ancient vampire cult is trying to resurrect her so she can turn them all into "Daywalkers".

GHOST RIDER: Rob Zombie meets Sergio Leone I envision this show as a "Horror Western" Johnny Blaze is a tortured hero, afraid of who he becomes he moves from town to town as a drifter. Demons won't stop following him and endangering everyone around him. I also imagine johnny having almost a split personality, with him constantly talking to the demon zarathos