Melissa Joan Gold, also known as Songbird, was an Inhuman who gained the ability of Acoustikinesis, in which she can create powerful sonic blasts out of her mouth. She was once part of the Afterlife of Inhumans that were given their powers by Jiaying and Gordon Nobili until she decided to leave before the War against the Inhumans. During the Inhuman Outbreak, Melissa was among a number of Inhumans that were recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. which was now led by Director Jeffrey Mace and became an active member of the reformed Secret Warriors.


Early Life

Born in New Jersey, Melissa Joan Gold became a troubled runaway from an alcoholic father and incarcerated mother. In order to survive on the streets, Melissa's life was about to change when she was found by two individuals known as Jiaying and Gordon Nobili, who revealed themselves as Inhumans. Having Inhuman genes in herself, Melissa was taken to a place called the Afterlife, a sanctuary for Inhumans that were to go through Terrigenesis which would activate her powers.

During her time at Afterlife, Melissa made a lot of new friends, including one named James Slade. Melissa use to date him briefly when he was expelled by Jiaying for making an attempt to steal Terrigen Crystals from the archives. Eventually, Melissa was brought before Jiaying and was selected to undergo Terrigenesis, where she gained the ability of Acoustikinesis. Once she emerged from her cocoon, Melissa was very scared since she had trouble controlling her gift, but her mentor was able to help her. She spent a few weeks in learning how to control her powers.

Sokovia Accords

When Gordon relocated the citizens of the hidden settlement during the war, Melissa settled herself back in New Jersey during the beginning of the Inhuman Outbreak. Ever since the Battle of Sokovia, Melissa registered herself by signing her name in the Sokovia Accords. After Phil Coulson stepped himself down as Director and was replaced by Jeffrey Mace, Melissa was among a number of registered Inhumans that were recruited and assigned by their new director to search for any unregistered enhanced individuals. One of her assignments was searching for a college student named Oliver Osnick, who called himself "Steel Spider" by developing this spider armor he created for himself. Melissa had a head-to-head with him in Brooklyn, New York, but failed to stop him.



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