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Alizon Baunacha

Spenpiano October 10, 2016 User blog:Spenpiano

Alizon Baunacha, codenamed Pyre, was an Inhuman who worked as an operative of HYDRA during the Inhuman Outbreak. After going through Terrigenesis, Alizon's abilities were unlocked and worked directly under Gideon Malick. While her partner Ruther Giyera head of security for Endotex Labs, Alizon assisted Gideon's mission to bring back a lost Inhuman named Hive from Maveth to Earth. However, she soon fell under Hive's control and became highly loyal to him. Although, after Hive was killed, Alizon was freed, but became a target to the Watchdogs. Avoiding their tail, she was among the Inhumans that were recruited into the HYDRA Empire led by Arnold Brown.




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