Cecilia Cardinale was a young Inhuman woman who formerly worked for HYDRA. Married to a Russian man named Vassily, who was assassinated by a HYDRA mercenary named Sergio Torres, Cecilia left the society and went on to become a model, raising her son Carlos.


Working under HYDRA

Born in Havana, Cuba, Cecilia Cardinale was an Inhuman and when she went through Terrigenesis after accidently smashing a Terrigen Crystal that was one of her father's antiques and had her powers activated. At some point, Cecilia joined the ancient society known as HYDRA and worked as a mercenary alongside her partner Sergio Torres.

However, during a mission alone in Russia, Cecilia was given the task to elminate a Russian diplomat named Vassily, who posed a threat to HYDRA. Rather than killing him, she fell in love with Vassily and the two would plan to get married. While becoming pregnant, her lover was murdered Sergio Torres, who was tasked to help HYDRA finish the job in killing him. This caused Cecilia to abandon her loyalty to HYDRA and leave with her newborn son from Russia to the America.

While living in Miami, Florida, Cecilia had worked as a housekeeper at a Miami hotel to support herself and her newborn son. However, she decided to work as a model and earn a lot of money in seducing people and getting a mansion for her to live.

Falling under Hive

During the Inhuman Outbreak, Cecilia Cardinale was among a number of Inhumans that were found by Hive and fell under his sway. Bound to serve him, Cecilia was forced to help the dark Inhuman in turning the whole human population into Inhumans. The plan to do so failed when Hive met his demise and Cecilia was freed from his control.

Powers and Abilities


As an Inhuman, Cecilia Cardinale had the ability to poison people by kissing them straight into the mouth. She can use her blood to cure them when they are poisoned. She also had the power to use her power in seducing men and was considered ageless.


Cecilia Cardinale has enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes.





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