Roger Brokeridge was an Inhuman who was the younger brother of Paul Brokeridge.


Early Life

At some point after his brother Paul had returned home a year later and went through Terrigenesis which activated his powers, Roger learned that he had Inhuman genes as well, but had become jealous and angry over how this was affecting him. Trying to work up the courage to kill his brother, Roger discovered a couple of Terrigen Crystals that his brother had took from the Afterlife. Never knowing what it was, he accidently shattered it and underwent Terrigenesis. Once he emerged out of his cocoon, Roger gained the ability to create balls of fire from his hands and earned his title as "Hardball".

Joining the HYDRA Empire

During the Inhuman Outbreak, Roger had accidently caused a disurbance when he used his power on a bully, but not by killing him. This led him to become a marked fugitive by the Advanced Threat Containment Unit. Angered how people treated him as a monster and a freak, Roger was approached by Arnold Brown, who offered him a place in his society known as the HYDRA Empire.

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